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When I woke, all I could remember was yelling "MORE" the night before. In a sudden intake of air I collected the scent of chamomile and patchouli. I had a surprisingly well rested sleep for being in a drunken stupor. As I stretched, wiggling my toes, and realized that something felt a bit off. feeling the fabric between my fingers I looked down to see the softest cotton midnight blue sheets tucked up under my arms and a wondrously plush golden comforter strewn to my side. The air was heavy with the dampness of a freshly taken shower, and a cup of steaming tea sat beside the mahogany bedside- what I assumed was were the chamomile was coming from. the smell of a familiar Cartier cologne caressed my face from under the pillow, and I froze in place for a heart splitting moment. where the hell was I? That, so, seductive, sensual, familiar. it was so...ARTHUR.

The second I realized where I might be, I leapt to my feet in a tizzy. Was I? couldn't be. Could it? This wasn't Arthur's room I had invaded on in a night of uninhibited escapades was it? I thought back to the young handsome lad that had kissed me so feverishly, and for just a terror laced moment I hope that this was his room; not Arthur's. For if it was Arthur's, then what in this earthly world would he think of me? Such a gentlemen as himself, he would be outright repulsed by my reckless behavior.

Checking my quality in the mirror, I realized my eyeliner and mascara had smudged down my cheeks. I hurried to the bathroom and was greeted by the scent of that seductive cologne- Cartier- I was right, and a earthy smell of eucalyptus. I combed my hair with my fingers, and wiped my eyes, gathering as much dignity as I could; as I was still in my little flirty black dress that showed quite a bit of cleavage.

As I announced myself outside of the bedroom door, with a clearing of my throat, I looked around me. The place had black marble floors, a spacious room with a wall made of glass that had the cityscape of Paris in its back door. The furniture was fine Italian leather, black- of course to match the decor. A glossy flat screen hung above it all, looking down at the fantastic surroundings, with fossils of raptor skulls or strange pieces of art sitting in crannies that created the perfect touch of eloquent ambiance.

As I took in my surroundings, the person in front of me folded his Parisian paper, and Arthur greeted me with a smile and a nod. my heart sunk a little lower in my chest as I walked to the place beside him he motioned to and took a seat.

"Tea? coffee? breakfast? explanation on why I found you in an ally last night?" The handsome man questioned, his voice a monotone of notes I had longed for.

I laid my head on the table and sighed, not know what to say. As I lifted myself, I found words.
" Arthur, I have missed you dearly, but why were you in the same area I was after no trace evidence in so many months? Really? And it wasn't an ally. It was a bar. A bar I frequent often, so I didn't need your help in the first place. you are a serious creep if you were following me, and I know your a Point Man and all, but I would like for you to keep your pointing in another direction, and not at me."

I rumbled on in a tone that fluctuated at different speeds and intervals. I was being quite rude, telling him off after a long hiatus of seeing each other, and him letting me stay at his place to boot! But I felt humiliated for be the damsel in distress he thought I was, and that, indeed I did need saving in his eyes. I didn't imagine that the previous night would have let to...persay...rape or sex, for I wasn't that incompetent, but it was getting heavy, and if I wanted to stop I could.

Before I could say all these things brewing in my groggy head, Arthur gave me his half moon smirk and got up to fill his cup of what I assumed was strong black coffee. I grumbled in a deep animalistic way, and sat there quietly. that serenity didn't last much longer though, for the moment he took a seat, I was rambling of into a tangent once more.

"Arthur, may I ask you why I am in your apartment? Why am I here and not back at my house? I do have to get back, I have a dog, if you didn't know, which would surprise me since you've probably been stalking me since the moment we left the plane so many weeks ago."

At that thought, I actually realized, I may have never been alone. Arthur was probably keeping tabs on me the entire time. Just the way he had Fisher. My insides began to rumble and twist, for I didn't know if I should be infuriated that I was getting watched like a Mark, or if I should be flattered that he took time to pay attention and make sure that I hadn't been killed or abducted. Unless I WAS his work; to be watched, but before I could ruminate on such nefarious feelings, he interrupted me once again.

" Ariadne, you are in my apartment, because you were out of your mind drunk last night, shoving your mouth into some strangers mouth, and when I tried to drive you home, you yelled at me that you were scared of the dark. Not believing that of course, I was going to stay with you to make sure you didn't puke your entire insides out, but when I pulled up to your building at 2 am, you would not exit my car, even when I tried to pull you out- surprisingly not an easy feat for such a petit girl. But anyway, I brought you back to my place, and let you stay in my bed, for it was the most comfortable, while I stayed on the couch. The second you hit the bed, you were gone."

Arthur finished with a touch of a grin forming on his lips.

By this time I was bright red, my disheveled hair flopping over my face, covering my eyes that were filled with terror at that moment in time. I was at a loss for words, not knowing if I should apologize first, or run out the door.. but what escaped my lips in the end surprised even myself.

" I have to get home to Cocoa, my dog.

As I stood, Arthur's firm grasp slipped around my arm, and tugged me back down to the chair.

"Stay. have lunch with me. Lets catch up. Cocoa will be fine."

Arthur crooned, and with that smile, I knew everything was going to turn out fine.

I called one of the attendants at my loft, and told them to let my dog out, and when that was done, I had no care in the world.

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