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There was a loud knock on big oak door of Headmaster Dumbledore's office door. He was thoroughly bored with papers from the ministry, and wanted to be distracted.

"Come in." he said cheerfully, and then a kind genuine smiled formed on his face when he saw it was his Deputy Headmistress and currently the Transfiguration Professor, Minerva Anderson. He always loved her as he loved all the good and bad qualities of her. She had her long raven black hair tightly in a bun as she wore her hunter green tartan dress which complimented her emerald green eyes that always captivated him. He always had a secret crush on her since she was his student, but he would never admit it. Why would she want an older man like himself?

"Lovely to see you Min as always." he greeted her with the familiar twinkle in his blue dazzling eyes.

"Yes as the same for you. I wanted to talk about a new curfew for Hogwarts." she said and Dumbledore nodded as he indicated for her to sit down. She was around her early thirties as he was around his mid-forties still with his auburn hair. She started to talk as he was too busy looking at her. He liked to do this often, and she didn't seem to mind the eye contact. It was one of the things she liked about him. He always looked her in the eyes whenever they had conversations. He then glanced down to reach for a cup of tea he conjured when he happened to notice something gleaming under the flickering warm light of the fire. It was a clear square cut white diamond ring on a thin silver band with two little diamonds on the side of the larger one. She followed his eyes and then saw he noticed her ring. She covered it quickly up with her other hand.

"Oh that's nothing Albus, as I was saying….." she started to continue the conversation and get over the awkward moment, but Dumbledore interrupted her.

"Was that an engagement ring Minerva?" he asked her. She slightly blushed. "You shouldn't keep a secret like that from a dear old friend." he said teasingly as he secretly wanted to kill the guy, but he kept his composer.

"Yes it is. Do you remember the Denis McGonagall? I introduced you to him last year at the Christmas party last year at the Ministry." She answered. Dumbledore smiled as he wanted to say: Don't remind me of him.

"Oh what a lovely man, he is lucky to find a woman like you." Dumbledore lied through his teeth. He wasn't lying about the last part. He only wished it was him she was going to marry, but she would think of inappropriate and why would she marry him? He was older, while she was still attractive and youthful. She could have any man she wanted.

"Yes his parents are quite found of the engagement as they're planning to throw a party for us. I would have told my friends about it, but I haven't gotten to with all the grading of the end-of-the-year exams. You're actually the first friend I've told." she said happily as she conjured a cup of tea for herself. She was smiling as he returned the smile as he was happy to see her happy.

"Well I better get an invitation." he teased. She laughed and tapped his hand playfully.

"Of course Albus, I can't imagine getting married without you there." she chuckled. He just smiled as he thought in his mind what she had said. It would have meant many things, but he knew the one he hoped for was doubtful. Later that day he visited Madame Pomfrey to check on how she was doing. He walked into the hospital wing as it was always spotless and well organized. He then caught the eyes of thee head nurse, Poppy Pomfrey. She beamed at him and smiled.

"Now David, Fredericka here will give you your medicine. Now rest and I don't want to see you try to escape again." she said sternly and then walked over towards Dumbledore's direction.

"What a lovely surprise Professor. Have you heard the good news about Minerva?" she asked and Dumbledore nodded as he didn't want to open his mouth. He was afraid he would say something he would regret. "Oh Denis is quite a lovely man, and I can't wait for the joyous day. I'm the maid of honor you know."

"Oh how wonderful." Dumbledore tied to say in a cheerful voice, but Poppy knew him too well to know that his happiness was just and act.

"Dumbledore, why don't you come with me to my office where we can share a cup of tea?" Poppy offered and Dumbledore followed her to her spacious office. Her desk was cluttered with medical examinations and documents. The fire was still alive in the fire place as she led him to her plush comfy brown couch. She then sat across from him in her favorite yellow arm chair that had red poppy flowers all over. Poppy then conjured some tea and two porcelain cups to drink out of. She handed one cup to him as she took the other. He had a sip as it warmed him up, but didn't settle his anger and shock from the news.

"So what's wrong headmaster, you seem put off. Are you not pleased with the news?" Poppy asked concerned and Dumbledore almost dropped his cup of tea.

"No, I'm perfectly happy Minerva found someone." he lied and Poppy could sense his uneasiness from the inflection of his voice.

"You know Denis is a very kind man. Minerva cares for him as he cares for her. He'll take care of her, not that she needs it." Poppy joked as she knew her long time school mate as being very independent.

"Yes I'm quite aware of it Poppy, and I assure you I am happy for them." Dumbledore assured her, but she wasn't convinced. She let it slid for a bit as she sat thinking about what would put him in a bad mood. They sat in awkward silence sipping tea. Dumbledore had enough as he felt like he was under pressure from her gaze.

"Well thank you for the tea Poppy, always a pleasure talking to you. I should…"

"Wait, I see now. You like her." Poppy interrupted him as he was heading towards the door the leave. He spun around swiftly looking her in her honey hazel eyes.

"Don't be ridiculous Poppy, We are very good friends and that's all." Dumbledore answered quickly. A hint of a smile started to appear across her face. She gave him a doubtful smiled.

"If that's what you say Dumbledore, have a good day." Poppy wished him well and Dumbledore happily escaped from her presence.

At Dinner, Minerva sat down beside him like every meal and started talking to Filius Flitwick, the charms professor.

"Oh I always knew you'd find someone." he confessed gleefully. She blushed and thanked him.

"I only wish we can be as happy as you and Pomona." Minerva replied and Filius laughed.

"I hope so too." Filius said as he looked over at his wife Pomona Sprout Flitwick. She returned the smile and took his hand from beneath the table to give it a tight squeeze. Dumbledore kept on getting annoyed as he was constantly reminded of the event. Horace Slughorn on the other hand was grinning and lightly patted her on the shoulder. Minerva felt Dumbledore's detachment towards her as he hasn't said a word to her throughout the dinner, let alone would look at her for that matter. It was as if she was invisible to him. Minerva hoped he was only deep in thought. They were such good friends as he would trust her with secrets he never told anyone else, and all she wanted the most was his best wishes for her because this morning he didn't seem happy either. She was distracted and hurt as she wondered why he was acting this way. When she reached her office to finish the few remaining papers to grade, she was pleasantly surprised to see her fiancé walk in through the green flames in the fire place. Denis was quite an attractive young wizard as he was thirty-five. He had honey blonde hair with little spiked tufts in the front that gave him a younger look. His eyes were of an ice grayish-blue. He extended his arms out to embrace her.

"Hello Minnie how was your day?" he asked her.

"Oh it was interesting." she replied and he sensed sadness in her tone. He touched her chin as he raised it up so he could see her face. She gave a broken smile as she pretended to look happy. He kissed her tenderly and pulled away to see her expression hasn't changed.

"Did someone upset you today?" he asked concerned, and she just shook her head.

"Nothing to worry about dear."

"Well someone told me you've been a bad professor lately." he teased seeing if she'd catch on.

She gave a surprised looked and smiled doubtfully "Oh really, is that what you heard? Well you bad professor has to go and grade some papers." she said as she went to move to her desk since it was true. He then blocked her way with a firm hand.

"I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do that." he said affirmative as she just raised an eyebrow. "You see, here at Hogwarts we have strict disciplinary rules, so if you'll follow me." he said as he took her hand in his. She pulled the other way.

"I'm serious Denis…." she was disrupted in mid-sentence as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and he carried her off to her bed. "Denis I have to grade them."

"Oh I think they can wait." he teased as he closed the door behind him.

Minerva laid beside her fiancé as she listened to him breath. His chest slowly rising and then fell in a rhythmic motion. She put her hand on his chest and felt his heart beat beneath it. He stirred and lightly opened his eyes as he felt his fiancé's warm soft touch. He then put his rough but firm hand on top of hers as he felt the diamond ring beneath his fingers. He couldn't wait to get married to her, and he was sure she felt the same. Their fingers intertwined with one another. He then brushed whips of her dark hair away from her face and kissed her on the forehead lovingly. She returned the kiss as she gave him a small kiss on the lips. Her lips were soft and warm. He moved his hand to the small of her back and she pushed his hand away as they parted lips.

"No sorry dear. That's enough disciplining for now. I have to go grade papers." she said playfully as she slowly got up as she brought the covers around her to hide her body and he watched her in amusement.

"You're so beautiful, I don't understand why you hide the appearance of your body from me though." he questioned her with a smile.

"Well maybe I'm saving it for later." she replied and quickly got dressed. He kept on watching her like her could watch her all day if she let him. She felt his eyes lingering on her and she just smiled.

Denis got up as he hugged her from behind and holding her close to him as he whispered in her ear "I love you."

She smiled as he wittingly replied, "I know."

Months passed as the wedding day had arrived. Minerva was in her white silk gown. She sipped her tea to calm the nerves. She shouldn't be nervous, she should be happy she thought. Her thoughts were disrupted as there was a small knock on the door.

"Come in." she said and the door opened followed by light footsteps.

"You look radiant." answered a familiar voice. She jumped up from her seat and turned around surprised.

"You're not supposed to be here. You know it's bad luck." she said, but all Denis could do was just smile at her beauty.

"Since when did you believe in bad luck?" he teased, but her nervous expression didn't change. He approached her and pulled her into a hug.

"Don't be nervous Minnie. Today we're getting married. Our lives won't really change. All that would be different is that you'll be Mrs. Minerva McGonagall my wife." he soothed her and she just held him tighter. Then Poppy came in as she scolded them.

"Denis out, you know better than to see the bride before the wedding!" she shrieked and pushed him out.

"Poppy he's not one of your patients that you can just order around." protested Minerva. Poppy didn't listen as she shut the door.

"Minerva you look wonderful, and don't worry, you'll have the rest of your lives to be together. Five minutes apart can't hurt." she teased.

"Is Albus here?" asked Minerva. She wondered if she could talk to him. He was the only one who knew how to truly calm her down. He knew the right things to her since she was eleven and sorted into his house.

"No I'm sorry he's not. I didn't see him." Poppy said as she wondered why she would want to see him before her wedding. Dumbledore couldn't go to her wedding. He was already dressed, but he wouldn't bring himself to going to the wedding. He couldn't watch the love of his life get married to someone else, but yet if he didn't show up, he knew she would never forgive him. He reluctantly walked through the green flames and ended up in the green misty meadows of Scotland. He saw some Ministry officials make their way towards a small castle as they were Denis's friends. With all the quarrels Albus and Minerva had with the ministry, he found it interesting that she was marrying one. Denis was head of the Auror department as he remembered the first time he met Denis. It was the night of one of the Ministry parties. Dumbledore always took Minerva to the events since he couldn't think of anyone else he'd rather be with. While he was talking to the Minister of Magic Denis came along as he came up to Minerva. He bowed low as he asked her to dance. Minerva looked shocked since she never known the man. She only knew him from a distance. She looked at Dumbledore to see his reaction. Dumbledore thought nothing of it as he didn't know he was talking to her future husband.

"Minerva you should go dance. I know how politics bores you." Dumbledore said kindly. Minerva then accepted as they danced practically all night as Dumbledore was able to reclaim her for the last dance, but it seemed too late as she was already intrigued by Denis.

"Oh there you are Albus, what took you so long?" asked Alastor Moody was he came rushing down the hill towards Albus. Alaster had his golden blonde hair sleeked back. He smiled at Albus as his battle wounds on his face seemed to subside and become less apparent. Albus didn't know how to answer the question.

"Oh never mind, Minerva needs you right now." he said as he ushered Albus to follow him.

"Why would she want to see me? Shouldn't the wedding have started by now?" asked Albus as he looked down at his magical watch.

"Yes, but she refused to walk down the aisle until you came." answered Alastor swiftly moving through the crowd of people even though he had a wooden leg. Albus was brought inside the castle and led up the stairs. They stopped at a big oak door where he could here Poppy's resonating scolding voice.

"Minerva, you're acting insane! It's time to walk down the aisle whether Dumbledore is down there or not. Can you think how Denis is feeling right now?" he could hear her yell.

Then he heard Minerva's firm voice replied, "Poppy, I've told you more than once that I am not getting married until I speak to Albus. It might sound insane, or hurtful, but I'm sure Denis would understand." Then Alastor rolled his blue eyes from all the commotion on the other side of the door as he knocked. The bickering stopped immediately.

"Poppy, I've found Albus." he said and opened the door. Poppy stared disbelieving that he showed up.

"This isn't a good idea Minerva." she warned since she knew about Albus's feeling towards Minerva but Minerva wouldn't listen.

"Poppy please could you give us some privacy?" Minerva asked a bit coldly. Poppy's nostrils flared as she stormed out of the room and slammed the door. Albus walked into the room and lightly closed the door behind him. There was Minerva sitting with her back towards him as she sat by the fire wearing white. Her black raven hair was curled as it cascaded down her back with little white flowers carefully tucked and hidden in her hair. It reminded him of stars in the night sky. She turned her head to see that he was there.

"Albus?" she called. He saw her profile as she took his breath away, but he mustn't show it. He slowly approached her.

"Yes it's me dear, what's wrong?" he asked her as he came to sit by her. Her green emerald eyes showed anxiety as she fumbled with her hands.

"I don't know what's wrong with me." she replied as her voice shook. Albus took her hands in his kindly as he held them tightly. He smiled to feel her soft hands in his.

"Minerva, you are the strongest woman I know. You're smart, witty, strong minded, and beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have you. You love Denis, and he loves you." he consoled her. He then brushed away a loose strand of hair from her face, and she looked at him smiling. He wanted to hold her closer, to have her in his arms and kiss her.

"Thank you Albus." she said. She was nervous with her next question, but she had to know.

"Albus, have you ever liked me?" she asked. Albus was taken back by the question, but Minerva was always the one to get right down to businesses. He wanted to tell her yes, but then it would only confuse her, and might change her mind about Denis. He was too old for her and she deserved a young man like Denis.

"No Minerva, you are my student, colleague, and best friend." Albus answered.

She smiled and then asked her last question, "I was wondering if you could do the honors and walk me down the aisle then."

"Of course I can my dear." Dumbledore agreed knowing how her parents died by the hands of the last dark lord. "I would love to." She smiled and hugged him like a young child again. She wiped away a tear from her eyes. Dumbledore could only think of how much he wanted to kiss her, to feel her touch once more.

"Come on it's time you get married." Dumbledore said as he held out his arm for her. They walked out the door as Poppy let her breath as she hadn't realized she was holding it in.

"It's about time." she snapped and Minerva just smiled as Poppy handed her the bouquet of calla lilies and lace veil. The music came on as the conversations between people had ended and Denis took his place up at the alter as he was nervous. He was afraid that she might have gotten cold feet at the last second. He was surprised to see Albus walk her down the aisle, but he was just relieved to know she hadn't changed her mind. Dumbledore took his seat amongst the guests. He didn't like being there, but at least Minerva was happy. He remembered the days when they were together. The late nights they spent in his office laughing about things or playing chess. Of course she always beat him in the mindless board game, but he loved to see her triumphant look in the end. Minerva had been side by side with him through everything. People thought they would be together even though he was older, but they were unfortunately wrong. Suddenly people around him were standing up and clapping. He was pulled away from his memories as he saw that Minerva and Denis had shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Minerva was beaming with joy as was as well Denis. They held each other's hand and ran down the aisle. They were married and Dumbledore was aching inside. If only that could be me he thought.

Ten years had gone by in a flash. Denis woke up with his wife in his arms. He loved the contrast colors of her pail skin against her raven black hair. He held her tighter as he the aroma of sweet honey suckles filled his senses. It was one of Minerva's favorite flowers and scent. He would get her perfume every year for her birthday of the lovely scent of honey suckles.

"Good morning Min." he whispered in her ear.

She smiled as she rolled over to face him as she replied, "Good morning Denis." She then kissed him softly before she got up to get ready. By the time Denis had dragged his body out of bed, Minerva was already dressed and ready to leave. She looked over at Denis who had to protect the muggle Prime Minister that morning. He wore a dark navy suit as he fumbled with the tie. He wasn't use to wearing them. Minerva sighed.

"Here let me." she said kindly as she did his tie and tightened it around his neck.

"Thank you my dear, I don't see the use in these so-called-ties. I mean what are they for?"

"They're so I can grab a hold of you." Minerva answered as she pulled him closer to her by his tie and laid her lips on him. He kissed her back and smiled as they parted lips. He went to grab his brief case as she gripped her stomach. She didn't feel right, almost like she wanted to hurl, but she shrugged it off. She didn't like taking sick days from teaching.

"I think I like ties now." Minerva laughed at his last comment. She then went through the fire first to Hogwarts while he went in after her to the Ministry. Minerva then met Albus at the staff table with her normal cup of tea, though it didn't seem to do its job by soothing her. She just felt more nauseating. Albus seemed to notice how she looked like she was going to hurl.

"Are you alright Min?" he asked her.

"Oh yes, don't worry about me. Just morning sickness probably." she answered. The bell rang as she couldn't walk straight. Her first year class mates noticed how she wasn't normal. One of her class mates, James Potter, looked at Sirius Black grinning cunningly.

"Did you spike her drink or something padfoot?" asked James.

"No, but I could've, should've, and would've. Now that you mention it I think I shall put it on my to-do list." he answered returning the evil smile. Remus Lupin looked over at his friends.

"Sirius, how could you spike her drink?"

"Well Moony it's quite simple. She has the same tea every day. All I have to do is slip something in there."

"No I didn't mean how you were going to do it. I meant why would you do it? She's our head of the house." uttered Remus.

"Oh relax, we all know you have a secret crush on her." teased Sirius. Peter Pettigrew and James laughed.

"I do not." Remus said defiantly. "Well if I'm not mistaken, I remember you describing her as hot, Sirius." He spat and Sirius just shrugged.

"Well what can I say, she is one of the youngest teachers here, but I never said I had a crush on her. I believe my dear friend, that was you." he replied confidently as he leaned back in his chair and the laughter from the two boys just got louder. The laughing stopped from the three as they saw their professor run out the room shortly followed by the sound of someone vomiting.

"I hope she's alright." said Lilly Evans worried. Lucius Malfoy then burst out laughing.

"Shut up Malfoy!" yelled James.

"Oh look its Potty-Potter. What're you going to do Potter? Are you going to hex us?" mocked Lucius in as he acted like he was scared when really he didn't care. Severus Snape beside him snorted at Malfoy's comment.

"You shouldn't be laughing Sniffelus. I could easily curse you both." threatened Sirius as he pulled out his wand as it was pointed towards Snape. Severus grabbed his wand out too.

"Stop it!" yelled Lily. "Step it, this is immoral."

"Shut up filthy mud-blood!" roared Bellatrix Lestrange at Lily.

"Don't you call her that." defended James.

"Put your wands down!" commanded Minerva as she walked back into her class. "Fifteen points from Snape, Malfoy, Potter, and Black. Now put your wands down now. You four know better than to fight in class." she reprimanded them, but held her stomach as she still felt sick.

"Are you alright Professor?" asked Lily.

"Yes thank you for asking Miss. Evans." Minerva said politely as she went back to teaching. She tried to hold in the sudden urges to hurl whatever she had left in her. Sirius and James spent the rest of the class glaring at Lucius and Severus. After what seemed like hours the bell rang, and Minerva quickly dismissed the class as she went to the bathroom to hurl. This was not her day. When lunch time came Professor Dumbledore noticed how sickly and nauseous she looked.

He leaned over as he whispered to her "Min I think you should go to Madame Pomfrey."

"Don't be ridiculous Albus, I'm fine." she said and then clasped her hand over her mouth as if trying to contain the desire to throw up.

"I wasn't suggesting it Minerva, I order you to go see Poppy. It could be serious. I'll make sure someone will cover your class." Dumbledore assured her, but he knew she didn't like seeking help, and she didn't like be the patient. He gave her a discerned look as his lips curled into a prudent smile.

"Come on Minnie, you know you can't deny me." he said, and she just rolled her eyes.

"Fine then, I will go to Poppy." she agreed reluctantly. Over at the hospital wing she sat on the uncomfortable hospital beds. Oh how she despised being sick. She then felt the sickening urge to spill her guts out on more time. She conjured a bucket from thin air and started hurling again. She felt the warm reassuring hand of her dear friend Poppy.

"Minerva, you don't sound well at all." she observed.

"Really I haven't noticed." Minerva retorted as she still had her sarcasm. Poppy just clucked her tongue in a disapproving way as she ran some diagnostic tests with her wand. Minerva watched the little symbols come out of Poppy's wand as the tests were being administrated. A huge gasp had come from Poppy's mouth as she then smiled at her friend.

"What?" asked Minerva eagerly now.

"Minerva, you're pregnant."