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The deal between the estranged

Kushina, Konan, and Yuka were still standing in the yard of the compound surprised by Naruto's invitation as he continued walking inside before stopping and turning back to look at them.

"Well are you all coming inside or not?" He asked them.

With that all three were brought back to their senses before walking in and sitting down as Naruto came into the den with tea.

"Naruto I understand inviting Yuka in, but why your mother?" Konan asked curious.

"I got to agree brother, why?" Yuka asked with Kushina wondering the same.

As they asked Naruto was proceeding to pour five cups of tea.

"That's not entirely my place to explain." He answered as he finished pouring, and grabbed his own cup of tea.

"Then who can Naruto, please tell us." Kushina began to plead voicing the thoughts of the other two before three pairs of eyes widened.

Of course, as Kushina began her plea red chakra began forming around Naruto before curving into an ark in the area next to his seat before taking on the form of a large fox around the size of a Great Dane with nine tails waving behind it as it opened its crimson eyes to look at them all.

"I believe I'm the one with the answers you want ladies." Spoke the fox.

"Ladies" Naruto began. "Meet Kurama."

"N-Ninetails!" Kushina spoke with wide-eyes while shaking.

"It's been a long time Kushina, it pleased me to see how impressed you were with our power after how afraid you always were of mine." Kurama began. "Too bad with all the fear of the righteous hatred I gained of humanity you never tried to gain an understanding of the Tailed Beasts let alone earn the skill exclusive to a true jinchuriki of mine." He told them all.

"What do you mean by that Mito never told me about a power you give to your jinchuriki?" She asked suspicious.


"Kushina." Naruto called out gaining their attention. "When I explained what the inside of your seal was I was also trying to explain that with how tight it was not even a small sliver of chakra could enter yours or Mito's systems meaning with how cut off he was from you, you and Mito were hardly Jinchuriki at all." Naruto fully explained.

"So brother what is this power Kurama was mentioning since neither mom nor Mito ever gained it." Yuka asked.

"My power Yuka is to sense the negative emotions within mortal hearts and even discern anger, hatred, and frustration from others like sadness guilt, remorse, and of course pain." Kurama said looking at Konan with the last feeling.

"So this power is unique to your jinchuriki, but only if they prove to not be like other humans?" Konan asked.

"Yes, at first I was similar to everyone else when it came to Kurama, but when we fought for his chakra I had promised I would do everything I could about the hatred in his heart." Naruto began. "But it wasn't until the apex of the war when we learned Obito was alive that Kurama and I truly started becoming friends." He explained.

"At least you were able to learn just as Bee did, and together the two of you have been letting others know what we tailed beasts really are, as well as another potential for Jinchuriki." Kurama said to Naruto.

"Yes, but it's also to ensure no one else goes through the childhoods we did while making sure your future hosts are completely open minded to you guys." Naruto replied.

"But we are getting off topic though Naruto." Kurama spoke up.

"Right you need to explain why we've allowed Kushina in." He replied with a smirk.

"The truth is that we could sense your guilt for having left Naruto behind, and the despair about how hard his life was without a loving mother to raise him." Kurama began. "Not to mention the torture for most of his fiancés." The fox added with a chuckle.

"We figured with all that plus with Yuka vouching for you…" Naruto trailed off taking a deep breath.

"He'll give you a chance to earn his forgiveness." Kurama spoke up finishing the thought.

This comment took all three women by surprise not only because it was literally coming from the fox's mouth, but because Naruto was going to give Kushina a chance.

"But first you have to get the approval of all my fiancés, including Konan." Naruto added with an evil smirk making all their eyes widen in shock.

"No Naruto please anything but that!" Kushina began begging.

"Sorry, but they are going to be my wives and my family." Naruto began.

"To be fair Kushina, it's partly to punish you more, and mostly because by actually committing to get their approval you will show Naruto he can call you "mother" again." Kurama spoke up.

"You can do it mom." Yuka began. "You're an Uzumaki, and we never say die, never give up, and give everything our all." She added boosting Kushina's confidence.

"Well." Kushina started looking at Naruto with a fire in her eyes. "Let's get the ladies, and get this started." She said taking the challenge.

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