Hero of War

Griffin's POV.

Life was a game... it was a game for everyone, and weather or not you were strong enough to make it was bread out of sheer experience and training.

Griffin had taught himself to accept everything that came his way through life, and after loosing everything he thought he could appreciate for the good part of life, defining points in his time were seldom, and each was not very different from the last.

Destroying a new Paladin before they could take out one of his kind, that was a defining point. Stealing a new weapon from the Paladins to use against them, an eye for an eye, a taste of their own medicine... that's a defining point. Being left in the middle of a Middle Eastern country by a person you ventured to trust for the first time... that was not a defining point, it was more of a dead pin point. A deafening blow, a shot of reality.

David Rice was a name that would be remembered in Paladin history as well as a jumper's. He was stupid and naive, trusting and enthusiastic... but in little time, Griffin knew that those traits would be beat out of him, and if he lived to tell the tale, he would join the rest of them in solitude and hiding. Sure enough, after first learning about the Paladins, David had managed to pull one of the most famous jumper hunters onto his trail, and he didn't even know what he was doing.

Not only was he on the run from Master Paladin Roland, but he had also dragged his little girlfriend into their world and royally screwed everyone over. Because there wasn't a chance she would survive through the year.

Griffin had been waiting for years for a chance to destroy all the Paladin's at once, to show them that Jumper's meant business, and that they wouldn't lie down and take everything for much longer. He would show the world exactly who he was and make them see that he, like many others deserved the chance not to be hunted... but to do the hunting.

And the chance to prove that had been so close, Griffin could still feel the detonator for the time bomb he had in his hands slipping from his grip as David managed to get him to drop it. He could still feel everything he had ever worked for slipping out of his grasp as David pranced around after his girlfriend, trying to take on an entire army of people that wanted to kill him.

Another jolt of electricity burst through the wires as Griffin groaned out in pain, trying carefully to free himself. Jumping with thousands of volts of electricity running through him wasn't exactly the easiest task at hand, but after David had left him in the middle of the desert stranded, he really didn't have much of a choice. The lines for the tower were tangled all around him as another shock spread throughout his entire body.

It would have killed any normal person... but Griffin wasn't normal, and sadly, that came with a very large consequence.

He wasn't one to give up quickly, but caught in lines, surrounded by a source that despite your best efforts it not something that can be easily manoeuvred out of... it tends to take a very big toll on you. And the more he tried to look for an upside, the more he found himself disappointed by not finding anything.

With a sigh, Griffin looked around the desert, and for the first time... he prayed for a miracle to come.

Agonizingly slow, the minutes ticked by, and as the sun rose higher and higher over his head, Griffin was finding himself wanting death more then anything else. Because out of everything he had ever been through, he didn't want to have to suffer anymore.

Squinting through the sun, Griffin picked up his head and turned towards a figure that was walking along and yelled out with the last of his energy. "Hey! Hey you!" he yelled out as he watched in slight amusement as the figure whipped out a small looking object and searched around. From where he sat, the object looked like a pistol, and as the figure unknowingly approached closer and closer, Griffin could see that it was a girl... a girl dressed in the familiar attire of a soldier, an army cadet.

"Come on soldier, aid the wounded, follow your honour... anything like that." Griffin called out, ignoring the fact that since this seemed to be his only way out, he should probably be more polite, but couldn't find it in him to do so. "Just get me out of these damned lines!" he finished as the girl placed the gun back in her holister and stepped forwards.

"Good Afternoon to you also sir." the girl called out, walking towards him, her eyes squinting against the sun but an amused look on her face. Griffin wanted to jump down there and physically wipe that cocky smirk off her face.

"Enough with the social meeting of the day soldier, I want out of here." he stated coldly as she smirked again. This time, Griffin couldn't control the urge to jump, and as he tried, the shocks filled his body once again as he groaned again and took a deep breath, feeling energized from the sudden shock.

"Griffin O'Conner…" the girl sighed as Griffin tried to keep the look of surprise off of his face. "Thought out of everyone you'd be the last to die in a… predicament, such as this one." she smirked as he cursed under his breath. If anyone would know his name... it would be a Paladin, and sadly that meant that these would probably be his last moments. Not that he wouldn't go down without a fight, but as a jumper, in combat Griffin relied mostly on his teleporting advantage.

Despite what he wanted to do, he couldn't keep his mouth from shooting off again. "Good for you, you guessed my name… now get me the hell out of here!" he cursed and wiggled more, causing the electrical wires around him to singe his clothing with another painful shock. By this point, even if they still hurt, Griffin was beginning to get use to the shock of the wires.

"I wouldn't move so much jumper." the girl stated in a sing song voice as he chuckled slightly and shook her head. What would she know? Was she trying to mock him? Trying to play with him.

"Alright Paladin… if you think I'm just going to sit here and let you…" Griffin started to have a fit of curses and anger, but not before the girl could cut him off right before he could really go off on her.

"You honestly think I'm a Paladin?" she asked in amusement as he scoffed.

"Obviously a new one if it's taken you this long to try and kill me." he spat coldly as the girl rolled her eyes and sighed. "That's a nice cover up too, an American soldier… pretending you protect people when your actually just taking innocent lives." he smirked as she suddenly straightened up. Griffin could tell it was an American suit due to the insignia and flag stitched into the cloth.

"I'd watch your next move O'Conner." she stated as Griffin rolled his eyes, unfazed by her words of caution. "And you must be some kind of stupid if you think that I'm a Paladin." she sighed walking over to the small building to the side and taking a seat in the shady cool sand, almost mocking him as he sat there tangled and burned in the desert heat.

"Your not a jumper." he spat as the girl simply wiped her hands off on her pants and looked up at him.

"What makes you so sure?" she asked with a smile.

"Because I would know. I knew every jumper and every experienced Paladin." he smirked, knowing exactly how to get on their nerves... having dealt with rookie paladins many times before. "In my opinion, I think your just a teen who's a little to smart for her own good." he smirked as he saw her shift her weight slightly before crossing her arms and looking back up at him with a grin.

"I think you should get out more often."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, and haven't you ever heard of being nice to the person that's so gracefully come to your aid." she asked as Griffin scoffed. She had been anything but help so far, and he was starting to loose his cool.

"You haven't aided me yet kid." he spat as the girl just shook her head.

The soldier rose to her feet and began to go on about the paladins, a group Griffin had been tracking for a few weeks when they left for a mission then suddenly disappeared from under the radar, never appearing before. He had heard the name mentioned before, Kassel, had it spat at him in disgust many times... they all thought it had been him to take out the group, and as much as he wanted it to be true, he never really knew what had happened to the group.

"Kassel had a team of three," Griffin cut in pointedly as the girl just looked up at him with a grin. From what he could remember, the team was only a small group, a team of three for the most part, always traveling by themselves.

"Jacob Kassel Jr. joined the ranks two months before death." she stated cockily. "Team of four." she added in after.

"Ever wonder what happens to those Paladins who disappear from radar, who never return from their missions?" she wondered as her footing spun on the hot sand.

Griffin couldn't find something to say fast enough. He knew that anyone this size and confidence level would never survive long enough to take out a full team of Paladins. "That could have been anybody… a freak accident… So what?" Griffin cut in after a moment of silence.

"Hide and go seek is a game well played in our world Griffin, and weather David Rice and his little girlfriend Millie have put you on a time out or not, is really non of my business, but I'm just saying that if you want to get smart about the situation…" at this, Griffin was surprised... she must have really done her homework if she knew that much about them already.

"Your best to place your poker face forwards and start sneaking the aces… because this is a game of cards, and weather or not you hold the right ones is all up to you." the girl smirked as she turned away and began to walk into the sunset.

"So your just going to leave me here?" he called out disbelievingly. Not believing his luck, but refusing to beg for her help. "I thought you were suppose to save people!" he yelled out.

"I save people Griffin… not our kind." was all she said before turning away again. As Griffin watched her retreating back, his anger started to escalate. Suddenly, as if in a movie, the girl disappeared... and the more he tried to ignore the prodding fact that what she said might have been true, the more he figured that out of everything he had been through, that fact wouldn't seem to surprise him.

Another burst of air hit the desert sand as Griffin watched two trained Paladins dive through what must have been the girl's jump scar she used to get to the desert. "Hey! Boys!" Griffin called out, knowing that they would bound over to see what was up, they were Paladins.

With a knew found energy and adrenalin radiating from his anger, Griffin watched as one of the Paladins ran over and began to question him. "Have you seen a girl? Dressed as a soldier walking through here?" he asked as Griffin smirked.

"Yeah, I have. Get me down from here and I'll show you where she went. I'll take you to her." Griffin convinced him as the man reached forwards and freed his burned and shocked body from the wires above head.

Upon setting his feet down on the ground, Griffin pulled out the dagger within his pocket and rid himself of the first Paladin, watching the second one as he began to run over, a prodding stick of electricity was waved towards Griffin.

With a smirk, and some messy jumping, Griffin was able to dispose of the second Paladin just as easy and only suffering from minor shocks... such volts that only felt like tiny prickles compared to what he had just been through. "Sorry boys, but this ones mine. She on my hit list now." Griffin smirked and jumped back to his liar... all the while plotting how he was suppose to get a hold of a jumper who supposedly had no name, no whereabouts, and contacts in military places.

With a bus hanging half way through his lair in the middle of the dessert and his TV and gaming systems smashed, Griffin grabbed a few extra pairs of clothes, a wad of cash and through it in his bag, jumping to the next place he thought of.

Coincidently... the very place his soldier had decided to jump to.

Not that he knew that yet.

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