Summary:You could say that Hermione was a normal witch. Well,you could say that,but,you will be proved wrong.

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Hermione Granger lived in a normal family. Except that she only had a mum and a step-dad. She never knew her real dad and probably never will. She figured it out that her step-dad wasn't her real dad a LONG time ago. For now she was just super smart Hermione Granger.

For some reason,she always loved the water. Well,for example,when she was near water,any water at all,it kept telling her to come to it,that it was her home. Also,for some reason,she to horses?Ok,back to the story. Hermione never liked flying. She always felt hated up there. Sometimes,she would hear a voice in her mind say things like,"Get down or I'll blast you down!"

She would answer back,"Who are you?What do you want?"

On July 17,Hermione's mum gave an announcement."Hermione,we're moving to America."She said with a smile.

"We're moving to America?"There was a look in Hermione's eyes that made her confused.

"Yes. However,your father can't come because of work."

"Then,when are we leaving?" Hermione asked after an argument with her mum.

"In a week,I think."

"Wait. WHAT!Mum why didn't you tell me this in a letter while I was at Hogwarts!"

"Honey,please calm down." That was when Hermione started pacing around her bedroom.

"I can't calm down! A week...that's way too short of time to tell Harry and Ron goodbye!"

"Well then,you better start writing to your friends."

"Okay! But,Mum don't bother me!"

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