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The weeks that followed our arrival back to District 12 were exciting, and not in a good way. Upon our arrival, the people of District 12 made it their mission to decorate the entire place in extremely unnecessary lights and flowers, as if we had never seen it before. Back when the highlight of my day was seeing Gale, and hunting down animals so that my twelve year old sister and ungrateful mother could have something in their stomachs to keep us from all starving to death. Now I was lucky to get a few brief moments just to think clearly without someone trying to wax, pluck, jerk, or coach me on how to speak in front of people without making a complete idiot out of myself.

After we got off the train, and the others realized that Peeta and I were not in the mood to bask in all of our winning glory, they allowed us a moment with our families so that we could have something enjoyable happening before they shoved us in front of cameras and forced us to plant fake smiles on our tired faces. When I stepped off the train I was immediately shocked at the amount of people that had come to see us. I never remembered people making this big a deal out of the Games, but then I remembered that nobody from 12 ever made it far in the Games. We were never taken seriously by the other districts, so it is not that surprising that people were shocked when both tributes from District 12 had actually won.

We were taken to see our loved ones immediately, which made Peeta and me very excited, although I could tell that he was trying to disguise any sort of emotion from me. He had refused to speak to me most of the ride back, after he realized that our little act back in the arena might have been just that, an act. I had too much on my mind to worry about my confused feelings for Peeta right now; I had to see my mother and Primm.

"Katniss!'' Just hearing the sound of her voice reminded me of why I had tried so hard to keep myself alive during the Games, even when dying seemed like the much easier alternative. Primm was the reason that I had not given up. I could not break my promise that I had made to her after taking her spot in what was surely going to end my life.

"Primm!'' I quickly engulfed her in a hug that was filled with more emotion than any words I could ever speak to her. Having her in my arms, safe from any harm, was how I wanted her to be for the rest of her life.

"I knew you would win Katniss," she said, with tears running from her innocent eyes, "None of the others were as strong as you."

A brief thought flashed into my mind, wondering if she had seen the size of some of the other tributes, but I pushed it away. There was a reason I was standing here right now. I was a survivor, I had been ever since my father died and left me with the impossible task of supporting our family. I had survived The Hunger Games, and I deserved just a moment to be happy. Even if it was just that, a moment.