"A moment comes, which comes rarely in history. When we step out from the old, and into the new. When an Age ends, and the Soul of a nation long suppressed, finds uterlence."

Prologue: Fall of the old, and Rise of a new Empire

A 16 Year old boy stood on the deck on the Ship he was on, the Red Seals Class Galleon, the Akatsuki.

The boy was at an average height of 5'8, and had Greyish/Black hair, with grey eyes. As the boy looked into the distance, he saw a city…a burning city that is. Even from this distance, he could hear the distant screams of its people as they were attacked by their invaders.

That city…was once his city.

The boy was Ishimaru Takeo. Son of Horuhe Takeo, the fourth Emperor of the Former Eastern Empire of Nihon.

For hundreds of years, the Empire of Nihon ruled with a peaceful rule under Ishimaru's Father and Forefather's rules. The worst of their problems were Raiders, Barbarians, and such. With the Occasional war with one of the smaller nations such as the Aztec's, or Arabians.

But they never were prepared for the Chinese Invasion.

For well over a century, China and Nihon were great allies; mostly due to the Takeo Clan were descendents of the Royal Chinese Family Clan.

They were never aware of the Coup until it was too late.

Nearly 15 years ago, the rival Clan of the Chinese Royal Clan, the Waibān Clan, launched a Coup on the Chinese's capital city of Beijing, in the process killing off most if not all of the original royal family of China. And the Waibān Clan hid the facts of the coup to the public.

Until the invasion, of course.

Without warning, the armies of China invaded the cities of surrounding nations, swarming over them. Due to China having the largest military of the land, it was a slaughter. First the Aztecs fell, then the Arabian's were forced from their homes, then Siam, Shanghai were next to fall, now, only leaving Nihon too fight China.

Though Nihon made a great fight, and for every Nihon Warrior too fall, three more Chinese warriors fell as well, for three years the Chinese pushed the Nihon back. Up until only their capital, Kyoto was left.

Ishimaru's Father knew they would fall. And that he couldn't save all of his people. So he did what he could, and loaded hundreds of boats with as many Civilians and reserve military personnel, and ordered them to evacuate as they held the Chinese off.

Ishimaru himself, pleaded with his Father too stay by his side…but his Father refused. With their Mother killed in his birth, Ishimaru was the last Takeo Heir, and his Father could not allow the Takeo Clan to die out just yet.

So now, Ishimaru gazed as his city, his home burned. With his father still there.

"My lord?" a voice caught his attention. Ishimaru turned to his left, and noticed the man, wearing the standard Captain's uniform. "We must leave now. The Chinese Fleets could come after us next."

"Yes….I know" He barley whispered. "Have...order all ships to sail east. Away from the mainland."

"Yes, my lord." The Captain said as he went off to his task.

Ishimaru gave one last look at his home. Or what once was his home. 'I know…I may never see this place again…' he thought to himself. 'But…one day…' as he looked too the east, the Sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon. 'One day…we shall return…and our empire will rise once again.'