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Team Aid

Today was the day that Naruto got his team. Yesterday was crazy. First he fails the Genin test, and then gets tricked by Mizuki to steal a scroll in which he learns a new justsu in record time. Next up is he learns he has the Nine Tailed Fox in him (I'll be going with Kyuubi from now on) and finally he gets accepted as a genin. Yeah, definitely a weird day, but still overall a good one. So he got up, full of energy and very excited and went to the Academy. When he got there people gave him a weird look. He thought it was because of his outfit, since everyone said it was an eyesore. He didn't understand, why didn't anyone like orange? It was a good color because it was so bright. Heck it made him happy so he didn't care. Anyway he went to go sit down. He saw Sasuke and decided to sit away from him, since he didn't want his gloom right now. Then someone spoke up.

"Hey, what are you doing here? This is for people who passed." Said a random student in a horrible arrogant tone. Naruto just brushed of the tone and pointed to his forehead.

"I did pass, see?" he said with happiness in his tone. The kid just sat down and many students were kind of annoyed he passed. But there were two who were excited. One was the shy Hyuuga Hinata. She was so glad he passed and prayed that they would be on the same team. And then there was Naruto's secret friend. He had Black and blue hair (I just like those colors) and an armored facemask and a sword on his back. He was someone who was able to keep attention away from himself as easily as Shikimaru fell asleep. His name was Kagashi Takaski. (Completely made up the first one) He just smiled at his friend and saw Hinata blushing out of pure glee and hope. Iruka came in and told everyone to take their seats. (I willnotbe including the scene with Naruto and Sasuke, no way in HELL!)

"Alright everyone I have all your teams ready for you. First off… (skipping a bit) team seven will be Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, (a very loud scream was heard followed by a rant.), and (wait for it) Inuzuka (did I spell that right?) Kiba." A loud groan was heard from Kiba because he knew his sensitive ears were going to go bust from the pink-headed girl. "Next is team eight with Yuhi Kurenai will be Hyuuga Hinata, Kagashi Takaski, and … Uzumaki Naruto." Hinata almost jump out of her seat with excitement but only let out a muffled shout of glee. Takaski smiled both at Hinata and that he was on the same team as Naruto. This was going to be fun. After everyone had their teams given to them (I'll tell them to you later.) The three new teammates left and went to where they were to meet their sensei. They went an old training field that no one really used. They didn't see their sensei anywhere and Takaski said he was going to go look for her. Hinata just looked at Naruto from the corners of her eyes, but unfortunately for her Naruto saw her and noticed her blush.

"Hey Hinata, are you okay, your face is all red." Naruto asked concerned. "Your not sick are you?" he said and put a hand on her head which would have caused her to faint if a bunch of kunai hadn't come flying at them. The two of them separated and quickly got in defensive stances. Then their attacker came out. T was their sensei.

"Not bad, your reactions are quick, but you need to be more prepared. An enemy could attack you at any time and you need to be ready." Kurenai said, giving them a mild scolding. The tow of them looked down ashamed and looked up to see a kunai at their sensei's neck.

"And you should wait for all your targets to come back or else the survivor could cause problems." Takaski said. Kurenai was shocked. She hadn't even heard or felt him coming. She felt no chakra coming from him. Takaski released her and went to his team who now had smiles on their faces. Kurenai finally spoke after getting over her shock.

"That was impressive, but it was only luck that you weren't here with them." She said a little smugly. Takaski answered in a bored tone.

"It had nothing to do with luck, I knew you were coming and what you were planning." He said shocking the three around him.

"How?" Kurenai asked.

"A few reasons. One: you're supposed to give us a test to se if we're ready to become shinobi and also you were late so I expected a trap. Two: I have the ability to read minds so I knew what you were planning anyway." The last part shocked everyone.

"You can read minds?" Kurenai asked.

"Yeah but it takes a lot a chakra and isn't really worth it in battle unless you have plenty of energy to spare."

"Hm that is a useful trick you have and one I thought only the Yamaka had." She said.

"I didn't steal it if that's what you're implying, and anyway it can be block if someone has a strong will." Everyone just looked amazed at Takaski for knowing such a skill.

"Well anyway I think I will enjoy teaching you three and if you improve your skills and work as a team I can see you all going far. Congratulations you are all now official ninja." The three of them were very happy, but it was Naruto who jumped for joy and grabbed Hinata into a hug. Before she fainted Kurenai spoke.

"That's enough for now, I need to tell you all something." They all sat around her as she spoke. "You all need to know the true purpose of a kunoichi." She said confusing them.

"What do you mean by that?" Naruto asked.

"Well, this has been kept a secret for generations so as to not discourage anyone form joining the ninja force." She said. "The true purpose of a kunoichi is to act as a 'stress reliever'." She said. Takaski looked at her with wide eyes.

"You don't mean-."

"What? Mean what?" Asked Naruto a little freaked out.

"Yes the purpose of the kunoichi is to give the ninja force sexual pleasure to relieve stress." Kurenai said with no falsehood in her voice. The three of them looked horrified that it was true. Hinata blushed something terrible.

(Okay before this goes on I want everyone to know that I am not sexist nor is this story. It is simply a lemony story for the fun of it and because everyone likes those, and don't try to deny it XD. Back to the story.)

"So my purpose is to please my teammates?" Hinata said a little freaked out but also… happy? If this worked out she would be able to please and help Naruto. (Pervy Hinata? Maybe?) Naruto thought she was scared and immediately tried to reassure her.

"It's okay Hinata, you don't have to it if you don't want to, all I need is a good spare to relieve stress, isn't that right Takaski?"

"Of course, you don't need to do anything you don't want to Hinata. We will by no means force you to." Hinata looked relived that she had such king teammates that wouldn't force her to do anything, but she was actually okay with the idea of being their outlet. (Yep Pervy Hinata :P)

"It's okay Naruto-kun, Takaski-kun, I want to be able to help the team and not be a burden to you." Naruto immediately interject and grabbed her.

"You are not going to be a burden to this team. You can fight just as well. I've watched you fight and you were much better than me. You would never be a burden." Naruto said with absolute certainty.

"Really? You've watched and you thought I was good?" Hinata asked, to which Naruto nodded. Hinata got tears in her eyes and hugged Naruto. "Thank you so much." Naruto just smiled and hugged her back. Takaski smiled.

"Hinata, tell him now." He said and looked at Hinata that made her realize what he meant.

"Tell me what?"

"Naruto, for the longest time I've watched you and admired you. I was just too afraid to approach you. I-I l-love you Naruto-kun." She said and then buried her head into his shoulder to hide. Naruto was shocked; no one had ever said that to him. After the shock left him he smiled and hugged Hinata harder.

"Thank you Hinata-chan. I can't return your feels right now but maybe if you give me a chance we can become more than friends. How about we go get ramen later." He said to which she just smiled at him and nodded before putting her head back into his shoulder. It was a very tender moment. But unfortunately Kurenai interrupted.

"Unfortunately you do have to be a source of relief or the higher officials will take you away from the team and send you to people who will use you." She said shocking them.

"What they can't do that, that's a crime." Naruto said.

"Yes they can, and they will, unless they see your doing what your suppose to do."

"I don't want some random man taking my first time!" Hinata cried as she cried into Naruto's shoulder.

"Then you must be of use the team." Kurenai said. Hinata brought up her head and said.

"I will, I will help my team." She said and turned to Naruto and kissed him to his shock.

"Relax Naruto, I want you to be my first." She said.

"You have to relieve both of your teammates stress or else it will just look like a relationship." Kurenai said. Hinata turned to Takaski and waved here finger at him.

"Then come here then." She said. Takaski just turned to Kurenai and said.

"Is the test over now?" This made Naruto and Hinata look at him confused. Kurenai just sighed.

"Yes it is. Though you need to stop ruining it by reading it."

"Hey, if it involves possible rape, I'm checking."

"What are you guys talking about?" Naruto asked.

"This was the actual test Naruto, she just said we passed to get us off our guards to give us the actual test. The other two looked at each other relieved.

"So Hinata isn't going to get taken away and raped? Naruto said.

"No, especially not on my watch." (I hate rape and so does my OC.) Takaski said.

"Though I do have to tell that while you have passed the test again what I told you about what a kunoichi is suppose to do is real. Hinata if your teammates ask you then you are obliged to assist them." Hinata nodded.

"Well it's a good thing that we will never ask her to do that so she will never be forced to." Naruto said. Surprisingly it was Hinata who spoke up.

"Kurenai-sensei is it just the kunoichi who act as stress relief or can it be their teammates?' she asked.

"Well I suppose that the other teammates would have an obligation to help their teammate so yes I think that yes it does apply to all members of a squad whether male or female." This caused Hinata to smile.

"Well then, since that last test left me so stressed I think I need some relief." She said. This caused all three around her to look at her with shocked faces.

"Hell even I wasn't expecting that." Takaski said.

"Hinata, do you mean you want to-." Naruto said before he was cut off by Hinata, who was still in his lap and who then kissed him. He was shocked by the kiss, and shocked and aroused when she grinded into him. After awhile she released the kiss and smiled.

"I told you Naruto I want you to be my first. Now… take me." She said in such a sultry voice that it forced Naruto to act on his instincts.

Naruto started by restarting the kiss, but this time he added his tongue to the mix. Hinata moaned into the kiss until Naruto broke it leaving a pouting Hinata there until she then started to suckle her neck making her give out give out a purr of approval. Hinata for a second where she was and looked over to Takaski.

"Well are you going to join?" She asked curious. Takaski just shook his head and turned to Naruto.

"Yo, Naruto, take care of her, she deserves it." Naruto nodded and Takaski walked away. "Well enjoy yourselves then. Bye." And with that he left not wanting to interrupt their time together.

"Now Naruto-kun. Where were we?" Hinata said in a voice radiating lust. She wasn't going to give Naruto anytime to spare (Hinata is acting as the dominant one and the energetic one because she has wanted this for a long time and because of the first two chapters Naruto still can't believe someone actually loves him. You guys saw his face after the Actual confession. Enough said.) Naruto then started to suck of her breasts.

"A-ah Naruto, that feels sooo good." This just encouraged Naruto more as he sucked her nipple harder earning approval from Hinata. "Ah Naruto that's it. Your sooo good at this, I-I can't take much moooooorrrree!" she screamed as she came. She didn't know how he did it but Naruto had made her cum without even entering her.

"Wow Hinata that sounded great. Why don't we try doing that again?" Naruto said with excitement.

"Actually Naruto, can we skip to the main course. I want you inside me." "I want you inside me." She said in voice so full of lust that both nearly fainted.

"Naruto." Hinata said as she spread he legs open to give Naruto a very erotic view.

"Are you sure Hinata?" Naruto asked, wanting to be completely sure, there was no going back after this.

"Of course Naruto-kun. Now come take me." She said. Naruto came up to her and she sat in his lap and grabbed his erection, making him grunt.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun I'll give us what we both want." She said as she let him push it in. He went slowly so as not to hurt her. Hinata just moaned and purred until hit her barrier. With a nod he broke her barrier. She had tears in her eyes and Naruto felt very bad and the only thing he could think of was to distract her form the pain. So with that thought he kissed her with all the passion he could muster and started to massage her breasts and a new spot he'd found on Hinata. Her nub. With him massaging her body Hinata quickly forgot about the pain and pulled away from Naruto's kiss.

"Ah, Hinata I'm going to cum!" Naruto said trying to keep it in so that the pleasure could continue.

"In me Naruto!" she screamed in want and ecstasy.

"But Hinata if I cum you'll get pregnant." Naruto said.

"Don't worry while you were changing I did a birth control justsu, I'll be fine." Hinata barely said as her own orgasm was approaching. Naruto finally couldn't stand it anymore.

"Hinata, I'm Cuuummming!" He yelled as he came. This pushed Hinata over the edge and she came hard. The two lay side by side happy in the after glow of their love making and smiling shit eating smiles (is that what it's called?) She then turned to Naruto and kissed him. "I love you Naruto-kun." He smiled.

Naruto and Hinata got dressed. Awhile later they were saying good-bye.

"Well good-bye Naruto-kun."

"Bye Hinata-chan, I'll pick you up for our date tomorrow at noon okay?" She nodded and they kissed and went their separate ways.

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