Alex Summers has joined Facebook!

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Hank McCoy: Welcome to the modern tele-communication age!

Alex Summers: I don't get this.

Raven Darkholm: ?

Alex Summers: We live in the same house. Why can't we just walk down the hall and say hi when we want to talk?

Sean Cassidy: Man, have you looked at these halls? Some of them are really long.

Hank McCoy: I'm telling you, someday forums like this will be a major form of inter-personal communication.

Alex Summers: Whatever.

Hank McCoy: No, really! You can just drop a line to let your friends know what you're doing, what you're thinking…your relationships and such.

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Alex Summers: So sweet, I think I'm gonna barf.

Charles Xavier: Raven, is it time to have a talk?

Raven Darkholm: Focus on your own sex life, Charles.

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Sean Cassidy: I don't need that mental image, Raven.

Raven Darkholm: Which one? Me and Hank or Charles and Erik?

Sean Cassidy: Either.

Charles Xavier: Raven! Please stop starting rumors!

Raven Darkholm, Alex Summers and 3 others thin Charles doth protest too much.

Erik Lehnsherr: Chess later, Charles?

Charles Xavier: My suite. 10pm.

Raven Darkholm: I don't think you need any help starting rumors.

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Sean Cassidy thinks Moira MacTaggart is smoking hot!

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Alex Summers: Go get yourself a cougar!

Moira MacTaggart is flattered but uncomfortable with the age difference.

Sean Cassidy: Age ain't nothing but a number.

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Alex Summers: Did anyone else eat the lutefisk? I think it might have gone bad.

Erik Lehnsherr: I don't believe we've had lutefisk here.

Raven Darkholm: What's lutefisk?

Charles Xavier: A pungent, gelatinous dish made from aged stockfish. I fear Alex may have eaten the leftover tuna casserole from two weeks ago.

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Sean Cassidy: Alex doesn't like it either, but he's busy puking up a lung.

Raven Darkholm: Ew.

Charles Xavier: *sigh* Infirmary.

Raven Darkholm is in a relationship with Hank McCoy

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Charles Xavier: Congratulations. Now, Hank, do I need to give the intimidating older brother speech.

Hank McCoy: No!

Raven Darkholm: Charles! Do not threaten to kill people with your brain!

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Charles Xavier: Just giving him fair warning, darling. Plus, there are just some things that I do not need to hear.

Erik Lehnsherr: Charles, you voyeur!

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Charles Xavier: Very amusing, Erik.

Raven Darkholm: Oh, just get a room!

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Raven Darkholm: Seriously, Angel told me that when you two went to recruit her, she thought you were trying to propose a threesome.

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Charles Xavier: Inappropriate!

Raven Darkholm: We only tease because we love you!

(2 minutes later)

Raven Darkholm: Charles?

Erik Lehnsherr: He's pouting.

Raven Darkholm: Well, go fix him!

Erik Lehnsherr: In an attempt to be a team player, I shall.

Alex Summers: Who wants to bet they're gonna get busy?

Sean Cassidy: No contest.

Alex Summers: Sean, kid, there's smoke leaking out from under your door. Put the bong down.

Sean Cassidy: NO. I need it to avoid serious emotional scarring.

Moira MacTaggart: What's wrong?

Sean Cassidy: Someone, who is not me, has to tell Erik and the Professor that their control of their powers gets a bit iffy when they…you know. My room shares a wall with the Professors.

Alex Summers and Hank McCoy are horrified.

Raven Darkholm: You do realize we live in an enormous castle. There are lots of rooms to choose from in other wings.

Sean Cassidy: Thank God. Once I can feel my legs again, I'm so moving.

Alex Summers: Dude, crawl! Get out now!

Raven Darkholm: You know, that's a total double standard. If I was having sex with Moira, you'd all be plastered to the wall, trying to listen in.

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Moira MacTaggart: Men.

Raven Darkholm: Amen. Now, how are we going to tease them mercilessly?

Charles Xavier is in a relationship with Erik Lehnsherr

Charles Xavier: There will be no mocking, children.

Raven Darkholm: Nice try, Charles.

Alex Summers: Yeah, I don't think we're gonna be able to follow that directive.

Sean Cassidy: I had to move to another wing of the Castle!

Erik Lehnsherr: Charles, I think we need to institute some hand to hand training for the children.

Charles Xavier: Lovely idea, Erik.

Hank McCoy: We'll be good.

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Alex Summers: Bring it on.

Raven Darkholm: Alex! Not to insult your masculinity, but I think everyone will agree Erik inhabits a level of badass the rest of us can only aspire to reach.

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The end….or is it?