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Chapter 6: The Most Anticipated Event, the Winter Ball

Kyo squeezes Tohru's hand twice, trying to alleviate the nervous expression plastered on her face. She looks up at him and tries to force a smile. Kyo grins back, reassuring her that everything is going to be okay.

They have finally arrived at the school and it's packed. Students mingle together in their appropriate attire. Some take pictures, other cluster around and laugh in high, tinkle-like voices. Instead of joining their classmates, Tohru stays rooted to the spot – a good distance away, Kyo at her side protectively. The lights from the school flash and everyone starts to get antsy. It's almost time to buy tickets, almost time to start dancing.

"Hey, Tohru," he kisses her on the forehead, "what's got you so upset?"

Tohru gulps, "There's just a lot more people than I imagined."

"It won't be so bad." Kyo smiles and reaches out a hand to brush a stray hair away from her face.

"B-But there are so many others, I-I don't want to embarrass you if I-I turn out to be a b-bad dancer."

Kyo lets out a lighthearted chuckle, "That's what you're worried about? Tohru, just be yourself. You won't embarrass me at all – I promise. If you trip, I'll trip too just so we're even."

Tohru looks up at this wonderful boy, her eyes stinging with the promise of tears, "Kyo, you're so sweet to me. I'm so glad to be with you, even glad to be here with you." Kyo wraps his arms around her, as she presses her face into his neck, "Thank you for always making me so at ease, Kyo."

Kyo pulls away and gazes at her for a few moments before softly kissing her on the lips. They break apart and Kyo notices a tear threatening to slip from the corner of Tohru's eye. He swiftly kisses the moisture away and places his forehead against hers.

"Hey, are you two coming?" A twitchy first year ambles over to them, oblivious to their moment. Startled, the couple separate and look at this rude observer. They both recognize him as one of Yuki's helpless followers from the student council.

Kyo throws him a disapproving look and the boy raises his hands in a defensive gesture.

"Hey, forget I said anything." He slinks away, back to the music and the lights, far from Kyo and Tohru's private little world.

"Well, shall we go?" Kyo holds out his arm to escort Tohru to the dance. She blushes slightly before slipping her arm through his elbow and interlacing her fingers with his. The music gets louder as they approach and Tohru clenches her lover's hand tighter. Within a few moments, they're finally at the ticket booth, but last in line. The two teachers manning the spot exchange glances at the newly arrived couple.

"Who knew the orange-haired Sohma boy could clean up so nice?" One of the women quietly screeched. She takes the money from an eager student and shoves it into the cash box, hardly paying attention to how much was given.

The other one nodded, counting out change, "And that little airhead sure looks pretty too." She rips off a ticket and passes it to the outstretched hand of another student.

"I'm actually surprised they're together, to be honest." The former whispered.

"Well, he sure takes care of her as you can see."

Sure enough, Kyo finally ambles up to the front of the table, toting Tohru and reaching into his pocket for the money. He eyes the old crones suspiciously.

The first one pipes up, "My, look at the lovely couple." She smiles, showing aged and missing teeth.

"Yes, they're quite the match." The other one agrees, bobbing her head up and down.

Kyo smiles tightly and hands her the correct amount for two tickets. The first teacher continues smiling at Kyo and Tohru as the other takes the money and produces two tickets.

"Have fun now." They say in unison.

Kyo gives a swift nod before carefully pulling Tohru to the entrance. Tohru looks back at the women quietly laughing.

"Were they making fun of us?" She whispers.

"Don't worry about it." Kyo grimaces. He squeezes her fingers for a moment before leading her inside.

The gym looks so different… so magical. It definitely has transformed into a winter ball. Paper snowflakes adorn the ceiling; the lights rotate colors from whites to blues and grays. There's fake snow all around them, floating in the air and catching in people's hair.

Tohru's eyes widen, "Kyo, look how beautiful it is!" Her apprehension melts away with the scene in front of her. Students cram together on the dance floor, squealing happily. Flashes go off from cameras and the music gets faster. She itches to get out there with Kyo, despite earlier worries about embarrassing him.

"Yeah…" he agrees, trailing off, "very beautiful." But he isn't taking in the sights around him. His eyes stay fixed on a very excited, very cute Tohru.

A familiar young man strolls up to them, "Hello, Miss Honda."

Kyo folds his arms across his chest and his lips thin out in an even line.

Tohru calls out happily, "Hello, Yuki! This is a wonderful ball! It's so beautiful in here! I can't believe you decorated this!"

"Well, everyone from the student council helped out – I can't take all the credit." He says, smiling a little.

He looks over at Kyo who's fighting to keep an even face, "How do you like it… stupid cat?"

Kyo brushes off the insult and gives a nod, "'S nice."

Yuki turns back to Tohru, "Please enjoy yourself this evening, Miss Honda. Don't let that cat do anything inappropriate."

Tohru frowns a little, "Thank you for doing all this, but I'm sure the both of us will be fine."

In response to Tohru's slight disapproval, Yuki smiles, bows, and walks away into the throng of girls begging him for a dance (and probably a lock of his hair).

Kyo uncrosses his arms and watches Yuki among his fan club. There's a tug on his elbow from Tohru.

"Can we dance now?" An excited Tohru bubbles.

Kyo laughs, "You're acting like a little kid. If your hair wasn't so pretty, I would probably ruffle it."

Tohru's face falls and the pulling ceases, "I'm sorry."

"Wait, I didn't mean it like that! You're just so eager, like a child – it's cute." Kyo runs a hand through his hair. "Please don't be upset. I'll dance with you."

Tohru's eyes light up and she smiles wide, "Thank you so much!" She drags him out to the middle of the floor. At first Kyo is tense, but the look on Tohru's enthralled face reassures him. If this is what makes her happy, then he doesn't mind at all.

The music pumps all around them surrounding everyone in a cocoon of ecstasy and excitement. Despite previous anxiety, Tohru melts on the dance floor. She moves about and laughs bubbly. Kyo stands there and sways back in forth, not knowing how to place his hands or where to thrust his hips.

"Kyo, don't you know how to dance?" Tohru shouts.

Kyo's face flushes, "I haven't really had a chance to!"

Tohru smile is a million watts as she grabs Kyo's hands and propels them both across the floor. Kyo lets out a laugh at Tohru's animated face. They spin and dance like their lives depend on it. They've never had an opportunity to just be crazy and be youthful. The beats of the music pulse and Kyo can feel the weight of his troubles zipping away with the change of the tracks. Song after song plays, some Kyo has never heard before until finally it settles on one that's quite familiar…

Kyo reaches out a hand and wraps it around Tohru's tiny waist as the beginning instruments start to play. He gazes down at her lovely, bright face.

We watched the season pull up its own stakes,

And catch the last weekend of the last week,

Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced,

Another sun soaked season fades away.

You… have… sto-len my… heart.

Tohru looks up at Kyo, smiling wide, knowing deep down those words are true.

You… have… sto-len my… heart.

Despite how fast-paced the song gets, Kyo lovingly stares at his wonderful Tohru. They sway together, wrapped in each other's arms, soaking up the sight of one another.

Invitation only, grand farewells

Crash the best one, of the best ones

Clear liquor and cloudy-eyed,

Too early to say goodnight.

Tohru brings her hand from behind Kyo's back and rests it gently on his chest. People bump into them – but nothing breaks their gazes.

You… have… sto-len my… heart

How true are the words floating around them?

You… have… sto-len my… heart

Kyo leans his face forward and softly kisses her on the lips. Tohru smiles in their moment.

And from the ballroom floor we are in celebration

One good stretch before our hibernation

Our dreams assured and we all will sleep well…

Sleep well…

Kyo lightly stops kissing her to look into her eyes. Tohru doesn't stop smiling and Kyo steals another kiss.

Sleep well…

Sleep well…

Tohru breaks away from the kiss and reaches for Kyo's hands. He gives her fingers a squeeze before spinning around the floor with her.

You have stolen my…

You have stolen my…

You have stolen my…


I watch you spin around in your highest heels

You are the best one, of the best ones

We all look like we feel

Kyo ducks his lips next to Tohru's ear as he places his hands on her lower back, "You have stolen my…"

You have stolen my…

You have stolen my…

You have stolen my…


"Heart," Kyo finishes, placing a kiss on her temple. Tohru shivers but throws herself into Kyo's chest, giggling with excitement and feelings south of her navel.

"Thank you, Kyo." She says warmly. They share another kiss before –

"Alright ladies and gents," The DJ cuts in as the song fades out. "It's about that time for the last song of the night – THE SLOW DANCE! So grab your honey, or grab a stranger and let's get it started!"

Tohru blushes and looks up at Kyo, "Are you ready?"

But Kyo just runs a hand through his hair, "I'm not really good with the slow dancing…"

"Kyo, what are you talking about? We just slow danced together!" Tohru says, laughing.

Kyo's eyes widen, "So that's acceptable?"

"Do you think we've been dancing by the books all night? I have no clue how to dance! Kyo," She chuckles, "Just be yourself. The way we were just dancing was very nice, you can do it again."

Kyo looks relieved, "Well, if that's what you want."

"Of course! Come on!"

A song neither of them have heard before – although they're informed by the DJ that it is in fact, "The Only Exception," by Haley Williams – starts. Kyo properly places his hands on her waist and pulls her close up to his chest.

"I hope I do okay." He whispers into her ear.

Tohru smiles, "I know you'll do fine."

The song plays and both are wrapped up in one another just like before. Soon, everyone notices and they slowly sidle away from the lovely couple.

Kyo feels the hair on the back of his neck prick up. He looks around at the teary-eyed faces of his female classmates and the indifferent ones of the males.

"Um, Tohru, I think they're looking at us." Kyo whispers subtly.

Tohru stiffens, "What do you mean?"

"We have the dance floor all to ourselves and no one else is dancing." Kyo hisses through clenched teeth.

Tohru starts to panic, "Oh no, what are we going to do? I think I'll trip! I can't believe people are looking at me! I'm not even a good dancer! What's going to –"

Kyo silences her with a kiss, "Tohru, calm down – we aren't going to die. Nothing bad will happen. Just look at me only. Pretend they aren't there."

Tohru focuses her attention on Kyo and tries to block out the other people. They continue swaying together until the song stops and everyone bursts out in a round of applause.

Shouts of "beautiful!" and "bravo!" could be heard all around.

"Is everyone cheering for us, Kyo?" Tohru asks, looking at everyone waving their hands and whooping.

Kyo smiles, "I guess they are." He reaches down and squeezes her hand.

"Isn't that the cutest thing?" The DJ calls out. He places a hand to his breast and feigns swooning. "It's one of the best things about hosting this stuff!"

Excited classmates scrambled forward and huddle around the young couple, expressing their praise and admiration for such a beautiful dance. Even the Prince Yuki fan club girls secretly think it was endearing.

Kyo holds up a hand and puts his other arm around Tohru, "Thanks, everyone, but we need to get home now."

Several disappointed females whine with pain. Kyo pulls Tohru, leading her to the double doors of the gym.

Some follow them, but turn back when the couple bust outside into the chilly air.

"That was so fun, Kyo! Thank you so much for taking me!" Tohru exclaims. She twirls around on the pavement, happily.

"I'm glad you had a good time." Kyo says.

Tohru turns and looks at him with a serious expression, "Kyo… I… I love you so much."

Kyo reaches for her hand, "I love you too, Tohru."

They share a quick kiss because of the dropping temperatures.

"Kiss me later?" Tohru asks, taking Kyo off-guard.

"If that's what you want." He says, leading them home with smiles on their faces and in their hearts.


Once they arrive back at the house, Kyo and Tohru both change into their pajamas. But once they climb into Tohru's bed, exhaustion overwhelms the two, making them slowly drift off to sleep, entangled in each other's arms.

"Make it up… to… me… tomorrow," Tohru mumbles scooting into Kyo closer.

"Deal." Kyo whispers, sleepily before going to sleep himself.

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