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Rating: Teen. Rated Teen for violence (including graphic descriptions, abuse, language, and intense scenes (hope I can do them justice)

Category: Adventure/Angst

Summary: When James sends Magnus a very rare abnormal found in an ancient Vampire Outpost, she must take the young creature into the wilderness to bring him to his natural habitat. However, there are others who have different plans for the young creature.

Timeframe: Nothing in the TV series. Really late 1800's or really early 1900's.

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A/N2: And now for the A/N pertaining to this section (aka the Prologue). This is in the perspective of a Shoshone elder telling a story to the youngsters of the tribe. I know it's short (this whole section is longer than the actual Prologue), and I apologize for that. I promise that none of the other chapters, etc. will be as short as this one is.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and I would love it if you would tell me what you think.

Trial of Fire


"Listen, children of the Plains, younglings of the New Age. For I have a story to tell you.

On nights, very much like this one, when the air has a sharp nip to it and the wind keens mournfully, the horses all shift, a wild gleam echoing through their eyes. The whispers of ages past and gone and the tingling of power lost fills the land, a light fog rising from the ground. For even the stones themselves remember the day that the Queen of the Undying came to us, the day that the Mare of Exthan brought us to her…"