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("Phoenix's thoughts.")

Sound check, 1, 2, 3…






It comes in all shapes in sizes. It comes without warning. It comes with the territory.

We are judged by our appearances. By the company we keep. By the causes we support. By our beliefs, our professions, by the things we do.

But by what right does anyone have to pass judgment? What is the right decision? And who can we trust to give a just ruling?

As long as people seek justice, these questions will persist…

"So…you have come to this place after all."

"You-! What are you doing here?"

"...I have come to ask again that you re-think your path."

"…I cannot."

"Even though you feel differently?"

"…There is too much at stake…For the people, I will not let my personal opinions affect my judgment."

"I see…that is too bad."

"Wha…what are you doing? Put that down… AGG…!"

A boy with blue hair, with two strands styled like a pair of insect antenna, stared at the prone figure clad in white, lying on the floor.

"…Aw, hell, why now?"

Disgaea / Ace Attorney

Hell's Turnabout

October 6, 3:03 PM_

Wright & Co. Law Offices_

("Finally… It's taken all morning, but I've finally gotten all of the important files locked away.")

Things were unusually calm in the Wright & Co. Law Offices. Normally, 'calm' would be the de-facto mood for a lawyer's office, this was not the case at the office of Phoenix Wright. On any other day, the office would be noisy with the chattering and antics of his hyper-active assistant, Maya Fey, sometimes aided and abetted by her 8-year old cousin, Pearl Fey. As it stood, both of the girls had been called back to their hometown of Kurain Village, undergoing the necessary training for spiritual mediums. Being told that the two of them would be gone for a whole week, Wright decided that the time had come to take a well-earned vacation.

Wright checked his watch. Just in time, his plane was going to take off in an hour and a half. Picking up his suitcase, he made his way to the door, going through a mental check-list.

("Let's see… Put away the case files, changed the answering machine message, cleaned the toilets, got my tickets… I am done! A short trip to the airport is all that's standing between me and a rest in the country.")

Sadly, things never went according to plan for Phoenix Wright, and today would be no different. Just as Wright began to turn the knob of his door, he heard a strange noise from behind.


("Huh? What was that? It sounded like a toilet being flushed…in a thunderstorm.")

Turning around, Wright was surprised to see a young girl, about 14 or so, standing in his office! And it wasn't just her abrupt appearance that caught his attention either. This girl wore a mini-skirt and belly-showing midriff, stockings and long gloves, all made of leather, complete with buckles. She even had a collar around her neck. Had this girl actually had a figure, her choice in wardrobe would have been obscene…not that it wasn't in its own right. Her hair was tied into two spiky pigtails, and it might have been Wright's imagination, but he could have sworn that her ears came to point.

"Er… Can I help you?" Wright asked politely, while thinking, ("Whoa! How did she get in here?")

"Are you Phoenix Wright, the Ace Attorney?" the girl asked.

"Well, my name is Phoenix Wright, and I am an attorney." Wright answered awkwardly. He had jokingly called himself an 'Ace Attorney' once on an earlier case, but didn't think it would come again…and in such strange company.

"Good enough," The girl said, "I am Etna, Beauty Queen, Demon Lord, and vassal to Laharl, Overlord of the Netherworld."

("Demon Lord? Netherworld? Overlord? What the heck is this girl talking about?")

"The Prince has recently come into a…" Etna's eye narrowed and she smirked. "…dispute, and would like you to represent him in court. Whaddya say? Be good publicity if people knew an Overlord hired you, wouldn't it?"

By this time, Wright had had enough. "Look, little girl," He began, not picking up on the twitch in Etna's eye. "The office is closed for today. I'm not accepting any new clients right now." ("Especially for some role play group.") "Why don't you come back in a week?" ("I'm sure Maya wouldn't mind a baby-sitting assignment.")

Etna narrowed her eyes. "Is that so? Well, too bad for me, then. I guess I'll just go back to the castle and… Oh my god!" She suddenly cried, pointing past Wright. "What the hell is that?"

"What?" Wright asked, whirling around. "What's what?"


Wright felt a sharp pain over his head, and fell to the floor. Before he lost consciousness, he heard a malevolent chuckle.

"Heh heh… Works every time…"

Episode 1

Wright's Descent

The incessant darkness Wright drifted through was pocketed by the occasional streak of light.


"…poke him…"

"Ugh…my head… What happened…?" Wright muttered as he felt a prodding in his side. Forcing his eyes open, he sat up from where he was lying. The first thing he saw was giant yellow beak. "What the?"


Wright stared as what looked like a penguin with peg-legs where its feet should be bolted. The 'penguin' stepped onto a banana peel, slid several feet until it fell off a step, tumbling wildly in the air before hitting the floor.


Wright stood shell-shocked at the small scorch mark where the penguin had landed.

"It just…exploded…" He stammered, unable to process what he had seen.

"Enjoy your nap, Mr. Wright?" A cheeky, but all-too-familiar voice asked.

Wright looked to his side immediately to see none other than Etna, beaming.

"You-!" He cried, "What's going on- Who was tha- Why did it explode?"

"That just leaves where and when, Mr. Wright." Etna pointed out helpfully.

It was at that moment that Wright then realized that he was no longer inside of his nice, clean, orderly office. Instead, he noticed that he was in some kind of gloomy hall. Off to the side he could see a brown counter with the sign 'Rozen Queen Co.' on the front. Behind it was a large shelf stacked with numerous packages and items. Opposite that was a pair of brightly-lit shops, both tended by a lady. The shop on the left had assign reading, 'Netherworld Hospital', while the one on the right had a sign called, 'Item World'. Between the two shops was a some kind of rotting corpse which Wright assumed was just a mannequin until it took out a yoyo and began to do tricks. Between the shops and counter was some kind of swirling, blue and white vortex the size of a man, guarded by a blind woman.

"Well, now that you're awake, why don't we go see your new client, Mr. Ace Attorney?" Etna asked.

"HOLD IT!" Wright yelled, pointing his 'finger of truth' (Pat. Pending). "You haven't explained anything to me! Where the hell am I!"

"You just your won question," Etna replied simply. "This is the Netherworld, a chaotic and turbulent place where demons live." She held out a postcard showing a picture of some kind of dark and twisted landscape, with rivers of lava (He hoped that stuff was lava) forests of gnarled trees, and a red moon in the starry sky.

Wright looked away from the card. It was only then did he notice that Etna had a long devil's tail sticking out of her skirt, and a pair of small bat wings on her back. His eyes followed the motion of the tail as it twitched and curled in the air.

"And yes, that means I am a demon," Etna went on, "As are almost everyone you'll meet here."

Wright began to shake as these revelations put another train of thought into motion. "Wait… If this place is Hell…than…does that mean…" He couldn't hold it in anymore and exploded. "Am I DEAD!" His life began to flash before his eyes…as well as a very familiar dream involving a giant Judge.

Etna seemed to take this outburst in stride. Putting her hands behind her back, she walked up to where Wright was still sitting. After a moment's thought, she kicked him in the butt. Hard.

"Ow!" Wright cried, standing up quickly. He rubbed where it hurt, wincing. She must have got him with a heel.

"If you can still feel pain, then you're still alive," Etna explained, smiling at her act of violence. "Now, come on, we have to go to the detention center."

"But- Ow- you still haven't told me what this about!" Wright wailed desperately. He felt as if he was going to literally melt down from the way things were going.

Etna sighed, looking annoyed. "I told you at your office, remember? Laharl, our Overlord, wants you to represent him in court."

"But- But- Why?" Wright asked exasperatedly. While he still didn't understand any of what happened to him, the word 'court' gave him a familiar ground to stand on. "What does he need me for?"

"Oh, that's simple," Etna said dismissively. "He's been accused of murder. You're going to defend his case."

Murder. The word sounded so different from the casual way Etna had said it, as if it were a slap on the wrist. However, the inclusion of the word 'defend' was more familiar ground for Wright, and he graciously welcomed it.

("Maybe if I just focus on that, the rest of this nightmare will start making sense.") Wright thought, and asked, "What happened?"

"I'll let him explain it when we see him," Etna shrugged, "We'll head to his cell as soon as I get this Prinny checked in."



Wright looked up, and saw the charred form of the penguin he saw moments ago. It seemed like the force of the explosion had propelled him into the ceiling. Taking out a long spear, Etna poked, prodded, and ultimately impaled the miserable creature on the weapon's blade. With that, she pulled the creature down, and then tossed it, spear and all' at the Netherworld Hospital.

"Take care of that, will you?" She asked as a woman dressed as a samurai caught the spear. "Don't worry about the payment, just ruffle through its fanny pack."

The samurai nodded, and dragged the penguin into the Hospital. Once she was gone, Etna turned back to Wright.

"That thing was a Prinny," She explained, "They have a tendency to blow up if they're thrown around enough, but don't worry, fixing them up is super-cheap."

("Especially since you're not paying for it…") Wright thought. Etna's response didn't answer his intended question, but he decided not to pursue the subject. He had a very good feeling that things would only get weirder from here, and if he was going to defend this…Overlord, he would need to keep his mind confusion-free.

"Well, I think we've hung around here enough," Etna said, "Let's go see the Prince!" She cocked an eyebrow. "…Or do you have any other questions?"

"Just one…" Wright sighed, looking down. "…Is this really happening? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

"I don't blame for dreaming of a sexy demon like me, but you're wide awake," Etna replied, "Now then, on to the Prince!"

"Right…" Wright sighed, looking back up. "So…where is it again?"


As it turned out, the 'Netherworld Detention Center' was just another word for the castle dungeon. After walking down many, many flights of stairs, (Leading Wright to believe they were now under the ground- several miles under it, to be precise.) Etna walked up to a large door made of partly chipped, mostly moldy wood.

"He's in here," Etna explained, taking the door's handle and pulling. "Hope he's in a good mood."

"Wh-why wouldn't he be?" Wright asked looking around nervously. The trip down had done little to lower his stress levels. Their path had been littered with demons in all shapes and sizes, and their stares did not put Phoenix at ease at all.

"Well, we were supposed to be down here and hour ago," Etna answered, "But because someone needed to take a nap, we're just a teensy bit behind schedule."

"You're the one who knocked me out!" Wright protested as they entered the dungeon.

"Excuses, excuses…" Etna waved him off.

The dungeon looked like something out of a dark fantasy… It was dank, bits and pieces of various monsters were strewn here and there. There were no proper cells, save on at the end, opposite of the entrance. The rest of the dungeon just had rusty-looking cages in various shapes and sizes, and there was a sign on that said, 'X days since last case of tetnus!' the number having been crossed out.

Etna pointed towards the cell at the end. "There."

The two of them walked towards the cell, one more nervous than the other. Wright was practically soaking his blue suit in sweat as the moment when he met Etna's mysterious boss came closer and closer.

("All right, Phoenix, stay calm… You're only meeting the supreme and unchallenged ruler of Hell…the prince of darkness… Just be cool, and maybe you can get out of this without eternal damnation…")

"We're here, Prince," Etna called into the cell. "Why don't you stop moping in those shadows and greet your lawyer in person?"

"You took your damn time!" A nasty voice shot out from the shadows behind the bars. It was a few octaves higher than Wright had expected.

("Huh? That sounded like a child's voice…")

Wright soon saw that there was a reason for that. Stepping out of the darkness towards them was a small boy with a mop of messy blue hair, with two strands styled to resemble insect antenna. He wore a large red scarf that seemed to be as long as he was tall, and a pair of shorts and boots- and just that. He had red eyes and what looked like permanent scowl on his face.

"Phoenix Wright, may I introduce our glorious leader…" Etna said grandly, "…Overlord Laharl!"

("Th-this kid?") Wright thought, but wisely said, "Uh…pleased to meet you…sir…"

Laharl gave him a curt nod. "Likewise. Now I can get this idiotic accusation dealt with!"

That reminded Wright. "That reminds me… What exactly do you need me for?"

Laharl glared at Etna. "Didn't you tell him anything?"

"I thought you would like to tell it in your own words," Etna replied, "Anyway, I better get going and get the Dark Assembly ready. Bye!"

With that, Etna left the dungeon in a flash. With her gone, Wright was beginning to feel even more nervous. Laharl was glaring at him, and the defense attorney was inclined to believe that the bars would serve little protection if the boy Overlord became violent.

"So, um…" Wright racked his brains for something to say. "You're awfully young to be an, uh, Overlord, aren't you? How old are you?"

"Don't look at me like I'm some kind of kid," Laharl replied, "I happen to be 1313 years old. That's way older than you'll ever be!"

("And yet, you look only 13.")

"My father was the last Overlord, but I didn't ride on his coattails," Laharl went on, "I lured all of my rivals into a trap and finished them off!" He threw his head back. "Haaaah-ha-ha-ha!"

"Er, congralutations." Wright replied, bewildered. ("I guess murder isn't a crime among demons…") "So…you said you were accused of something, didn't you? What was it?"

Laharl stopped laughing instantly. "Murder."

"…I see. So, the families of your 'rivals'…" Wright trailed off expectantly.

"Fool. I'm the Overlord. I can kill anyone in my dominion as I see fit," Laharl retorted, "This is much worse."

("What's worse than mass murder?")

"My alledged 'victim' was an angel."

"Wh-what?" Wright exclaimed, "There are angels?"

"Looks like Etna didn't tell you anything, did she?" Laharl asked, irritated.

"…Information-wise, she only gave me the bare minimum." Wright answered.

"That's all she ever gives…" Laharl sighed, and said clearly. "Okay, I'll give you a summary of the situation, but I'm only going to say it once, so listen up!

"Opposite of the Netherworld is Celestia, the land of angels. For countless millennia, demons and angels have been bitter enemies. The friendliest they've ever been is by ignoring one another. A few years ago, the head angel, Seraph Lamington, decided to create friendly ties with the Netherworld," Laharl shrugged. "I'm not crazy about the idea, but he's a pretty okay guy, for an angel, so I agreed to go along with it."

("The way he acts, it's like being asked to mow the lawn.")

"Of course, not everyone's wild about it," Laharl continued, "There might be some demons here who don't like angels, and there are definitely angels in Celestia who hate demons. So there's been plenty of opposition.

"As a gesture of faith, Lamington sent down a high-ranking angel as an ambassador…I think his name was Tramus. I went to go meet him, but when I arrived at his room, the old geezer was dead! Before I know it, I'm being arrested by these badge-carrying whackjobs and forced into this stupid cell! Who do they think they are? Who the hell do they think I am!"

Wright was becoming uncomfortably aware that as Laharl's voice increased in volume, so did the room's temperature. He was also feeling the floor beginning to shake. As if that weren't enough, the young Overlord's eyes were turning completely red, and his hair-antenna was starting to stand on end!

"Th-that's not my fault!" Wright cried desperately, "Calm down!"

Laharl seemed to hear Wright, and clamped his mouth shut. Gritting his teeth, he heaved unhappily as the dungeon cooled down and the floor stopped shaking.

"This... This is so stupid!" He grunted, "I had no reason to kill that angel! I'm not a psychopath! I only kill people I want to kill!"

("Actually, I think that's what a psychopath is!")

"Not only that, but I've heard that they've changed our court system for this very case!" Laharl ranted, "Just to make it easier to convict me!"

("A trial with the odds stacked against the defendant? That sounds distressingly familiar…")

Forcing himself calm, Laharl said, "And that's my problem, Phoenix. If you can't clear my name in court, I'll be convicted of murdering a diplomat."

"I see," Wright nodded, "That's quite a problem." ("And when were we on a first-name basis?"

"And it's not just my problem," Laharl went on, "Lamington's in trouble as well."

"The head angel? What for?" Wright asked.

"The other angels think he's losing his touch for wanting to open friendly relations with demons," Laharl explained, "Sending an angel like Tramus to 'certain death at the hands of demons' was the last straw. From what I hear, there's talk of making Lamington step down from his position as Seraph, and putting another angel in charge…an angel who won't let those 'damn demons get away with this.'"

"So what you're saying is…" Wright began, trailing off as Laharl nodded.

"Correct. If I'm declared guilty, a war might start between the Netherworld and Celestia. This trial could start or stop it."

("Hmm… It looks like there's more at stake here than just one boy- er, demon's fate. A war between worlds…and it's up to me to stop it? I'd be biting off more than I can chew.")

Wright looked into Laharl's eyes. They were cold, cruel, calculating… Wright knew without a doubt that these were eyes that had seen and committed many great evils.

("These people…these demons attacked me, abducted me… I owe them nothing…but can I really turn my back on this boy?") Wright reached into his pocket. ("Only one way to find out…")

Wright dug around in the pocket of his jacket. Much to his relief, he felt the presence of a familiar object. A bead-like thing, shaped vaguely like a 9…the Magatama. The Magatama was a magical charm given to Wright by Maya and Pearl. When he held it, he could see whether or not someone had secrets locked away inside their minds and souls.

"Well, Phoenix?" Laharl asked in a demanding tone, "Are you going to be my lawyer or not?"

Clutching the Magatama in his hand, Wright said, "Just answer this question; Are you responsible for the death of angel ambassador Tramus in any way?"

Once again, Laharl's eyes went red and his antenna stood up. "You idiot! I just told I didn't!"

"So, you didn't kill him?" Wright asked, and then remembered another case. "Or had someone else kill him?"


Whenever someone lied, the Magatama would show their hidden truths by giving its holder visions of chains and locks, the number depending on how many secrets they had, and how heavily they guarded them.

Not a single one appeared on Laharl.

("Looks like he's telling the truth.") Wright decided, and put the Magatama away. "Sorry about that. I like to double-check my facts."


Wright took a deep breath. "Since I'm stuck here anyway, I might as well do some good. I'll defend you in court."

Laharl smirked. "Good decision."

The young overlord stuck his hand out through the bars of his cell. Wright took it, and the two of them shook hands.

Episode 1


(A/N: To LordIban, I'm sorry if you feel I'm plagerizing your work. I'll be taking my story in different direction than you probably will in yours. I hope. Though there'll be some similarities at first, it should be different, I swear!)

(Also, the name of the murder victim…it's based off of tiramisu, the Italian pastry. I chose the name because in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, all of the good angels have names of similar origin. Lamington is a type of sponge cake, and Flonne is, well, flan!)

Etna: The evil alliance of Overlord Laharl, and Devil Attorney Phoenix Wright has been born!

Wright: Evil alliance? Devil attorney? The heck?

Etna: With his new connections, Wright entraps millions with insidious fine print, wringing money from the Netherworld with his outrageous legal fees!

Wright: I'm not that kind of lawyer! And my fees are perfectly acceptable!

Etna: But, out from the darkness, a hero emerges! It's Etna, the Lawyer-Slayer!

Wright: Slayer? Lawyers aren't vampires!

Etna: Can she break Wright's hold over the Netherworld? Find out next time on Sexy Demon Justice! Final episode, 'The Devil in the Details'!

Wright: Remind me to miss that show…