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"Well, things have calmed down here in the Netherworld," Etna said, "I've got my hands full keeping the Prinnies in line, but don't worry. There's also something I can have them do."

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"The hotel was closed down, but I don't mind," Flonne said, "I was done with that place anyway. Speaking of being done, I wonder if the paperwork for my re-admittance to the Celestial Host was cleared…"

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"I sent Maderas to Celestia to answer for his crime," Laharl said, and snickered. "You should have seen the look on his face! Wait'll the angels get a hold of him!"

Phoenix Wright is voiced by: Ben Judd

"Because we lost our passports, we cannot go back to Evil Academy, ese." Chewie said.

"This is bad. How can we truly skip class if we don't have the choice to do so, homes?" Cholo asked.

"Maybe we could mail ourselves home, weddo." Churro suggested.

Laharl voiced by: Barbara Goodson

Marjoly looked livid. "Because my suspect wasn't convicted, I lost my badge at the Twilight Peace Corps.! No, it had nothing to do with that angel I allegedly assaulted. Damn it! Now how will I meet one of those hunky prosecutors?"

Etna voiced by: Michelle Ruff

"I lost my job when they closed down the hotel…" Maggey sighed, "It turns out the manager had committed murder… But I'm not going to let that get me down! This time it wasn't my fault I got fired! Surely, but steadily, I'm going from a mistress of misfortune to just an unlucky person! Just watch!"

Flonne voiced by: Sandy Fox

"You're doing quite well, Phoenix," Mia said, "But could you keep what you learned here in Celestia and the Netherworld a secret? People aren't supposed to know exactly what happens to them when they die."

Prinnies voiced by: Grant George

"I think Lord Tramus' spirit can rest easy, now that his killer has been found," Main Hero B said, "But the pain of his passing is still with us…ahhh…"

Seraph Lamington voiced by: Jamieson Price

"Mr. Wright, I think we should keep our little adventure a secret," the Judge said, "When I told my brother, he almost had me put in a rest home!"

All other voices done by: Someone else

"I didn't think it was possible," A Prinny grumbled in von Karma's voice, "But the workload is worse than ever! Just yesterday that brat Etna sent us looking for her panties. Who sends an army to find underwear!"

Inspired by Devil's Attorney by LordIban, now playing on Youtube!

"Things don't always go the way you expect them to," Lamington said, "But no matter what, you must not lose hope. Faith is a precious thing…"

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"Those stupid Vato Bros…" Asagi hissed, fuming. "If they had taken Wright out like I told them too, I would've been able to swoop in and become the main character!"

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