The lights came up in a bottomless well. Geoff appeared, plummeting down into the aforementioned hole. But he seemed calm about it...

"Are these settings okay? Yes? No? Watch cat video?"

(Why would you even...)

YouTube video of one cat closing the lid of a box a second cat was in and trapping him in said box by sitting on the top of it played on the screen.


-[Insert theme song here!]-

Total Drama VGP
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Party game time! It's the only way to figure out whom Gwen should be with (or if she should be single)... with the help of your votes, of course! Prepare for a lot of celebration!

Disclaimer: The characters of the 'Total Drama' series belong to Fresh TV, Inc., Teletoon, and Cartoon Network, not me. All songs used are property of the respective owners and such.

Chapter Twenty-Six - Oh, Gwen... (09.05.11)

Trent, Cody, Duncan, and Gwen were standing on a large cloud high in the sky - and not falling through it, surprisingly - when suddenly Chris appeared... wearing a red koopa troopa shell.

"Well," Chris said as he smacked his lips, "it's still preferable to being dead. Speaking of which... THANKS FOR NOT CARING FOR TWELVE WEEKS!"

"Can we just get on with this?" Gwen grumbled. "If I'm gonna lose you-know-what, it has to be by six. I've got Blue Jays tickets."

All of the guys shot her looks of disbelief.

"What?" she shrugged. "Bridge won 'em in a raffle, and with Geoff having a schedule conflict, someone has to go with her."

"A-ny-way," Chris griped, "you weenies couldn't decide who gets to pork Gwen, and she did not want to pursue the 'screw you all' option."

Cody and Duncan both raised their hands...

"And, no, I will NOT clarify that statement! You draw your own conclusions!"

The two boys dropped their hands, and Chris pulled out a bunch of index cards to read from.

"So we're at Rainbow Raceway, which is made up of numerous rainbows, including two... no one cares. Let's decide turn order!"

A dice block appeared above each of the four players' heads. They each hit the blocks, even Gwen. From left-to-right, they had rolled a 4, a 7, a 5, and a 2.

"So Cody is first, Duncan is second, Trent is third, and Gwen is fourth. That will be the order of turns. Last, a present from me. 10 coins for each of you! Use them wisely, my friends! Now... go get those Gilded Chrises! Which we're using instead of Stars. Because I still have half-stake in this fanfic. Move it!"

"Alright, dudes!" Geoff exclaimed as he appeared somewhere on the game board. "I have the first Gilded Chris! Come and get it!"

The game began. Cody rolled first, getting a 4 and landing on a blue space, which he received three coins from. Duncan rolled a 7, was forced to turn right at a junction, stopping at the entrance to the rainbow-clad race track. Trent rolled a 9, as he followed and passed Duncan, and actually stopped on the track. Last was Gwen, who rolled a 5. Unlike the boys, though, she landed on a red square, which took three coins away from her.

"Yep. Someone wants to see me screwed."

"IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!" yelled Duncan off-screen.

(1 vs 3 Game!
Hide and Go BOOM!)

The boys appeared on a castle wall. Four cannons, each with a fuse coming out of it, were positioned on the edge, pointing outwards. Gwen was standing with an unlit torch at the start of the fuses, and with her were Beth, Justin, and LeShawna - each with a lit torch.

"I don't like where this is going..." gulped Cody.

Gwen and the Torch trio, turned around, and the boys had five seconds to pick a cannon and get in it. Once they were hidden, LeShawna explained the rules.

"Alright, girl! Four cannons, three torches to lit the fuses! Blast the boys away before you run out of fuses, and you win!"

Gwen smirked. "Time for some payback!"


Beth passed her torch to Gwen. She then lit cannon number 2. The fuse burned to its end, and... the cannon sputtered. Nothing.


Justin stepped up to hand his torch to Gwen. This time, she picked cannon number 4. She lit it, and...


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" screamed Cody and Duncan as they went flying off into the distance.

"Yes," Gwen pumped her fist exuberantly. "Just need to find Trent."

LeShawna had the last torch. Two cannons left. 1 and 3. 50-50 chance. Gwen took the torch, and lit the fuse for number 1...


"NOOOOOOOOO!" Trent yelled as he blasted off.

Gwen wins!)

[Standings: Gwen 0 GC, 17 C - Trent/Cody/Duncan 0 GC, 13 C]

Before the next turn could start, the junction walls on the board flipped, closing one pathway while allowing access to the other.

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody rolled a 10, made a left at the junction, and stopped short of a bridge going over the rainbow track. Duncan also got a 10. He walked onto the track, all the way to the end of the path, and then off of it, and into the cloud-laden infield. Trent rolled a 2, but that was not enough to get him off the track. Gwen got a measly one and moved up to the junction point.

(4-Player Game!
Bumper Balls)

This game was simple. All four players rode their own individual balls on a circular platform. The objective was to knock everyone else off and into the water in 60 seconds.


The four started rolling around. Each time two balls collided, they would bounce backwards a little bit. It did not take long for Cody to screw up and get cornered. Gwen tried to avoid him, but she got bumped by Duncan, and in turn, was bounced into Cody, who went over. As Cody was taken away by a Blooper, Duncan continued to hound Gwen, and eventually, he bounced her into the drink. That left it down to Duncan and Trent. Duncan rolled up some speed before taking on Trent. With all of the momentum, Trent quickly ran out of room on the platform, and eventually he too was bumped into the water.

Duncan wins!)

[Standings: Duncan 0 GC, 26 C - Gwen 0 GC, 20 C - Trent/Cody 0 GC, 16 C]

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody rolled a 1, which put him on the overlook bridge. Duncan got an 8, crossed the first bridge over the second portion of track, and stopped on an exclamation point, which meant...


Three spinning blocks appeared above Duncan's head. The outer ones had the head silhouettes of the four players, while the middle one was the 'exchange' block, which would decide what got traded. He hit them in order, from left to right, got himself, 10 coins to the right, and Gwen. Chris came out to announce the results.

"It's been decided! Duncan will give 10 coins to Gwen!"

The exchange occurred. Gwen raised her arms in triumph, while Duncan cursed under his breath.

Trent rolled a 3 on his turn; Gwen got an 8. As a result, they ended up landing on the same space.

"Hey..." Trent scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Hey..." Gwen did the same in return.

(4-Player Game!
Cheep Cheep Chase)

Another simple game. The four were swimming in a sewer, being chased by a large Cheep Cheep, being played by Owen. The goal, to reach the finish line first or avoid being eaten longer than the other players.


The swim began! Unfortunately, Cody was not paying attention and he got eaten by Owen almost immediately. The remaining trio kept going. They dived under one set of mines designed to slow them down, then another, then another. But Owen was increasing in size and swimming a tad faster every time something went in his mouth. Duncan ended up hitting a mine and fell dangerously close to being swallowed, but he kept going.

Eventually, Gwen reached the end first, and stepped onto land. As 'punishment' for losing, Owen ate Trent and Duncan.

Gwen wins!)

[Standings: Gwen 0 GC, 43 C - Trent/Cody/Duncan 0 GC, 19 C]

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody moved 3. Duncan rolled a 4, but stopped short when he ran into Heather...

"I can steal stuff for you!" Heather told Duncan. "What will it be? Steal coins for free? Steal a Gilded Chris for 50 coins? Or do nothing?"

"Steal coins!" Duncan smirked.

"And from whom? Cody, Trent, or Gwen?"


"Alright! Be right back!"

A few seconds after pilfering from Gwen, Heather returned and gave her haul to Duncan... four coins.

Duncan resumed moving, and was right at the gate leading to the second portion of track... on which the star was located. Trent and Gwen did their rolls, nothing special... mini-game time!

(4-Player Game!
Note to Self)

Three balls, each with a musical note on it, were bouncing around an enclosed brick room with the four players. 30-second time limit, player who hits the most note balls wins.


30 seconds later, the person with the highest score was...

Cody wins!)

[Standings: Gwen 0 GC, 42 C - Cody 0 GC, 32 C - Duncan 0 GC, 26 C - Trent 0 GC, 22 C]

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody rolled a 2 and landed on a red space. Duncan rolled a 3 and landed on a green space with a '?' on it. Suddenly, the sounds of go-karts could be heard. Duncan then freaked out when Izzy appeared, driving towards him. He was forced to run for his life as Izzy chased him. He managed to avoid getting ran over, but he could not get off the track until he was on the other side... behind the other players on the board.

"That bitch is crazy!" remarked Duncan.

Trent rolled a 5 and ended up on a bridge. Gwen got a 9 and passed him, turned at the junction, and stopped on another bridge... and on a red space. A random draw assigned Duncan red, so...

(1 vs 3 Game!
Look Away)

Music played in the background. For the person on the one-side, he had to turn his head to look in one of five directions - up, down, left, right, or straight ahead - and when the music stopped, any of the trio looking the same way as him was out. Trent had five turns to knock the other team.


In round one, Trent glanced left, but did not get anybody. The same in round two. In round three, he looked up - as did Duncan and Gwen, knocking both of them out. Trent just had to get Cody, but failed in each of the last two rounds, the last ending with Trent looking down and Cody straight ahead.

Cody, Duncan, Gwen win!)

[Standings: Gwen 0 GC, 49 C - Cody 0 GC, 39 C - Duncan 0 GC, 36 C - Trent 0 GC, 25 C]

(And now, another thrilling installment of...
Intermission with Izzy!
Sitting in for Izzy this week... Chris?)

"No need for Intermission with Izzy!" Chris exclaimed. "We're down to the last five turns! I wonder what the standings are now!"

The standings were shown on screen.

"Who will win? Hmmm... my prediction is that CODY will win! Also, from now until the end of the game, both blue spaces and red spaces will be worth twice as much! This is the homestretch, people! Who will get in Gwen's pants... or can she keep them on? Go, people, GO!"

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody, Duncan, and Trent all took their turns, rolling a 9, a 10, and an 8, respectively. Trent's roll took him by Heather...

"I can steal stuff for you!" Heather told Trent.

Trent decided to have Heather take coins from Duncan. She came back with seven coins, to Trent's delight.

"Gimme something good..." Gwen said aloud.

She rolled a 2, and landed on a space with Alejandro's face on it. Cue evil cackling...

"Oh, Gwen... it's time to play a game!"

Gwen gulped as she approached Alejandro and a roulette appeared. It stopped on 'Coins for Alejandro.'

"Magnifico! Now, gimme your coins!"

Gwen shook her head as Alejandro took 30 coins from her.

Back on the map, the next mini-game was Gwen against the boys again.

(1 vs 3 Game!
Stage Fright)

In this game, each of the boys were on platforms that moved from side to side. They were all facing a stage, where Gwen was standing. They had an unlimited supply of rubber balls, but only 30 seconds, to hit Gwen once. Cody was closest to the stage, followed by Trent, then Duncan. Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, and Eva were all present to watch the carnage unfold.


The boys threw as many balls as they could, trying to cover as much of the stage as possible. Gwen ran back and forth, escaping with one near miss after another. But, eventually...


She got hit and was flung off the stage after one of Trent's balls hit her with just four seconds left.

Cody, Duncan, Trent win!)

[Standings: Cody 0 GC, 55 C - Trent 0 GC, 48 C - Duncan 0 GC, 45 C - Gwen 0 GC, 19 C]

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody rolled a 10. First up was going by Heather...

"I can steal..."

"Yeah, yeah..."


Heather was commanded to steal from Duncan, and she returned to Cody with eight coins in hand.

...and then it was onto the racetrack and over to Geoff...

"WOW!" he exclaimed. "I've got a Gilded Chris! Willing to trade Coins for a Gilded Chris?"


"Okay, here's your Gilded Chris!"

Cody paid 20 Coins to obtain the game's first Gilded Chris.

"Woo hoo! I'm the best!"

"Alright, dudes and dudettes, let me show where to get the next Gilded Chris!"

Geoff relocated to a new location, a few spaces past the starting line.

"Come get your Gilded Chris, right here, folks!"

...Cody finished his move, coming off the track and back into the infield, near the starting line. Duncan was next. He rolled a 6, jumping onto the track overpass and landing on a red space. Trent rolled a 4... and landed on the same '?' on the track that Duncan had earlier...


Ezekiel appeared, speeding on the track. He chased Trent off, and suddenly he was back on the other side. Meanwhile, Gwen rolled a 5.

"I feel good!" Cody said, as he winked at Gwen.

After a coin flip, Trent was assigned red, which meant...

(2 vs 2 Game!
Pyramid Scheme)

The players were split into pairs. Cody and Gwen were the red team, while Duncan and Trent were the blue. Coins were raining down from the sky, and the teams, each holding a crate together, must move around to catch as many coins as possible.


The red team was working together well, moving about and trying to take up room in the crowded chamber. The blue team managed to get some coins, but the red team cashed in by catching both of the money bags, each of which had 5 Coins in them.

When time was called, the red team had 15 coins, while the blue team had just 5.


[Standings: Cody 1 GC, 64 C - Trent 0 GC, 53 C - Gwen 0 GC, 40 C - Duncan 0 GC, 36 C]

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody rolled a 6. He ended up meeting Chris at the starting line.

"Hey!" Chris exclaimed. "For getting back to the starting line, I'm rewarding you with a 20 Coin bonus!"

Cody took the 20 coins, then completed his move. He stopped one spot short of Geoff. Duncan rolled a 5, Trent an 8, and Gwen a 7. Gwen got her bonus for completing a lap, and she stopped two spaces short of Geoff. Two turns left after the next mini-game...

(4-Player Game!
Night Light Fright)

The four players were in their respective dark alleys, with a giant Chain Chomp at the entrance, being ridden by Harold. The Chain Chomps obey Harold's command, each moving at a different speed and starting and stopping at will. The Chain Chomps must stop when a player shined his or her flashlight on it. Whomever's Chain Chomp is closest without being chomped themselves wins.


The four waited nervously as they heard their individual Chain Chomps bounce ever closer. Unable to stand the suspense, Gwen turned around to freeze hers - 6.2 yards away. A few seconds later, Cody turned, stopping his 2.4 yards out. Trent was next, but he was too late, and he got sent flying. Duncan turned at the exact same time as Trent, but his was not on him yet. Duncan stopped his 1.3 yards away.

Duncan wins!)

[Standings: Cody 1 GC, 90 C - Gwen 0 GC, 66 C - Trent 0 GC, 59 C - Duncan 0 GC, 52 C]

(The track gates have been switched!)

Cody rolled himself a 2, but he only needed a 1 to reach Geoff...

"WOW!" he exclaimed. "I've got a Gilded Chris! Willing to trade Coins for a Gilded Chris?"


"Okay, here's your Gilded Chris!"

Cody paid 20 Coins to get his second Gilded Chris.

"Woo hoo! I'm the best!"

"Alright, dudes and dudettes, let me show where to get the next Gilded Chris!"

Geoff relocated to a new location, on the other side of the board... and, luckily for Trent, two spaces in front of where he currently is.

"Come get your Gilded Chris, right here, folks!"

Cody finished out his turn. Duncan rolled a 1. Then Trent rolled a 1 and landed on a blue space with a star on it, which meant...

(1-Player Game!
Ghost Guess)

In this one-player game, Trent is surrounded by ghosts. Of Courtney, in actuality. There were eight of her, and for Trent to win, he had to locate the real Courtney ghost and punch her.


The Courtneys walked around Trent in a circle. Since the others were copies, the real one had to be whichever one moved first. Trent concentrated, then picked one and punched her.

But the one he hit did not disappear, and instead all of the Courtneys advanced on Trent, smothering him to death, so to speak.


Back to the game board for Gwen's turn. She rolled a 9 and proceed onto the track. And with that...

(4-Player Game!
No, wait...

8-Player Game!
Bob-ombic Plague)

"WHAT?" all four lead characters yelled in surprise.

Each player was randomly assigned a partner, whose identity they would know by whomever was standing directly across from them when the lights went up. At that moment, they did just that. The eight participants were standing on the petals of an eight-pronged flower, which had a five petal flower inside of it, and a circle inside that. Cody's partner was Sierra, Duncan's was Noah, Trent's was DJ, and Gwen's was Tyler.

As for the game... well, they knew what was up when a Bob-omb dropped into Cody's arms... and it was lit!


Cody threw it to his left, to Duncan. Duncan then passed it to Trent, who passed it to Gwen, and so on, around the circle. They knew it was about to detonate when it began glowing red, so panic set in. Tyler had just gotten it and was about to pass it to Cody when it exploded! The bomb not only took out Tyler, but also DJ to his right and Cody to his left!

The remaining five participants moved to the inner flower and a new Bob-omb was dropped into the play, landing in Noah's hands. Again, they passed it around, hoping not get caught with the bomb... or be next to the one with it. This time, Duncan had it in hand when it went off, taking out Noah and Trent.

The game started with two girls and it would end with two, as Gwen and Sierra were left to volley back and forth one last Bob-omb. Gwen started with it and she and Sierra tossed it back and forth. The bomb glowed red, and then...

"AAAHHHHHH!" screamed Cody as she went flying.

Cody & Sierra win!)

For winning an 8-player challenge, Cody received 20 Coins instead of the usual 10.

[Standings: Cody 2 GC, 86 C - Gwen 0 GC, 72 C - Trent 0 GC, 59 C - Duncan 0 GC, 58 C]

(The track gates have been switched!)

The final turn began with Cody rolling a 10! Duncan rolled a 4, but he stopped on a red space. Trent also got a 4, but in the process, he reached Geoff...

"WOW!" he exclaimed. "I've got a Gilded Chris! Willing to trade Coins for a Gilded Chris?"

"You bet!"

"Okay, here's your Gilded Chris!"

Trent paid 20 Coins to get his first Gilded Chris of the game.

"I'm gonna win!"

"Alright, dudes and dudettes, let me show where to get the next Gilded Chris!"

Geoff relocated to a new location, near the bridge that went over the first part of the track.

"Come get your Gilded Chris, right here, folks!"

Trent finished his last move. Gwen rolled a 5, stopping on a blue space. That meant the final mini-game was...

(1 vs 3 Game!
Shock, Drop, or Roll)

Duncan was on a platform, next to a lever that controlled a turbine on which Cody, Trent, and Gwen were standing on it. He had 30 seconds to confuse them and knock them off into the live electrical beams below.


Duncan kept moving the lever back and forth, changing the direction the turbine would spin and hoping to throw the others off balance. It worked quickly on both Cody and Gwen, who fell off and were subjected to several dozen volts of electricity. Trent tried his best, but then he realized that he was not gonna win, so he took a dive. A shocking one, in more ways than one.

Duncan wins!)

[Standings: Cody 2 GC, 92 C - Trent 1 GC, 45 C - Gwen 0 GC, 78 C - Duncan 0 GC, 62 C]

The four players were gathered back at the starting line along with Chris so they could find out the final results.

"Before we find out who wins," Chris announced, "let's award some bonus Gilded Chrises!"

"Huh?" Gwen gasped. "You never said anything about those!"

"Nobody said I had to! Anyway... first is the Game Gilded Chris, which is given to the player who earned the most Coins in Mini-Games. The Game Gilded Chris Award goes to... Cody!"

Cody stepped forward to receive his bonus award.

"Next is the Coin Gilded Chris Award. This award goes to the player who collected the most Coins throughout the game. The Coin Gilded Chris Award goes to... Cody!"

Cody stepped forward to receive another bonus award.

"Last is the Happening Gilded Chris. This award goes to the player who landed on the most '?' spaces. Oh! This time, we have two Happening Gilded Chrises. Duncan and Trent!"

They each stepped forward to receive their bonus award. Once they stepped back, a drum roll began to ring out in the background.

"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Our winner is..."

Bridgette walked in with a crown in hand. Whomever she put it on was the winner. And the lucky person was...


Cody danced around in jubilation while Duncan kicked at air in disgust and Trent lowered his head in disappointment.

"Woo hoo! I'm the best!"

Cody's Roulette Block appeared one last time, and he jumped up to hit it. Out came a penguin suit, and he became... Penguin Cody!

"Eh," he shrugged. "I don't care! I WON!"

He then waddled over to Gwen and rubbed his head up and down her arm.

"So, Gwen... ready for an 'ice' time with the Cod-meister?"

Gwen smiled coyly, then leaned in and gave Cody a peck on the cheek.

"Wow! I guess I'll take that as a yes!"

The couple headed off, arm in arm, to spend some time alone together.

"Hope you're ready for a wild time tonight!"

"You know it! Just let me pull out my..."

"You actually carry one WITH you?"

"Even playas have to be safe, if you catch my drift!"

"AND..." Chris cut in, "THAT'S all the time we have! Cody wins some time with his dream girl, and this fic is OVER! McLean... OUT!"

The End

Author's Notes:
And there you go! By your votes, Cody wins! Let's hope they have a romantic time together.

For those curious, the voting results were: Cody 54%, Trent 36%, Gwen should stay single 9%, Duncan 0% (rounded figures, so they don't add up to 100% perfectly). Not satisfied with the ending? Well, I wrote an outcome for each possible voting occurrence. In other words, there are three alternate endings! Wanna see 'em? Go to my website, Freedom Fighter's Library, tomorrow night to see them all!

One last note... I'd like to encourage you to fill out the survey that's linked on my profile page. I want to get a pulse on what you guys liked in this and other fanfics I've released this year so far. Please take the time to fill it out!

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- Freedom Fighter