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Author's note: The basic idea of this is a light-hearted rewrite of 'Kreacher's Tale' with all the characters as secret agents. If anyone has read my Wolf's Rain Fanfic, SpyWolves, this story is based on the same idea, making the characters secret agents. However, the similarities end there. So if you're looking for a crackfic, sorry. Not to say this isn't funny (at least, I hope it's funny). It's just a bit more serious and actually makes sense. Also, this is set in a world without magic, but with really fancy technology. And, oh! This is important! Dr. Riddle is Voldemort, however, he was defeated for good when Harry was a baby. The Tom Riddle mentioned is his son, who's kind of the equivalent of the diary horcrux.

Seventeen year old Harry Potter, aka Junior Agent Lightning, motioned to his friends that the way was clear. Hermione Granger, Junior Agent Otter, and Ron Weasley, Junior Agent Keeper, followed him down the silent hallway.

As Junior Agents, they technically weren't allowed to leave headquarters without at least one full-fledged Agent with them, but this wasn't the first time they'd snuck out. The trio firmly believed that doing the right thing was more important than obeying orders. Luckily for them, Commander Lemon Drop, the head of the Order of the Phoenix, agreed with them. Otherwise, they would have been thrown out of the Order ages ago. Even so, they had debated quite a bit about this trip they were planning. Their last few escapades had been to help society and the greater good. They had infiltrated the lair of the mad scientist Quirrel and turned his own creations against him, preventing him from carrying out his plan to implant mind control devices in the entire population of England; they had rescued Ron's sister, Ginny aka Junior Agent Scarlet, from the clutches of Tom Riddle, the maddened son of the evil Dr. Riddle, the man who had been defeated years ago when he tried to kill Harry and his family; they had rescued Agent Mooney, Remus Lupin, when he was kidnapped and used as a test subject for a group of villains intent on creating a race of human-wolf hybrids; they had prevented Professor Umbridge from brainwashing students across the country. But those tasks had been different. They had been serving the greater good. They had known that they were the only ones who could get the job done. After all, Harry had a special talent that allowed him to alter his DNA structure, allowing him to get past security systems easily, and Hermione had a miniature computer implanted directly in her brain. Compared to them, Ron was pretty normal, but he was loyal and strong, and always there to support them. They were already one of the best teams in the Order, and they weren't even full-fledged agents yet.

This time, the job wasn't as vital as any of the others. In fact, they were taking up a mission that Headquarters had given up on. The chances of success were small, the effects of success would help few people, and the trio's skills would not be much help. Furthermore, they would be full-fledged Agents in less than a year. All they had to do was pass the final test, which had been hinted at as some sort of simulated mission. Now was not a good time to sneak off. They didn't want to risk being expelled from the Order. But they were going to do it anyway. They had to. Harry remembered the fateful conversation they had overheard a week ago. He knew that, even if Ron and Hermione had chosen not to go, he would have gone. He remembered vividly the day they had heard about this mission.

"I'm sorry, Sirius," Remus Lupin said with a sigh. "You know we don't have any agents to spare. It's been fifteen years. If we were going to find him, we would have found him ages ago. Anyway, we've kept this mission open for far longer than protocol allows. The maximum amount of time devoted to a missing person case is five years, and only then for extremely high-ranking agents or children. We're going to have to declare this case closed and report him as 'missing, presumed dead.' I know how hard this is for you, but you're going to have to accept it. He's gone, Sirius."

"I know," Sirius, aka Agent Padfoot, admitted, running a hand nervously through his black hair. "But there's some part of me that just can't accept it. I keep thinking that, if we just look a little harder, a little longer, we'll find him."

"I wish the world worked that way," Remus replied. "But you're going to have to let go."

"Fine," Sirius decided. "Do it."

"I already did," Remus told him.

"So I didn't have a choice," Sirius realized.

"If you hadn't agreed, I wouldn't have told you," Remus said. "You could have continued your life thinking we were still searching."

He held out a folder towards Sirius.

"This is his file," he explained. "I figured you'd want it."

Sirius shook his head and set it down on the table.

"I have my memories," he told Remus. "I don't want to see him reduced to statistics."

"I understand," Remus said. "I'm sorry."

Sirius smiled half-heartedly at his friend and walked out of the library. Remus left a few minutes later, leaving the file resting on the table, perhaps assuming Sirius would return for it.

Moments later, Harry, Ron, and Hermione snuck out of their hiding place behind the bookshelves.

"What was that about?" Ron asked.

"I don't know," Harry replied.

"Agent Basilisk," Hermione read the name on the folder.

"Who was that?" Ron wondered.

Hermione opened the folder.

"Regulus Black, Sirius' brother," she told them. "He's been missing for fifteen years. He disappeared during 'Operation Guardian,' a plan to infiltrate Dr. Riddle's headquarters."

"I thought Agent Grease was sent into Dr. Riddle's hideout," Ron recalled.

"He was sent in there to spy," Hermione explained. "Regulus was sent in there to find out about something called 'Project Locket.'"

Harry had been very quiet as Ron and Hermione discussed things.

"We should do it," he said.

Both of them turned to stare.

"What?" Hermione asked.

"We should go find Regulus," Harry declared.

"Are you mad?" Ron asked. "He's been missing for years. And nobody's been able to find him. What makes you think we have a chance?"

"Nothing," Harry admitted. "But Sirius is my godfather, he's always done everything he could for me. I want to help him. I mean, you saw how distressed he is."

"What if Regulus is dead?" Hermione asked. "You have to admit it's a likely possibility."

"We have to try," Harry insisted.

"12 Grimmauld Place," Hermione said.

"What?" asked Ron.

"That was where he lived," she explained. "We should start searching there."

Harry smiled.

"Thanks, Hermione."

"Harry!" Hermione hissed. "Stop daydreaming! We need to go!"


Avoiding several security cameras, whose layout he knew like the back of his hand, Harry continued to make his way out of headquarters. Ron and Hermione were close behind. Suddenly, he stopped.

"What are you doing?" Ron asked in a whisper.

Harry pressed one finger to his lips and pointed the other down the hall.

Severus Snape, or Agent Grease, was patrolling the corridor, blocking their path outside.

"What do we do?" Hermione asked.

Harry thought about it for a moment.

"Hermione, locations of nearby DNA sensors?" he asked.

"Three in this hallway, two in the one Snape's in, and four in the one we just came through," she told him, closing her eyes to access the computer imbedded in her brain.

"Where are the one in the corridor Snape's in?" Harry asked.

"One right next to where he's standing, one down the hall, past this hallway," Hermione said.

"Can you give Ron the coordinates to the one down the hall?" Harry requested.

Hermione nodded.

"Sending coordinates," she whispered.

The small computer strapped to Ron's wrist flipped open and a dialog box popped up.

'Message received from Agent Otter'

"What do I do with it?" Ron asked.

"Program one of your nanobots with instructions to fly to those coordinates and drop the container I'm about to give you."

Ron nodded.

"I did it," he said.

Harry handed Ron a miniscule container. Ron handed the container to a robot no larger than an insect and it flew off. Seconds later, an alarm sounded and Snape ran passed them towards the sensor. While he was distracted, the three junior agents rushed past him and out the door to the outside world.

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