I got the idea for this from my fic entitled "One" a few years ago, that flopped so I didn't continue it. I'm approaching it verrrry differently and am starting in the middle of the problem, rather than at the very beginning, you could say. I've got a couple more chapters penned on this but if the reception is bad I'll either post the remaining chapters and leave it hanging...or just convert this to a one-shot. Hope you all enjoy! It's kind of trippy...lol

Her heels clacked against the tiled floor as she made her way through the arena. She sighed softly, reaching up to push back her long, curled hair. Why did her life have to be so damn boring? If she was able to live with even the slightest bit of excitement, maybe this wouldn't be necessary.

"But noooo," she droned to herself out loud. Daddy's little princess just had to live up to her family's expectations for conservatism, chastity and silence.

No more.

That's what she had decided. She'd had quite enough of this crap and would be damned if she lived like this another day.

Where had it gotten her anyway? Knocked down and stepped on, that's what. She'd been all but auctioned off to the highest bidder in one of her father's business dealings during her childhood. As an adult, she'd been mostly banished to the corporate office where no one could see or hear her. Once her father was ready to allow her to join the rest of her family on their tour of the world, she'd been used strategically, in the games of chess her father played with his roster.

The WWF wasn't like any company she had ever known of. You couldn't just run around beating up and disrespecting your employees without being sued. Likewise, your employees couldn't do that to you, without administrative action taking place at the very least.

No, her father couldn't just fire unruly employees and go on with life. He had to scheme, plot and manipulate to get even. And he was willing to do so, using his own daughter, if he deemed it necessary. To make matters worse, she was never apprised of the plan. She was just as blindsided as everyone else. And emotionally hurt, on top of it.

And how did the Perfect Princess respond to such harsh, uncaring treatment? What was the best way she sought revenge? Defying her family's snobby orders by dating Andrew "Test" Martin.

Whoop de doo. The man wasn't exactly the most badass in the business. Everything about him was mediocre except his height and weight. Other than that he had average wrestling talent, intelligence, personality and looks.

But he did have guts. Because he was using her to climb the corporate ladder, one could say. She'd overheard a conversation that clearly indicated that. It wasn't a horrible idea on his part. But he never should've pretended to actually be in love with her.

She'd had enough of the deceit and unsuccessful revenge plots and decided she could do much better than this in terms of rebellion.

Her tall, toned, petite frame rounded the corner and she stopped outside the door. She laughed ruefully; she was actually nervous. That was something that rarely happened, if ever. She raised her slender hand and knocked.

"Come in," the low, gravelly, masculine voice invited.

Her tongue inched out to lick her lips and she found her confidence. She turned the knob and pushed open the door, biting her lip at the sight in front of her.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley stood a short distance from her, his amazing body clad in just a towel. She tilted her head and watched the beads of water as they dripped from his hair, leaving a trail down his neck, shoulders, chest and abs before disappearing into the thick, white cloth.

"Well, well, well," he said, thoroughly entertained. "To what do I owe this visit, Miss Stephanie McMahon?"

"I have a proposition for you," she said, with a devilish grin.

Her life was about to change. She'd make damn sure of that.