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Dr. Allison Kincaid is not a complete stranger to the stubborn behavior she's receiving from Dr. Yablonski's daughter. She's experienced this situation with the patients she's spoken to regarding eating disorders and self-harm during her residency. But there's something unique about Courtney's case because underneath the stubborn wall she seems so intent on hiding behind, it is clear that the seventeen-year-old is determined to get better. The girl realizes something is wrong and it's only the first session.

"So I hear I'm your first patient since you completed your residency," Courtney says to begin the meeting with the psychiatrist. She's trying as best as she can to keep the topics of her eating disorder and her self-injury as far away from the discussion as possible, though she knows they well eventually surface in the conversation. They are, after all, what the session is all about.

"How'd you hear that?" Dr. Kincaid questions, unable to prevent herself from asking even though she knows it's not very professional. She realizes that she's been given the task of treating Dr. Andrew Yablonski's daughter and if she fails in the slightest bit in leading Courtney to a successful recovery, she won't be considered a friend to any members of the staff at Three Rivers.

"My dad's actually a surgeon here. Maybe you've met him?" Courtney rolls her eyes after her sarcastic comment, knowing full well the psychiatrist has met her father. Her dad was the one who asked Dr. Kincaid to treat her. "Well, because of him, I have some friends who are in high standing at this hospital. You know, like David, Miranda, and Pam. I guess you can say Ryan, too. Whatever. That's not really what I'm getting at. Anyway, those friends are keeping me updated on everything that's going on here."

Allison simply sighs, thinking that she probably should have realized Courtney would know all the details of the workings of Three Rivers. "Then you know what I'm here to discuss with you."

Courtney nods seriously from her bed in the hospital room she has called home for the past two days. "Yes. We're going to be talking about why I'm crazy and what I should do instead of cutting and starving."

"'Crazy' is not the term that is applied to this situation," Dr. Kincaid states, attempting to move the girl's mind from the thoughts that were telling her that she was crazy for being depressed.

"Oh, really? So are you telling me that 'sane' is a more appropriate term?" Courtney rolls her eyes and it's clear that she's starting to get upset.

"You've been going through some tough situations-" Allison is cut off before she gets the chance to continue.

"'Tough situations'?" Courtney quotes, her anger now completely showing. She then repeats, "'Tough situations'? No kidding! I don't need you to tell me I've been going through tough situations! I know all too well! Why do you think I'm here?" Courtney looks up at the IV from which she's receiving the nurtirents she's been lacking for months and then turns her stare to her wrists. The crimson red marks on her right wrist are slowly starting to heal and even though her left wrist is bandaged, Courtney's completely aware of the cuts that are present there, too.

She realizes how childish her outburst must have sounded. Holding back the tears in her eyes that are threatening to fall, Courtney looks up at the psychiatrist. "Help me."

Feeling extreme empathy for the girl in front of her, Dr. Allison Kincaid nods, determined to do just that.

Rena sits at Andy's desk as she waits for her daughter's first therapy session to end. She's taken the next few days off of work since Andy told her they would be the most difficult for Courtney as she would be introduced to sessions with a psychatrist and would go without any means of self harm. Rena decided she needed to be there for her daughter so she's spending her days at the hospital, only leaving periodically.

Andy walks into his office to find Rena. Courtney's therapy session is about to end and he knows she wants to get to their daughter's room immediately.

"Your office is such a mess," Rena mutters because it's what she always says. She's not really concentrating on anything as all her thoughts lead to her daughter.

"Courtney's session is almost over," Andy says as he walks over to Rena.

She turns to look up at him from where she's seated behind his desk. "I must have lost track of time."

"There's just a few more minutes," Andy explains, shrugging. "Do you want to head over now?"

Nodding, Rena rises to her feet. "Yes." She's been anxiously waiting for this, even as soon as Courtney's session began.

They waste no time in making their way to the hospital's adolescent wing. They're silent on the way there; no words are needed as their thoughts are the same. They've always been in sync that way.

Just as they reach the correct hallway, the door to Courtney's room opens and Dr. Kincaid steps out. She takes a few steps to reach Courtney's parents.

"How is she doing?" Rena immediately questions as she grasps Andy's hand. It's not something she's done for a while but the feeling is natural.

"Your daughter is making steady progress. She's very determined," Allison comments, reflecting on the session. "She's on her way to recovery. I will meet with Courtney every other day for the next week. We'll switch to a weekly basis after that. How long would you say until she can go home, Dr. Yablonski?"

"Right now it's looking like two weeks," Andy says, stating the time frame he estimated his daughter would remain in the hospital for.

Nodding in understanding, Allison continues, "Alright. We'll start out patient sessions at that point."

"Thank you very much," Rena says, taking in the schedule the psychologist just explained.

"Yes, thank you, Dr. Kincaid," Andy echoes.

With one last smile and quick nod, Allison leaves.

Andy and Rena rush into their daughter's room to find Courtney falling asleep. The girl looks up at them with tired eyes.

"Go to sleep, sweetheart," Rena says quietly as she gently strokes Courtney's hair.

Courtney wastes no time in listening to her mother and closes her eyes.

Courtney smiles when she sees Tyler in the doorway of her hospital room. She immediately waves him in and he walks over to the chair beside the bed.

"I'm getting out of here tomorrow," Courtney says with a grin on her face. After just over two weeks in the hospital, she would finally be able to go home the next day.

"That's great," Tyler replies with a smile to match. Then he prepares himself to ask the question he's been waiting to ask her. "Uh...Courtney?"


He pauses a moment before continuing. "So, you know..."

"What do I know?"

"Well, you know, prom is coming up soon. I was wondering if maybe you...Do you want to go with me?" The question comes out in somewhat of a rush, but Courtney understands it just fine.

"Prom?" she echoes in question form. "Really?"

Tyler nods, fearing rejection. He should have never asked. He was so stupid. He should have known. He-


He's glad he asked. He's not stupid. He notices how Courtney's simple answer turned his thoughts around.

When Dr. Kincaid steps in the doorway of Courtney Yablonski's room, it's not the first time she's seen the boy in front of her. She saw him once a few days ago when he had been exiting the room.

"Boyfriend?" Allison wonders once the kid is out of earshot as she sits beside Courtney.

Courtney shrugs. "Prom date."

"He's cute," Allison points out.

Courtney simply blushes, her cheeks turning slightly red. Yeah, she's noticed that. Countless times, actually.

"So it's our last session before you leave the hospital," Dr. Kincaid begins as she opens the file folder on the table next to her.

The session continues as usual, but Courtney's having a hard time concentrating. Her mind is focused on going to the prom with Tyler.

Her dress is black, of course. The strapless column gown is very elegant and simple, ruched and completed with strappy black heels.

"You look beautiful," Rena says as she fixes a lock of her daughter's thickly curled hair. "Don't you think so, Brooke?"

Courtney's little sister nods, smiling up at her. "Yeah!"

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway makes Courtney's stomach do a flip-flop. "He's here." She goes to the door to let him in.

"Be nice," Rena quietly warns her husband as she places a hand on their son's shoulder.

"I always am," Andy replies, never taking his eyes off the sight of Courtney and Tyler walking into the room together.

After a little small talk and Andy's instruction to "have her home as early as possible" with an implied "or else," the two teenagers leave to go to their school's prom.

"Will I go to prom someday?" Brooke asked, looking up at her parents.

"Someday," Rena answered while at the same time Andy said, "No."

"Why not?" Brooke's hopeful face dropped and a frown replaced it.

"I can't have another one of my girls go to prom, Brookie," Andy explains, lifting his youngest daughter off of the ground.

"Well it's many years away, thankfully," Rena comments. "Come on, everyone. Let's go. We can't stand here all night."

Will follows her into the living room, Andy close behind with Brooke in his arms.

Later, when Brooke falls asleep between her parents during the movie they had been watching and Will's eyes are threatening to close, Rena whispers to Andy, "She's come such a long way."

Andy nods in agreement with his wife. "We all have."