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Arya Trafton, or Addie, that "crazy" 10-year old girl was walking down the street.
With her blondish brown hair with pink streaks tied in pigtails, not to forget her massive pink bows, moving from side to side due her "slight" movements.

She enjoyed jumping while walking, thing that her companion didn´t.

-Please, Arya, stop it- Xiaomon said

Her hazel colored eyes wandered at him.

-What is it? - Arya asked cheerily

-I can´t believe it…- Xiaomon said while growling

-You´re a really strange puppy, you know?-

-That´s the problem, I´m not a puppy! - Xiaomon said bewildered

-Oh come on! Will you begin again with that Brandon?-

Her swarm of freckles above her nose noticed more due to her anger.

-I´m not Brandon! I am Xiamon, Xi-a-o-mon, Okay?-

-Whatever Brandon-

Brandon couldn´t believe his luck, he ended with a partner who thought he was a dog.

He examined his companion.

She was chubby, 4 feet 8 inches tall and with tanned skin.
Her usual pink top bejeweled with assorted plastic jewels that combined with her jean skirt.

Those strange looking sandals covered in duct tape he never dared to ask why.
-How much time do we have?- Xiaomon asked

Arya took out her pink digivice.

-This clock is also rare, it doesn´t give the time! Anyway, not much; we got to see my family soon, not to say they probably will be waiting for us-

Xiaomon nodded, and spent the rest of the time thinking how she had the freedom to go and return from school freely.

"Maybe because she has four younger siblings" Xiaomon thought

Being the third one wasn´t easy.

With a sassy older sister, and two older brothers, not forgetting other three younger brothers and one younger sister, she didn´t have an easy life.

"Even though, she has a happy life" Xiaomon thought while smiling.-You´re like Winn-Dixie- Arya said while humming a song.

-Yes, Winn-Dixie, and I´m India Opal Buloni, it´s my favorite movie silly-

-I get the name, but not the meaning-

- She meets the dog in the supermarket and claims it´s hers to save it from going to the pound and names it Winn-Dixie. In short words, she meets the dog and he transforms her life, he is her joy and happiness, like you´re mine- Arya said

Xiaomon almost cried in that moment.

He was about to say something before she interrupted him.

-But even though, you are really strange Brandon, you don´t even have "that"-

Xiaomon didn´t bothered in correcting her.


Yeah, the thing boys have. My teacher gave us that strange lesson of the human body-

Xiaomon couldn´t help but blush.

-I almost forgot! The most important thing is that he smiles. And we all know, dogs don´t smile-

He loved his partner.

-We´re almost there- Arya said while leaving Xiaomon on the ground

-Hey!- Xiaomon protested

-What about a race Brandon?-

Again, Arya interrupted him by running away before he could blink.

Xiaomon began running after her, but just when he began running he saw Arya being surrounded by a data stream; and in seconds, he was too.

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