Ok so I know some of you want to torture me in the worst possible way because of the cliff hanger and all…but please don't. I like living for the most part. But here is the next chapter. I have kind of an idea as to where I am now with how this will end it is a matter of how to get from point a to point b. So thank you for all the reviews and now on with the chapter!

My Fiancée is my Babysitter?

Bella POV-

When I drove out of sight I debated what I should do. I couldn't go back to their house…but yet I couldn't bear to go home just yet. So taking the damn pendent off I just went for a ride to kill sometime; I had planned to call off the engagement. I had considered leaving his mother's ring and a note on my dresser and then leaving Charlie a note saying I was running back to Phoenix or Jacksonville, but I realized that I couldn't as I crossed into La Push territory. I couldn't bear to part with it any more than he could leave me again. I pulled into Billy's driveway and killed the engine. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and looked at the ID: Edward. I shook my head as I just continued to let it ring and chucked it in the glove compartment.

I did not want to talk to any of them at the moment Edward included. I laid my head on the steering wheel as I heard a tap on the window. Sighing I saw that it was Billy.

"Hey Bells," he said as I opened the door and he backed away so I could climb out.

I gave a small smile and climbed out, "Hey Billy. Just wanted to give this back to you." I said handing him the blessed pendant.

Taking it he smiled and I could feel a pang of guilt as I just realized where Jake had gotten his smile from and realized I missed my best friend terribly now more than ever. He looked at me again and immediately his small smile fell and his facial expressing gave way to concern, "Bella what is wrong?"

"Long story." I sighed sadly.

"Well come on in and tell me all about it." He said as I pushed the wheel chair and began telling him the story of the weekend from hell.

Rose POV-

This is not good…so not good at all. Along the way Edward and Alice told us about the vision. Once we got to Bella's house, in a fit of panic Edward raced to the window and started to frantically search for the ring and his note. I went downstairs with Emmett and saw that there was no note to Charlie like what Alice described.

"Think she tricked us or something? Like revenge for what we did?" Emmett asked me as we continued to search downstairs.

I was looking through the basket that held different paperwork and bills. They had all of Bella's hand writing and dates that they were to go out, but nothing with Charlie's name or any sign of her leaving, "As much as I am pissed at how she treated us and what not, I do not think she would trick us. It is not her style and did you see the way she looked at us? No this is not a trick and honestly-"

"Do not say that my vision is flawed." Alice said cutting me off as her, Jasper, and Edward came to join us downstairs.

"I was merely suggesting she could have had a passing thought and decided to leave him and call the engagement off and then realizing that you could have seen it put the pendent back on not realizing that you have already seen the outcome. Your visions are suggestive based on people's decisions." I stated as a point of fact.

Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, "Hey how did you get that back?" Jasper yelled out. We all gave him a look as we realized the same thing.

"It is called always keeping a backup in case of emergencies like this." He stated and punched in Bella's number.

We sat quietly as the phone kept ringing. Finally after the fifth ring we heard her voice, "Hey this is Bella-" "Bella! Love!" Edward yelled but then cursed as we heard, "I cannot come to the phone right now. Leave a message."

Walking away Edward spoke to the voicemail as Jasper said, "What if she made the decision and not come home at all? Just call Charlie and telling him that she wasn't coming home for a bit?"

"And actually leave Edward? No I don't think so." Alice stated.

"But she honestly looked heartbroken though." Emmett said.

"And how would you expect her to feel?" Edward asked rejoining us siting on the chair, "What we really did was despicable."

We did not speak for a minute. I sighed and turned to Alice, "Do you see her at all?"

"No. Not even when we go back to school. It is like she hasn't made any more decisions yet." Alice said sadly.

"What about Charlie?" I asked.

She closed her eyes for a minute and said, "Yes I do see him."

"Wait does that mean that Bella doesn't come home then?" Emmett asked shocked.

"Why would you think that?" Edward asked giving him a look.

"Well think about man. When Bella was at the house Alice could not see anything. Not us nor Esme and Carlisle because of the pendent that Bella was wearing. So if Alice can see Charlie-"

"Bella is not around." Edward finished.

"Exactly." Emmett stated firmly.

Jasper whistled, "Damn we underestimate you sometimes dude."

Emmett sat back wearing a shit eating grin while Edward was rubbing his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh, "Well I guess she just wants some space for a bit. Let's go home."

"You are just going to give up?" I asked stunned.

"What more can I do Rose? She is not here and won't be here for a while and doesn't want anything to do with me at the moment…if that is her choice then I just have to respect it." He said in a defeated tone, "Besides would you want anything to do with Emmett if he did that to you like what I did to Bella?"

Touché, I thought to myself. The answer to that would be no. I would be doing what Bella was doing right now, which is avoiding all of us. Getting up we walked out the front door and ran away from her house.

"So what do we do now?" Jasper asked slowly to no one in particular.

We all sighed…we knew what to do; now the question is did we really want to go home and try to face Esme and Carlisle again?

Bella POV-

"So then you left and came here." Billy concluded for me.

"Wow that is messed up." Seth stated. He had come in to check on Billy since they had heard nothing from Jake as to when or if he was coming home and stayed to listen to my story.

"Yea, Esme and Carlisle's check would have been perfect. It would have covered the cost of the piano I wanted to get him and pay you for the bench." I said putting my head down.

Seth placed a hand on my shoulder, "But you wouldn't have had to have paid me. I would have done it for you for free."

"I would have felt bad."

"You always feel bad."


Billy sat in silence and got a small smile on his face, "I think I may have a solution to help you."

I perked up, "Really?"

"Yea. Mind you it will not be easy and is not what you are used to as far as baby sitting." Billy started to wheel to the phone.

"Whatever it is I will take it." I said. No matter how much Edward hurt me this weekend I would be damned before I gave up on getting him that damn piano.

"Well let me make a phone call quick." And with that he closed the door to his room.

Seth and I shared him a look, "What is he planning?" I asked.

"I have not a clue but tell me more about this bench."

Taking a pen and paper out of my bag I bang to sketch the design I had envisioned.

A few minutes later Billy emerged and said, "Ok so I cleared everything with your father and you can stay on La Push for as long as this takes."

"He knows about all this?" I asked amazed and wondering where this was headed.

"More or less. I just told him a little white lie about needing help and if it would be ok to call you and have you over for a bit and he said ok."

I gave him a look, "You want me to babysit you?" Seth coughed on his root beer and started to snicker.

Billy looked insulted, "Are you insinuating something missy?"

I started to stutter which caused Seth to laugh even more, "No of course not!"

"I try to give you a helping hand and you ask me a silly question like that." Billy stated now failing at looking insulted.

"I am sorry," I said now realizing that he was joking and got my revenge. I gave him my best puppy pout.

It was his turn to look concerned, "No I am sorry. I was fooling around I didn't mean to make you cry I-" I broke my puppy pout and started laughing and he gave me a look, "Ok ok you got me. Now let's be serious. Jake was supposed to help me clean out the attic and that infernal garage of his and he never did it and," then he gestured to Seth, "these dopes are always complaining that they have stuff they got to do and can't help a poor man out."

"Hey I resent that! Sam always has us on patrol!" Seth shouted then looked at the time, "Which I was supposed to start five minutes ago. I'll call you later Bells!" And he ran out before I could say bye. I turned back to Billy, "Well I suppose I can help you do that."

Billy smiled, "It is going to be a lot of work."

I smiled back, "I can handle it."

"Great we will start first thing tomorrow morning." Billy smiled, "Deal?"

"Deal." I stated and we shook hands. Still not wanting Edward to know what I was up too Billy gave me back the pendent and I drove home.

Once I got in I started to make myself some dinner and go up to my room, sighing I re-looked at my phone and noticed that I had a voicemail and it was from Edward. I listened to his message and decided not to call him back just yet. I sat on my bed and laid back. Once my head hit the mattress the stress from the weekend washed over me and I was out before the microwave beeped.