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"What's wrong, Shiemi? Too scared?"

"S-scared? No, o-of course not...!"

Perhaps her denial would have been a little more persuasive if her knees weren't knocking together and the stutter hadn't been present. Shiemi glanced at the foreboding, old looking mansion in front of her and gulped, her hands knotting together anxiously. Behind her, Izumo sighed impatiently.

"Well, it's now or never. I mean, you don't have to go in if you don't want to," Izumo stated, and Shiemi looked back at her hopefully. "I just thought you wanted to be friends, that's all."

Shiemi's face fell.

Friendship – that was the whole reason she was in this predicament. As she looked towards the mansion again, uncertainty flickered through her mind. Why do I have to do something like this just to have friends...? Why, indeed – but deep down, the lure of promised friendship was all too powerful for her to ignore. Having been home-schooled her whole life until attending school just this year, she was the lonely newcomer – and now that she had decided to do something about it, it seemed that she'd have to prove herself.

"I... I do, Izumo-san..."

"Then go ahead. You only have to stay for an hour."

Paku, Izumo's constant companion, looked from the blonde to her friend nervously. "Are you sure we should-"

"I'll do it!" Shiemi interjected, forcing a smile. "Then we can be friends, r-right?"

The purple haired girl smirked. "Yes. Now get a move on!"


And with that, she nodded to herself, brows furrowed in determination. She placed one foot in front of the other until she reached the large, heavy looking double doors. When she looked back at the other girls, Izumo was tapping her foot with a brow raised; Paku simply looked distraught.

Here goes nothing...

Shiemi resisted the urge to knock – that would be silly, since hopefully nothing or no one lived inside - and slowly pushed open one of the doors, stepping inside and shutting the door quietly. When it was first built, it was probably grand; but now, the large foyer was messy, dust laying thickly on every surface. A large staircase lay further ahead at the center, a broken chandelier laying lopsided on the floor in front of it. If it wasn't for all the dust and cracks on the large paned window above the stairs, the moonlight would have been streaming inside. Instead, the whole atmosphere was murky looking and eerily quiet, a musty smell permeating the stagnant air.

One of her teachers, Okumura-sensei – she blushed the tiniest bit at the thought of her bespectacled professor – had told the class about this house once. He had warned them that it was dangerous due to the old age and state of disrepair it was in, trying to dispel any thoughts his students may have had about entering.

Despite the warnings, however, everyone had still been curious; rumors flew around that the house was haunted. By what, no one knew, though there was speculation it was the son of the devil himself – Satan – who kept watch and protected the house from foolish intruders. Of course, those were just rumors...

Something scurried across the floor upstairs, skittering closer, and Shiemi jumped at the sound. She willed herself not to shake and looked up at the top of the stairs where the noise ended. A sigh of relief escaped her as her eyes landed on what looked to be a cat. It tilted its head, let out a meow, then started down one of the hallways. Before it disappeared further into the darkness, it glanced back at Shiemi – as if calling her.

"Kitty, wait...!" She called out. Even if it was just the company of a stray cat, at least she wouldn't be totally alone in this creepy place; so before she could scare herself out of following the feline, she strode up the steps and gulped before stepping into the dark.

She felt her way down what she was guessing was a hallway, turning down random corners and praying nothing collapsed under her feet. Once she was completely sure she'd never find her way back, she spotted the cat. It was sitting in a patch of dusty moonlight, looking at her almost impatiently.

Cats don't get impatient, Shiemi, she reminded herself sternly. Before she could linger anymore on that thought, the cat whisked its tail – tails? Shiemi noted in disbelief - and padded into the open doorway it had been sitting outside of.

"H-hey!" She whisper-yelled out, stumbling forward to catch the dark-furred cat. Taking hold of the doorway to regain her balance, she cautiously peered into the room before stepping inside. It looked the same as the rest of the house, except for one detail.

On the creaky wooden floor, there was a large circle, either carved or drawn onto the surface. Arcane looking symbols littered the inside of it, lines and shapes that Shiemi couldn't begin to comprehend. It looked faded, as though it had been there for at least a decade; the dust did little to help. Looking at it, for some reason, gave her the chills. Inside of the circle, the cat sat and stared at her before meowing again.

"Please don't run away..." She said gently, slowly approaching the animal as it continued to gaze back at her.

When she was close, she crouched down and smiled, reaching a pale hand out to pet it on top of its head. As her hand drew closer, she realized the animal had two tiny horns perched on its head; suddenly, its paw flew out and the claws caught her right on the inside of her wrist, digging deep into her skin. "Ah!" Gasping at the stinging sensation and drawing away her arm, her eyes watered a bit as she looked at the tiny little drop of blood that beaded and fell from her wrist and landed on the floor.

She clutched her wrist, looking ruefully at the animal that had jumped off to the side – and that was when the blue light appeared. Emerald green eyes widened at the light, and she gawked even further when the light started to spark and turn into azure flames. Too stunned to even move, she could only watch the strange occurrence before her as if in a trance. The flames raced from the exact spot the drop of her blood had landed, speedily spreading out as if gasoline had been laid before it, tracing all the lines that had been placed on the floor. In a way, they were beautiful looking.

The rumors, they're...

Gusts of wind coming from nowhere rushed past her, blowing her platinum blonde hair out of her face. Once every etched mark in the circle was lit up, something else appeared through the bright blue flames. If it was even possible, her eyes grew larger at what she saw; a hand. A hand was coming through the circle, gripping the floor outside of the large circluar symbol. Another hand joined on the opposite side, and arms followed soon after. Something – someone was pulling itself up.


Shiemi couldn't even finish her thought, and she fell back on her rear, shocked at the sight in front of her. What looked to be a teenage boy was down on one knee on the now solid floor, and slowly, he drew himself up. The first thing she saw was the tail flicking sporadically behind him. Trembling, her eyes met his – they were just as piercing and blue as the flames that had just been alight on the floor. Slightly pointed ears stuck out through his dark, tousled hair.

"Oi, you-" The boy began to say, and suddenly, she felt extremely dizzy.

The last thing she saw before she fell backwards and fainted were those glowing, deep blue eyes, his mouth forming words she couldn't hear.

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