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"Oi! Spotty four-eyes, I can carry her, y'know!"

Okumura Yukio reigned in a sigh, glancing tiredly at Rin. "Be quiet."

He hadn't been expecting this. He hadn't expected his... estranged brother to be released so soon, if ever. He certainly had never foresaw it to be Moriyama Shiemi's doing. And after all the precautions several of the staff at True Cross had laid forth to keep everything hidden-

"Hmph," Rin muttered.

Mephisto had to be notified of this event; that is, if he wasn't aware of it yet. Then, Mephisto himself could figure out what to do with Rin. Until then, Yukio was forced to bring the half demon with him – and to use force if necessary.

Adjusting the blonde girl in his arms, he dug out a key from his pocket as Rin tapped his foot impatiently on the porch outside of the dilapidated mansion. Ignoring the still grumbling Rin, he slid the key into the lock on the door; it took some jiggling, but it finally opened to reveal Yukio's bedroom. Gently, he laid the blonde girl down on his bed before lifting the sheet over her.

Rin's shadow cast over them, and he glanced up. For a moment, he wondered what was going through the half demon's mind. The blue eyes were dark and unblinking as they stared at Shiemi, and Yukio cleared his throat to draw away his attention.

"I have to make a call," He stood to his feet, "I trust you won't do anything to endanger Shiemi-san, or-"

Unconsciously, Yukio stopped mid-sentence at the look on Rin's face. It was a glower mixed with a slight trembling of distaste on his lips, causing a sharp looking fang to protrude ever so slightly.

"Go make your damn call." With that, Rin plopped down on the floor next to the sleeping girl. He turned his back to Yukio, and the teacher held in another sigh before walking to the door, looking back at them once more before leaving.

Rin propped an arm up n her bedside, resting his cheek on the sheets as he studied her. Shiemi, she said her name was. He wondered how a small, slight-looking girl like her had managed to release him from that dark, empty space he'd been confined in for the past ten years. Slowly, he brought up his other hand – it backed away, then gently, he ran a finger tentatively over the smooth skin of her hand.

You seem nice – that was what she had said to him back in the mansion. Nice? He wasn't sure if that was true or not; he hadn't been around people long enough to know if he was.

He couldn't explain it, but something pulled at him as he stole shy glimpses of her sleeping face. Something protective, something he'd never felt before. It didn't make any sense to him. Even though he'd basically been shunned from all human contact for years and years, he knew it was strange to feel this way about someone so quickly.

They barely had a conversation, if it could be called that, before the demon hounds had showed up. That was when the pull had started; to keep the dogs away from her felt like something instinctive, natural. When they had been cornered in the foyer, he had been at a total loss of what to do. He remembered his insides twisting, his guts roiling at the thought of the pale girl being torn apart by spittle flecked jaws.

And then Yukio had showed up – it had been what felt like forever since he had seen the one he used to call brother. He still looked the same, with those dumb spots still on his face, bookish glasses perched on his nose. He'd felt anger at him when he'd come in with guns ablaze, but oddly enough, Rin wasn't sure if it was because of what had happened ten years ago or the fact he'd been able to do what he hadn't – save Shiemi.


Lost in his thoughts, he hadn't realized she had stirred from her sleep. She gazed at him sleepily through half lidded green eyes, and he swallowed uncomfortably.

"Uh... hey."

"So it wasn't a dream, then..." She mumbled, though he wasn't sure if it was more to herself than anyone else. "Where is Okumura-sensei? Is he-"

"He's fine," Rin interjected, miffed. Was she that concerned about that stupid four eyes? "You're... you're okay, though?"

She sat up a bit, her back propped up by the pillows. "I think so... but I can hardly believe what happened tonight." Her brows furrowed. "Stuff like that... well, demons aren't supposed to exist." Green eyes binked at him. "I-I guess they do, though."

He didn't know what to say to that, really, since his mere presence was enough of a statement to hers. He lowered his head and stared at the floor, unsure of what to say next.

"Thank you, Rin."

His head shot up. "W-What? For what?" He hadn't been the one to save the day; no, that role had been played quite nicely by Yukio-

"I know Okumura-sensei helped a lot, too, but..." She blushed and focused her attention onto her fingers. "If you hadn't been up there in that room, then I wouldn't have lasted long enough to be saved by Okumura-sensei. So... thank you for saving me too, Rin! You're a whole lot stronger than me... I'm jealous, really!"

Rin gaped at her for a minute before remembering to close his mouth. She thought he saved her, too – heat unfolded in his face and neck and ears and everywhere at her praise. Accept it like a man, he tried to remind himself – instead, this came out:

"Ah... u-uh... thanks!" Rin prayed it didn't come out as squeakily as he thought it sounded, but he didn't have anymore time to think about that when Yukio came back inside.

"I'm glad you're awake, Shiemi-san. You're alright?" He received a nod from Shiemi and a glare from Rin, which he dutifully ignored. "If you don't mind, there's a few questions we'd like to ask you."

"We?" She murmured in confusion.

"By we, he really means me!" Shiemi gasped as her known-to-be-eccentric headmaster stepped in as well, clad in the strange, colorful clothes that seemed to be the only part of his wardrobe.


"I hear you got yourself into quite the situation tonight, Moriyama-san!" Ignoring Rin's protests, he pushed him out of the way and settled himself into the bed, staring intently at the blonde girl and smiling. "Please... tell me all about it."

So she did – leaving out Izumo's dare, because even though it was kinda sorta Izumo's fault, Shiemi wasn't the type of person to tattle. Mephisto stroked his goatee thougtfully, glancing from Rin to Shiemi and then back again.

"Your blood, you say, brought him out of the seal?" A nod. "Well, it's really quite simple, then!"

"I-it is?" Shiemi questioned. Yukio was observing from wall he was leaning on, and Rin had managed to push some of Mephisto out of the way, enough so he could sit on the bed as well.

"Why, yes!" Mephisto reached out a gloved hand to pat her on the head, jerking a thumb at the glaring half demon next to him. "Moriyama Shiemi, you are now his master! Or, in this case, mistress. Either way, congratulations!"

A long, pregnant pause took over the room.


"Y-you can't be serious!" Yukio protested, pushing himself off the wall. "Shiemi-san is just a normal girl! You can't ask her to... to..."

"Asking? Who said anything about that?" Mephisto shrugged. "That's just the way it is, you see."

Is that why I felt that way...? Rin questioned himself. Outwardly, he sputtered. "Hey! Wait one damn second! What if I don't want to-!"

"Ah, do you hear that?" The headmaster cupped a hand around his ear, "Why, I do believe someone is calling me! Well, toodles!" And thus, he pranced out, leaving the three of them to stare at each other wordlessly.

It was Yukio who broke the silence. "... It's late. You should get some rest, Shiemi-san." He rubbed his forehead, "If you need take a day off tomorrow, it's understandable."

"I-I'll be fine! I'll... be fine..." She trailed off, clearly lost in her own thought processes.

The teacher glanced at Rin, who was not-so-discreetly stealing peeks at Shiemi. "And you... you'll share a room with me tonight."

"What? Hell no! I refuse to-!"

"Rin... it's probably best to listen to Okumura-sensei... but I'll see you tomorrow!" The blonde sent him a reassuring smile which quickly stopped his emerging tirade.

"I... I... oh, hell," He grumbled, standing to his feet. "I guess. Hurry up, bastard! Jeez..." He turned to exit the room. "Bye... Shiemi."

The girl sighed and settled back down into the sheets, popping back up in surprise when the strange looking cat from earlier meowed right in her ear. "Oh, you scared me..." She murmured, lifting a hand up to pet it. Horns... two tails... it has to be another demon. But... Shiemi laughed softly when the cat purred and rubbed its face against her palm, closing her eyes and turning on her side when it made its way down to her legs and curled up next to them.

Despite the myths that surrounded demons, she thought she might have at least found two that proved them to be wrong.

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