Okay, I seemed to have written the comment about Bumblebee's creators are being obvious. Turns out, it's not... :P

Oops, my bad... so sorry ):

So for my apology, I decided to write some few clues for you guys to figure out whose Bumblebee's creators are.

Clue#1: Relationships

The coupling, I found myself amusing, is rare. extremly rare. You don't find this pairing at all. In fact, I'm the first to put them together.

Clue#2: Genders

They're both mechs. But because they are robots, they are asexuals so homosexualities doesn't bother them or to me.

Clue#3:Armor and paints

The other, is white.

Clue#4: Name plz?

One of the mech's name is mentioned in the story

Clue#5: Where can I find them?

They are from different dimensions. You should know by looking through some Transwiki.

Clue#6: seriously, color please?


Clue#7: Name plz? Seriously

This one bites.

AN:That's all peeps and I hope this clues will help you enough! X3 Again So Sorry for the trouble.