My feet pound desperately against the sand as I bolt to the place where ocean meets earth.

I throw myself on top of the boulder we played on ever since I can remember.

I get my balance, scramble to my feet, and I cry your name to the ocean.

Though the sun shines bright and clear over an ocean deceptively calm

The thoughts whirl and crash against the walls of my skull like the waves of a hurricane.

I stare across the endless water. I look for a sign of you.

Maybe they were wrong, I think. Maybe you're still here.

But all that answers my cry for you are the languidly lapping waves.

There used to be life here, I remember. These waters used to be alive with your heart and your spirit.

But you are gone now, ripped from this earth, these waters, and my life.

The pain sears my heart and body, as if I were the one taken from the world by those teeth.

I remember we were here just before, it wasn't long ago.

We were here for fun; to enjoy these waters that were then playful and inviting, a sort of friend, you said.

I splashed by the rocks while you swam out to the deep; not knowing you went to your end.

I did not even get a full look at your killer – I saw the water seconds before, rippling strangely under you.

I saw the fatal silver-gray streak that rushed and burst from the depths to strike at you.

I could barely scream before its teeth were in you, those deathly white teeth that tore you from me.

Most of all, I remember all the red, which spread to become dominant in all I could see.

The red was in the water, on the rocks, on the sand.

It was on your rapidly paling skin as they pulled you from the water when the beast disappeared.

You looked at me with agony and panic spiraling in your eyes; the last time our eyes locked.

And now I'm alone here, trying to grasp something left of you from this place, but there is nothing.

Now all of a sudden I am coming apart; these tormenting memories claw and tear at me like the teeth of the beast.

Suddenly, surprising me, the tears are cascading down my face; my breath comes in short, strangled sobs.

How could you have been ripped from me this way? The ocean before me is not the same one you called a friend.

What was once warm and good is now as cold and dark and empty as the anguish in my heart.

I look for you here, but these deadly, monstrous things have taken everything I had of you.

I no longer have a friend in this place; all that is left is the icy grief and tempestuous rage of my broken soul.

I am trying to hold onto something, a shred of your life and spirit, but now there is nothing left to hold on to.

A/N Because I don't want to leave any of my characters without any background information, I'll tell more about these ones.

The narrator's name is Kiro Haye, and he is thirteen years old, with sea-green eyes and very light reddish-brown hair. He dreams of being a great surfer, and he is shy, but bright and friendly most of the time. He loves the thrill of riding waves more than anything else, and wants to be looked up to by others one day.

His older sister Layla – the one killed in the shark attack - was fifteen years old, with beach-blond hair and deep blue eyes. She wanted to be an Olympic swimmer or a marine biologist, and was outgoing and energetic. She enjoyed being the center of attention and discovering new things, and wanted to help preserve the marine environment in some way.