I don't own Sailor Moon. I got this idea from SailorLeia's Fifteen Ways to Make Your Prince Remember You Exist, chapter four, when Usagi and Makoto are passing notes in class. These notes have a lot of information about senshi business in them, and it got me to thinking: what if their teacher caught them? Thus, this oneshot was born.

Usagi and Minako were passing notes in third period. Well? What else were they supposed to do with no more youma to fight after the battle with Galaxia?

Usagi couldn't help but giggle at the list growing on the single sheet of paper that Usagi and Minako had managed to fill front and back with notes. In fact, the paper was so full that Usagi had to fish out another sheet. She stealthily opened her book bag and ripped a sheet of paper out of one of her spirals.

"Tsukino-san!" her teacher stated loudly, letting her know she had been caught. So much for stealth. "What do we have here?" The teacher, Amanogawa Wataru, approached Usagi's desk and took the paper filled with notes.

The two blondes that had been exchanging the notes felt the color drain from their faces as their hearts felt like they were stopping. They watched with horror as Amanogawa-sensei returned to the front of the room.

"Now, what on Earth could you two be talking about that would be more important than my physics lesson?" he asked. Then, he started to read the note. "So, Usagi, happy to be alive again? Ha-ha. That wasn't me. I didn't die this time, remember?"

Strange looks came from the confused students to the teacher.

"I guess. At least that bitch Galaxia is gone now. Oy vey. Minako, how many times do I need to explain to you that Sailor Galaxia was good? She sealed Chaos inside her body so it would not be a threat to anyone else. We were fighting Chaos all that time."

Looks of shock and disbelief were sent back to Minako and Usagi.

"I don't care. She killed me, so there. Are you hanging out with Mamoru-san after school?"

Finally, some normal girl-talk.

"Do you even have to ask that question? Now that there are no more threats- yay!- I'm going to have a proper relationship with Mamo-chan where we don't have to stop in the middle of a date to transform into Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen to fight some unspeakable deamon or youma or phage of whatever they're called this time."

All eyes went back to Usagi in shock, but she had burried her face in her hands. She lifted her head, and everyone saw that her face was not red with embarassment for playing make-believe. The look on her face was one of dead-seriousness and maturity. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard before staring at the confused teacher as he continued reading.

"No kidding. I met a new guy, Kale. He's from America and he's... I'll let you guess this one. Kunzite reincarnated. You can thank yours truly- well, and Sailor Pluto- for that one, V-babe. Really? Okay, you are officially the best friend a girl could ask for. You sure they won't try to, you know, kill us? That was back when they were clones created by Beryl. They don't even remember their past lives. And even when they do remember, they'll only remember up to the point that they were cloned. They won't remember what their clones did."

There were raised eyebrows abound. Clones? Beryl? This most certainly sounded like senshi-business, but there was no way Usagi and Minako could be senshi, right?

"Hmm. Interesting. Oh, by the way, Rei wants us to meet her at the shrine for a senshi meeting concerning the role of the princess in Crystal Tokyo. Oh joy. Just what I wanted to talk about: ice ages and my future queen-ly-ness. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS! I am still sort of getting used to the whole 'I'm a reincarnated moon princess' thing. Usagi, you're still worried about that? Not really worried about it, but my mind keeps on inserting random flashbacks, Aphrodite! Like that?"

What the heck were they talking about? Moon princesses, crystal queens? Yet every time they looked to the two blondes, they held serious faces.

"Exactly. Venus, something tells me that people wouldn't react all that well to find out that about a tenth of the world are aliens that died when Metallia took over the Solar System. I can count three in this room aside from us. I mean, there's everyone who died at the ball, including people from other solar systems, and everyone from each of the planets! Ooo. Senshi name. That's serious. Venus! I'm just kidding, Usagi. One tenth of the world are reincarnated aliens. So what? If that much of the world are aliens, they just need to learn to get used to it. Besides, a bunch of political leaders are aliens, too. They just don't know it yet."

Now everyone was looking around at everyone else, trying to figure out who the three aliens were. They had gotten to the point where they were believing every word the two blondes wrote.

"Yeah, well, I'd rather not have-"

"Stop. Right. There," Usagi commanded angrily, standing up. "I will not let you violate the rights of the three students in this room that are not human. If you read those names off, I will be forced to use my powers on you."

The teacher stood his ground giving her a simple nod before ripping up the paper, thus ending the note saga between Usagi and Minako. "Tsukino-san, Aino-san, you will be dismissed five minutes early to get to your next classes and avoid questioning." He glared at the students, warning them not to harass the blondes.

"Thank you," Usagi replied civilly before sitting back down and letting the lesson resume.

True to his word, Amanogawa-sensei allowed Usagi and Minako to leave five minutes before the bell, and the two headed to their next class, math, immediately, waiting outside the door for the bell to ring so they could enter and sit down without being questioned by their classmates.

However, some people never learn, and Usagi and Minako were back to writing notes the next class period. And of course...

"Aino-san! Give me that note right now," the teacher, Sato-sensei, demanded, and Minako, wincing, handed the teacher the note. She prayed that her math teacher would simply rip it up with her over-manicured hands, but alas! Sato-sensei unfolded the note and began to read.

"Man, that was brutal. No kidding. I was freaking out there. How could he read that in front of the entire class and reveal our secret identities as Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon? Well, in his defense, he didn't know what he was getting into. Still, he could have stopped reading it when he got to the point where he revealed your identity. It was made pretty obvious then! My biggest problem with him is that I think he really would have given the names of those students if I hadn't stopped him. They don't even know that they're aliens! It would hardly be fair for the entire class to find out before they even got the chance to process the information themselves. So how many are in this class? Minako! That is hardly an appropriate question to ask! ...Two."

Eyebrows went up and eyes widened as the notes were read, but the one kid that had been in Usagi's last class felt a decent amount of sympathy for the blondes.

"Who? I'm not making the same mistake and writing their names down this time. That was way too close. P.S. I checked the vault the other day. Two more senshi have been awakened. Who? Who? Who? This is so cool, all these senshi discovering their true power... Chill. It was just Phobos and Deimos. They're with Rei. They're totally cool with it. They're even getting all excited and making up human names for themselves. I feel happy for them. Yeah, being a crow must be tough."

Crows? As in caw-caw? Needless to say, strange looks were spreading.

"Oh, remind me to find S. Juliet after school and direct her to Uranus. She's starting to get her memories back. Little Juliet? She's getting her memories back? Never thought she'd get her memories back on her own. Hey, don't judge. Need I remind you that you had no clue about your identity as Venus until Ace gave you back your memories? Don't remind me of that bastard. Any other senshi I should be on the lookout for? She and S. Bestla are the only ones left in Japan, but Bestla is way over in Yamagata and has no memories whatsoever, especially seeing as she's only eight. Darn. I was looking forward to seeing more senshi around Tokyo. Ha-ha. Sorry, V-babe, not for a while. She might be here before Crystal Tokyo, but most of the others are too far away for me to get a clear vision on them. I can see some in Eastern China, but they're blurry. The Outers are in Shanghai taking pictures of possibles and sending them to me so I might be able to tell from that. Cool. I can't wait for-"

That had been when Sato-sensei had taken up the note. Usagi and Minako were looking around nervously, sheepish looks about them. Sato-sensei glared at them, daring them to explain. She pointed out the door and stated, "Principal's office. Now."

So what do you think? Should I extend it some? Make it a two-or-three shot? There were quite a few hints to the Minako spinoff I'm creating if you want to try to figure it out. And Juliet is a moon of Uranus, and Bestla is a moon of Saturn.

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