LL Chapter 1

Stuck in Hell

I sat in class bored out of my mind once again. I cannot wait to get the hell out of this school and out of this town. Thankfully, this is my senior year. All I have to do is survive this year and then I am off to the Ivy Leagues and I am never looking back at this crappy ass, loser town. I mean my parents are from Chicago. CHICAGO! So, why the hell did they ever think that it was such a great idea to move to this crap hole? I mean, the private schools in Chicago alone would have given me teachers that actually challenged me, not irritated me with their meager knowledge base.

And my fellow students; don't even get me started on those losers. Most of the boys will be stuck in this town because they have no ambition. Or they ended up stuck here because they were stupid and ended up knocking up some pathetic small town tramp. Not me. There is no way that I am going to risk my future for some little small town slut. I have never and will never trust any of them. They all know that I am headed for bigger and better things and the only ambitions the girls in this town ever had included acquiring a ring on their left hand and stretch marks, and not necessarily in that order.

Thank God! I thought internally as the bell finally rang. I walked down to the cafeteria where I met up with up with my twin sister, Alice, and her boyfriend Jasper. I got in line behind them and tugged on her short hair to which she responded by punching me in the shoulder. Jasper and Emmett were the only two guys around here that I actually liked. I tolerated Emmett's girlfriend Rose. She was a bitchy one when she didn't like you and half the time she didn't like me. She thought I was an arrogant asshole. And I am and I am proud of it.

Rose was talking about the latest school gossip when we sat down at the table after purchasing our food. The latest news, right now, was that the chief of police's troubled daughter was coming to live with him. Rumor had it that she was involved in some kind of trouble wherever the hell it was that she lived with her mother, apparently it was bad enough to include a major stay at the hospital, lawyers, and frequent court dates. I never knew he even had a daughter until everyone started talking about her. Because the great chief refused to tell any of the town gossips the details about what happened, they made up their own details. I actually heard the other day that the girl was on trial for murder. Yeah, right. I guess she and the chief would be here this weekend and she would be starting school with us on Monday. Oh YEA! Another loser for me to put up with for the rest of the year. Too bad I was never able to convince my parents to send me to boarding school.

"Hey, Alice, you want to catch dinner and a movie with me tonight?" Jasper asked. I do not know why he bothered. It was Thursday. He knows that she works every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at Newton's Sporting Goods store. She liked the extra money the job gave her for clothes, even if that meant having to endure working with Mike Newton. He was a spineless little weasel. Jasper and I cornered him after Alice was hired to give him a little advice. He had better not touch a hair on her head or allow anyone to harass or upset her in anyway or he would have hell to pay with us.

I did not have a paying job. And I did not care to get one. My parents knew that my priority were my grades. However, they did insist that I volunteer, so every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons, I could be found at the Port Angeles hospital-holding babies in the NICU. I know it seem a bit out of character for me, but the only reason that I do it at all is because it will look amazing on college applications and that was what was really important.

Luckily, the rest of the day went by rather quickly. I went home, locked myself in my room, and pretended to study for an exam that I had tomorrow in Physics. It is not like I did not already know all of this stuff backwards and forwards. It is just that there was nothing else to do in this God forsaken town. And I really did not want to listen to my mother fuss over my "lack of a social life" again since I currently didn't have a girlfriend. Hell, I had never had one and was not interested in getting one. She never liked my answer that no one in this town was worth my time.

The next day was nothing but more of the same thing as yesterday. The only good thing was that it was Friday and I was free of school for two whole days. As soon as school was out, I made my way to Port Angeles for my volunteer shift. There were two new babies added since I was here last. The first was a little boy born heart and lungs issues. His nurse told me that they were not optimistic about his chances. They asked me to sit with other baby and cuddle her as much as possible. Her name was Tanya and she was born three months early to a teen mom. Tanya wasn't going stay in the NICU long. Her mother was relocating to the area and they had to life flight the baby in. The baby was only staying until for a couple weeks until they were positive that it would be safe to send her home. The mom probably did drugs or something. I mean, what the fuck was this teen mom thinking naming the poor thing Tanya? It was an old person's name, like for someone my parent's age.

By the time that I made it home for dinner Alice was already gone with Jasper. One of the kids at school was throwing a party and "everyone" was going to be there. Well, they could count me out of "everyone". Alice was going to be mad that I did not show, but I never said I would. She just demanded that I try to attend at least one social event in high school so I would not have any regrets later in life. Somehow, I do not think that I would ever regret not socializing with these people.

After a quiet meal with Mom since dad was staying late at the hospital I went up to my room and looked over my college brochures and applications again. I was going to have to get started on my essays soon so that I could get them sent out as soon as possible. I think somewhere in my mind, even as illogical as it was, I believed that the sooner I was accepted to a school the sooner I could escape this hellhole.

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