This was based on a roleplay that Twinx and I did back when we first met. We just changed a few things so it would fit with the "Diamonds" Plot line. We hope you enjoy! ~Cari

"Mom!" A small voice cried over the sound of a slowly turning fan, waking the young man from his catnap on the couch. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, seeing his youngest son running up to him. He sat up halfway and smiled, patting his lap. The young brunette climbed upon his mother's lap, pouting in a frustrated manner.

"What is it, Hibi-chan?" Izaya asked, yawning slightly as Hibiya crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Delic is being mean to me!" He cried out, his eyes welling with tears as he glared at the wall. Izaya blinked as he gently rubbed his son's back.

"What did your brother do?" Izaya asked softly. He wondered what could possibly make his baby so upset. "Did he steal one of your toys?"

Hibiya shook his head.

"Did he steal your snack?"

Another head shake.

And that's when he noticed that something was very…different with his son's appearance.

"Hibi-chan…did he steal your crown?"

Hibiya burst into tears as he pointed to the corner of the room. Sitting in the corner, was a crumpled crown, the gold paper ripped and crumbled beyond repair. Izaya cooed at Hibiya, trying to calm his nearly hysterical son. He held Hibiya close, glancing at the crown.

With a small grunt, Izaya stood up, carrying Hibiya close as he walked into the kitchen, setting his son softly on the counter. Hibiya sniffled and watched quietly as Izaya walked around the kitchen, opening drawers and filing through the contents.

He came back, smiling, as he held some scrap golden fabric, a gluestick, and one of Psyche's old plastic crowns. He sat in the chair next to Hibiya and placed the crown on his head for a moment.

"Hmm…Psyche's old crown fits you. That's good. This one will be harder to break." He chuckled as he started to cut out the fabric. Hibiya crawled closer, bending over Izaya's arm to see what he was doing. Izaya hummed the song he named Hibiya after, as he worked on gluing the fabric onto the crown.

"Won't Psyche be angry we took his crown?" Hibiya asked, playing with some plastic beads in a bowl. Izaya shook his head, smiling.

"No. He's grown out of that phase. I'm sure he won't mind sharing his crown with you." Hibiya beamed as Izaya glued on the last piece and handed it to Hibiya. "Glue on some beads and glitter if you want. Make it as pretty as you want."

"It won't be pretty! It'll be handsome! Because I'm a boy!" Hibiya huffed as he intently glued beads and threw glitter over the top. Izaya laughed as he cleaned up the scrap fabric. He noticed he had a good amount left, and got an idea.

He grabbed some Velcro from the drawer, and cut out two small squares. He peeled them off, and stuck them onto two corners of the left over fabric. He grabbed some string, and made a bow, before gluing it onto the fabric over top of where the velcro would stick. He smiled as he stepped behind his son, who had proudly placed his new, plastic crown on his head. It slipped slightly to the side, still not quite the right size for his head. Izaya flung the fabric over his youngest son's shoulders, velcroing the fabric together.

He stepped back and lifted Hibiya off the counter, setting him on the ground. He bent down, fixing the crown on his head before smiling warmly.

"Now you look just like a prince."

Hibiya spun in circles, loving his new golden cape and crown. Izaya watched happily as his son grabbed the corners and ran around the room, pretending to be a super hero prince. He bounced about the room as Izaya cleaned up, seeing Delic peeking around the corner.

Vibrant magenta eyes caught his, and Izaya simply pointed to Delic's bedroom. Delic knew what he meant. Silently, he walked in, knowing that he was going to have a lecture. Izaya ruffled Hibiya's hair as he walked passed, ready to go and have a word with the youngest Shizuo replica.


Izaya stopped for a moment, and looked back at him, smiling. "Yes? What is it?"

"Why does Delic not like me?"

That question threw Izaya off. He walked back and bent in front of Hibiya, resting his hand on his shoulder. "What do you mean?"

Hibiya frowned and played with the corner of his cape as he stared at the ground. "Well…he…always breaks my stuff. And he pushes me around, like I'm some toy. He acts like a bully. Like he's better than me."

It broke Izaya to hear such words coming from a seven year old. He pulled Hibiya to him, holding him close as he rubbed his back. "He doesn't hate you. That's just how older brothers act."

Hibiya pulled away, rubbing his eyes while sniffling. "I guess…Mom, did you and Dad like each other when you were kids?"

Izaya smiled and pulled on Hibiya's hand, leading him toward the chair. He sat down, pulling Hibiya onto his lap. "I don't think I've ever told you how your dad and I met." Hibiya shook his head in reply. Izaya chuckled.

"I didn't know your father when I was your age. I met him when I was older. A few years older than Tsugaru."

"Like as old as Linda?"

"Yeah, around Linda's age. We were both in high school."

"Did you like dad?"

A strong laugh escaped Izaya, one he could barely control. It was his old laugh; a laugh that had no sympathy for others, and no sanity. He felt young again, thinking of these memories. He stopped his laughter before it became too much like an echo of the past, and reduced it to a softer chuckle. "We hated each other. We constantly fought, and hurt each other. He was my greatest enemy. I did everything I could to ruin everything of his. I acted a lot like Delic."

Hibiya furrowed his brow, "Then why did you get married?"

Izaya smiled, and sighed. "Things eventually changed. We saw a different side of each other. It started after years of knowing and hating each other."

"We were going to a wedding reception, and I met him there. It was my old friend Shinra's wedding. He was marrying his best friend. Although, he was young to be getting married, we went to support him anyways. I was invited, but I had other plans that day, so I had declined weeks before hand. However, when the time came, I had freed my plans, and had went." Izaya smiled, as he was sucked into his memories.

"Was dad invited too?" Hibiya asked, interested in knowing the details of the story. Izaya nodded, laughing to himself.

"They invited him after I had declined. He was more popular to the guests than me, so I'm sure they were glad. But they weren't expecting me to show up, so when your father saw me, he had gotten very angry."

"When he saw me standing next to the gaudy ice sculpture Shinra had to have, he immediately went into a rage. He grabbed me by the hood of my jacket, and threw me into the nearest closet, determined to beat the living shi-"


"Snot out of me." Izaya caught. He grinned sheepishly as Hibiya corrected him. "He was going to hurt me. Worse than Delic was going to hurt you. But I was smart. I knew that I could get away, just like I always had. Your father really was dull at that age."

"So what did you do? Did you get away? Did he catch you?" Hibiya asked, enwrapped in the story that starred his parents. Izaya laughed and shook his head.

"I didn't get away. He locked me in the room and pinned me to the wall so I couldn't get away."

"What did you do?" Hibiya gasped, bouncing in Izaya's lap. Izaya grew silent for a moment, as he remembered that moment lividly.