Thank you for reading! It was a lot of fun to write this one. We couldn't help ourselves!~ 3 Also, sorry for the short post. But I thought it'd be best to separate the dream from reality.


The soft voice broke Izaya from his thoughts, making him blush deeply. He had gotten too caught up in his daydreaming, he had never continued with the story. Of course, he had forgotten a bit how…deep it had gotten. He cleared his throat and ruffled Hibiya's hair.

"Ahh, sorry. Well, ahh….we were able to see eye to eye, and from that moment on, we got to know each other better. N-next thing you know, we fell in love and got married. Tada~" Izaya said, trying to end the story as best as he could as his voice quivered.

The disappointed look on Hibiya's face told Izaya that he was hoping for a more exciting end to the tale. Izaya picked Hibiya up and set him on the floor, fixing his crown.

"Go play with Tsugaru and Psyche. They should be walking back from school now." Izaya suggested, glancing to the door. Hibiya nodded and ran off, yelling a "Thanks mom!" before running out the door. Izaya sighed, and stood up stiffly, grunting slightly. He glanced toward Delic's room and sighed. "Delic, you can come out. It's fine now." he called out as he headed upstairs to his bedroom. He heard the door open, and a soft patter of footsteps head toward the front door to follow his brother.

He knew he should have at least explained why Delic shouldn't tease his brother. He didn't feel like trying to deal with Delic. Besides, Delic would question why his mother was walking funny. And handling his son was the last thing on his mind.

Izaya opened his bedroom door, the hall light flooding the room with light. He saw the tousled blonde hair peeking up from under the blankets and swallowed. He closed the door behind him, and locked it shut. Time to go wake Shizu-chan up from his nap.