So like everyone else who saw the movie and decided to write about it, I loved Loki because he was such an interesting character (for the record, I don't think Loki is evil or was intended in this movie to be portrayed as evil).

Anyway, this is just a look into something I thought up earlier- a different outcome on Jotunheim leads to a drastic change in the events immediately afterwards.

I use a lot of quotes from the movie (and made up words that I think are similar to what was used when I didn't have the exact quote) but nothing is intended to infringe on anyone.

And I'm not gonna lie, I had/have no interest in Thor as a comic book character before this, so I have no idea what I'm doing outside of what the movie offered.

The beginning is kinda boring because it's just my take on the battle scene in Jotunheim, but it's important for the story because things are changed!


"There's nothing you can do without defying father," Loki said softly to his brother. He saw his face out of the corner of his eye and then turned to look at him fully.

"No. No, no, no, no I know that look," he exclaimed quickly, trying to dissuade Thor of the idea he could already see taking shape.

Damn, after growing up with him I really should have seen this coming.

"It's the only way to ensure the safety of our borders!" Thor stood quickly, his energy already being funneled into this scheme.

Loki attempted to reason with him, "Thor, it's madness."

But he could quickly see that his brother would no longer listen to his words. He turned his head once more when he heard their friends enter the room. Thor ran up to them and Loki dropped his head into his hands, knowing that they would not dissuade him.

He hoped briefly that Hogun or Fandral, two of the cooler heads among those five, would voice their objections, but Thor's boyish smile and confidence had them clamoring to go as well.

It has always been this way, Loki mused as they saddled the horses and took off for the Bridge. Even as children, Thor had the wildest ideas and I had to tag along to ensure that he wasn't caught in his craziness.

He sighed as they dismounted, and offered to try to talk to Heimdall, although he was a little uneasy considering he knew how mad the guardian must be after the "prank" he had pulled earlier.

Letting a couple of Frost Giants in might not have been my best idea.

Heimdall quickly called his bullshit, his deep voice rumbling, "You're not dressed warmly enough. Do you think you can deceive me?"

Loki felt a flash of annoyance because yes, he had deceived Heimdall, but it was followed a moment later with shame for his actions. The two guards had been killed and he felt genuine remorse for that.

"You must be mistaken-"

"Enough!" Surprisingly Thor stepped up, "Heimdall may we pass?

"Never has an enemy slipped my watch until this day. I wish to know how that happened," Loki hid a wince as Heimdall glanced to him as he spoke.

"Then tell no one where we have gone until we've returned. Understand?" Heimdall nodded and allowed them passage.

Loki stayed behind, not needing to feign his shock at Thor's actions as the other walked past him, laughing slightly, "What happened? Silver tongue turned to lead?"

He felt another flash of annoyance but losing a game of words and deceit with Heimdall was like losing a wrestling match to Thor. It would have been more surprising if he had actually won.

"Heimdall, go to Odin once we're gone. Thor is going to let his temper destroy the truce we have with Jotunheim. Tell father to come," Loki was desperate to get them all out of this situation.

The guardian gazed at him with piercing eyes before nodding and then they both turned and walked into the portal.

Heimdall's warning rang through his ears, "I will honor my sworn oath to protect this realm as its gatekeeper. If your return threatens the safety of Asgard, the Bifrost will remain closed to you. And you will be left to die in the cold waste of Jotunheim."

He distantly heard Volstagg's suggestion to just leave the bridge open and Heimdall's answer peaked his curiosity momentarily, "To leave the bridge open would unleash the full power of the Bifrost and destroy Jotunheim, and you with it."

He shoved the thought to the back of his mind as the light in front of him grew and they were whisked through the Bifrost.

The landing was sudden and he gazed over the desolate ice planet, surprised to not feel the sharp cold on his exposed skin as the wind picked up. He saw the others and their eyes mirrored his own.

We should not be here.

Thor moved ahead quickly and they followed him dutifully. Loki was secretly glad that the others had come. Often enough if Thor was out of control, he needed their help to smack some sense into him when his own talent with words would not do the trick.

They walked into the heart of the palace, and they turned their gaze onto the figure who emerged from the ice behind him. They immediately knew him to be King Laufey and Loki was both relieved and worried that the king had come to them so quickly.

"You've come a long way to die, Asgardians," Laufey spat at them, drawing up to his full height to tower over them.

Thor stepped up and Loki mentally sighed, "I am Thor, Odin's son."

Laufey smirked at them, "We know who you are."

Loki felt another flash of shame. Disguise or no, I should not have mentioned my intention to ruin Thor's day. Even that bit of information was too much for an enemy.

"How did your people get into Asgard?" Thor continued, direct and blunt as ever.

Laufey smirked again, "The House of Odin is full of traitors."

Thor's loud rejoinder rattled through Loki's ears, "Do not dishonor my father's name with your lies!" But he was more focused on the Frost Giant's claim of another traitor.

Is there really someone else or is he trying to provoke Thor?

"Your father is a murderer and a thief. And why have you come here? To make peace? You long for battle. You crave it! You're nothing but a boy trying to prove himself a man" Laufey drove the nail into the coffin and Thor rose to the bait.

"Well this boy has grown tired of your mockery!"

Loki threw out a hand to place on his brother's shoulder to hold him back.

"Thor. Stop and think. We are outnumbered. Do not make this any worse for us," Loki hissed to him, shaking his brother's shoulder to add weight to his words.

"Know your place, brother!" Thor hissed and Loki took a step back although his hand remained on his brother's shoulder.

He wondered where father was and how much longer they would remain here.

Loki looked to Laufey and the king stepped forward to speak, his voice different from before, "You do not know what your actions would unleash. I do. Go now, while I still allow it."

Loki lowered his eyes in a sign of deference, eager to leave the planet, "We will accept your most gracious offer."

Thor turned wildly to glare at him but Loki merely turned and pulled on his brother's shoulder, "Come on, brother!"

He felt his brother behind him, and then heard Laufey's rumbling voice offer a parting shot, "Run back home little princess."

"Damn," just about summed it up. We were free and clear! Damn it all!

He could actually feel his brother's smirk and saw the others turn as well, grudging smiles on their faces because they knew what was about to come.

Thor loosened his grip on Mjolnir and swung it around, striking Laufey in the center and throwing the king back a good distance.

"Next?" his brother asked cockily, and Loki swore quietly while readying his throwing knives.

He could not spare a glance for anyone else after that, but he knew they were fighting from the sounds he could hear; most notably Thor's taunts and Fandral's laughs.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sif get knocked down but Hogun covered for her and Loki's attention was quickly dominated by the roaring giant that was sprinting towards him.

Thinking quickly, he created an illusion and shielded himself from sight while he ran for cover, letting the Frost Giant think that it was him standing on the ledge. He allowed himself a smirk as the giant threw himself at the illusion and fell down the cliff behind. Swiftly cancelling the trick, he rejoined the fray.

"Don't let them touch you!" he heard Volstagg yell over the noise, but he had already engaged his next opponent and the warning came a moment too late for him.

On his knees, the Frost Giant gripped his arm tightly and the ice made quick work of his armor.

He watched in horror as the cold blue raced across his arm, but there was no pain, and his eyes widened even as the Frost Giant's eyes narrowed in confusion. Loki quickly stabbed him again and stared at his arm as the giant fell.

The blue coldness was disappearing as quickly as it had come and despite being in the middle of a battle, his mind froze. He continued to stare at his arm, wondering what in the Nine Realms it meant.

He could hear the others again, Fandral was closest to him from the laughs he heard, and he turned to look for his brother when pain erupted in his chest.

He screamed and, against his better judgment, opened his eyes enough to see the ice attack that had stabbed him.

Loki distantly heard Fandral take care of the Frost Giant that had supposedly created the ice, and he felt Volstagg and Hogun at his shoulders, pulling him off the ice.

He yelled again, the pain almost making him blackout.

"Thor!" he heard Sif yell out. "It's Loki! We must go!"

He could not see his brother but he heard his reply as Volstagg hoisted him over one of his shoulders.

"Go! Get to the Bifrost. I will follow!"

Had he the energy, Loki would have cursed his brother's foolishness in thinking that he could hold off the Frost Giants and catch up to them.

He heard ice cracking ominously, and knew that something had changed. His suspicions were confirmed when Volstagg yelled, "RUN!" and they took off as fast as they could for the Bifrost site.

He did not dare distract Volstagg or his friends with his pain or with questions of their situation or where Thor was, so he bit his cheek and prayed that his father would come soon. Father really is our only chance, he reflected in a dazed panic as he noticed the monster that was now chasing them.

He distantly heard thunder and saw a rush of lightning and knew Thor had destroyed his enemies and would be with them soon.

Loki heard someone call out for Heimdall to open the bridge, but the collective gasp of his friends indicated that something terrible was happening. The yell of the monster and the accompanying thud had him smirking despite the pain.

Only Thor could kill a monster like that as though it were nothing.

Volstagg had removed Loki from his shoulder and stood bracing his friend on one side. Their glee was smothered a second later when they noticed Laufey and the army that followed him. The Frost Giants rushed in but the Bifrost opened before they could reach them, and Loki gave a huge breath of relief.

Father is here.

He felt Thor move to support his other side and place a gentle hand on his shoulder in the moment of surprise that the Bifrost had given them.

Loki was positioned so that he could see his father, astride his great horse, talking to King Laufey.

Laufey was eye to eye with Odin, and his tone was mocking, "All-Father, you look weary."

His father pressed on, however, "Laufey, end this now."

"Your boys sought this out," the Frost Giant shot back, and Loki felt a flash of shame even as Thor's hand tightened minutely on his shoulder.

"You're right, and these are the actions of a boy. Treat them as such. You and I can end this, here, now. Before there is further bloodshed" his father, too, wanted to preserve the uneasy peace that had been achieved.

Loki was watching Laufey carefully, very aware of the malice that the Jotun was radiating towards Odin.

"We are beyond diplomacy now, All-Father," Laufey spoke, his voice dangerously quiet. "He'll get what he came for. War, and death."

Odin did not attempt to talk him out of it, "So be it."

Loki's eyes narrowed as he saw Laufey's hand move surreptitiously behind his back. Expecting an attack, he acted on instinct and threw his hand out in front of him.

"No!" he yelled, surprised as an arm of ice sprouted from the ground and knocked the king back as his arm raised the ice dagger to attack Odin.

He let his arm drop in shock and turned to his brother, who took a step back inadvertently.

"Loki" he breathed, his eyes boring into his brother's face. He looked quizzically at Thor, he could feel a difference in himself, but he could not identify it.

Moments later they were being whipped through the Bifrost and landing home. He felt Volstagg gently lay him on the ground and then curse softly and take a step back.

In fact, everyone had taken several steps back away from him.

Frustrated and in pain, he brought a hand up to cradle the wound on his chest and yell at Thor when he froze.

His arm was blue again.


Like I said, just the battle for now with a couple changes. Hope you stick around for chapter 2 because it will get more interesting and start branching out from there (at least I think it does...)

Let me know what you think