A/n, I rally haven't watched most of season 6, so forgive me if any info I give isn't accurate. Spoilers for "Lauren" This is for the CCOAC round 11 theme song challenge. My song promt was "Take It Away" by Karmin and my character was Emily. I'm making up the dialogue between JJ and Emily because I haven't seen the episode. All I know is from fics and message boards. Happy reading, please read and review.

Emil sighed as she settled back in her seat. She was flying back from Paris She'd killed oyle and was now ready to come back to her old life. She knew it wouldn't be easy. Her friends thought her to be dead, but she didn't really have any other choice which is what she'd told JJ in that hospital room. As the plane settled into the flite, she reflected back on that conversation.

"You don't have to do this, Em. There are other ways to flesh out Doyle," JJ begged.

"Yes I do, Jayje. I need to keep the team safe. Faking my death and going after Doyle is my only option. I know it's not going to be easy, but I don't have any other choice."

"Why do you want to be the one who takes him down? And why on your own?" the media liaison wondered.

"Because I need to prove myself. For years I've lived in my mother's shadow. Now it's my time to get my big break. Taking down Doyle on my own is the only way I can do that," Emily explained. The blonde frowned. She understood where the other woman was coming from, but it didn't mean she had to like it.

" understand that, Emily, but faking your death? Do you have any idea what this will do to the team. Especially when you come back to life?"

"Yes, I know it's drastic, but I have to, JJ. The team will be angry with me, but in time they'll forgive me. Or at least I hope so," Emily said softly.

"They will, we all love you way too much not to," JJ supplied.

"Thanks, JJ, well I guess this is it. Here goes nothing," Emily said taking a deep breath.

"Love you, Em," JJ said hugging her tihtly.

"Love you to, Jayje," Emily said returning the sisterly hug. Staring at her best friend a moment longer, Emily gave her a nod. Nodding back J headed out of the room to tell the team about her "death" a job she knew JJ didn't want.

The song on her IPOD brought the female agent back to the present. A soft smile crossed her lips when she realized it was Take It Away by Karmin. She relaxed as she listened to the lyrics. They described her reasons for going after Doyle on her own better than she ever could. As the song ended she drifted off to sleep hoping things would turn out okay with her team in the end.


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