A/N: This is a story me (Kirsa) and my friend, Riuki, will be writing together. I as Alois, and she as Ciel. This is the first time we've written a fanfiction collab together, and the first time we've written with these characters; and we're super excited for this story (we love the pairing of CielxAlois). Also, sorry this first chapter is so short, it's just hard to write with nothing to responde to :P The letters should be getting longer from here on out. :) And since it's summer we just *hopefully* be updating a lot. I'm gonna stop writing now because the author's note is as long as the letter XD

Dear Phantomhive,

I don't know whether or not that butler of yours (as awful as he is) reads your mail before handing it to you, so I won't write much. I just wanted to say that it seems as if we have some things in common (I know, it surprised me too, as amazing as I am; and as…plain as you are). Such as, we both work for the Queen. And our butlers are both demons. Yes, that's right, I have a contract as well. My butler, Claude, told me all about Sebastian, including much you probably don't know about him, since most of it was of Sebastian before he met you…and I found out about his contract with you. Everything about you intrigues me. So, Ciel Phantomhive, is a meeting in place? Or, at least, a letter in return?

You won't be able to say no to me ;)

-Alois Trancy