Well, Riuki and I had totally forgotten about this story, and today while I was looking through my ff acount, I noticed it once more and decided that, while this isn't the ending we were intending, I wanted to finish it and so I wrote one up. Riuki didn't write as Ciel this time, as I'm sure she's forgotten about it (and is currently on vacation), and I hope this ending satisfies you all. Thank you for reading.

Dear Trancy,

Though I know you can no longer reply to this letter, I still feel that I must write you one last time. I apologise for every moment that has happened, and once again feel resentment towards you for causing me to act in the manner that I did. I did not want to hurt you, but such is life. While I want to mourn your loss, ultimately this is for the better, as I must no longer worry about anyone discovering what was bound to transpire between us (although there are times where I will still deny to myself that I ever felt anything but hatred towards you). I am still sending this letter to your estate, as a way of "closure" for myself, and I hope that useless, and nosy, butler of yours does not open this, but rather assumes that this letter is a mistake and tosses it. Of course, as you had known, demons seem apt for gossip, so I'm certain he will open it up and soon he and Sebastian will both know why we were keen on meeting once again.

While I regret that this will be my last letter to you, as infuriating as you were, I am hopeful that this will both end any further complications in my life, as well as bring both of us peace.

I don't think I could ever end a letter with the word "love", so I will do the closest that I can:


Ciel Phantomhive