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*fades to black*


Where am I? What is this place? Ugh! My head hurts... I wish I could focus...

I dont remember much, but there has to be a way out of this...

I remember leaving the coffee shop and turning to wave at Alice and Rose. Our weekly Coffee date was a success, with Rose flailing her arms as she described her latest fling with boy toy Eddie Cullen, and Alice sitting quietly at my side shaking her head at Rose's theatrics.

"He was up on me like white on rice as soon as we got through the door! I was like, 'Oh hell no boy! Back up off this, you ain't getting into these jeans that fast!" Rose explains while making these odd faces.

I bite my tongue to hold in my giggles.

"So, did you even make it to the restaurant?" I ask, trying to bring the date into focus for her again.

"Wait, I thought you were supposed to go out with Garrett this weekend? What happened to that?" Alice interjects before Rose begins her tirade again.

OH! I didn't tell you guys, did I? Turns out, Garrett was boinking Kate on the side, now he not only has a kid with Irina on the way, but Kate is knocked up too! I about lost it right in the middle of the commons room when I heard that! Can you believe it? A baby daddy twice before he even hit his Junior year in college. Thats gotta suck!" Rose ends her rant with a guffawed laugh. I would swear that Rose and Emmett McCarthy, UDub's starting quarterback, shared the same DNA. I still won't say that they don't.

"Oh my GOSH! Thats INSANE!" Alice exclaims. Alice is really close to Irina after their shared interest in Art and Design. What messes that situation up even more is that Kate and Irina are cousins. Wow, love to have video of THAT family reunion.

I wait for Rose to continue with her play by play of her date, but her and Alice start chat-speaking with each other over the Garrett debacle. They are talking so fast I can't understand a word they are saying, so I stay out of it and wait. Not too long into their hen-pecking, Rose gets back on track.

"So anyway, Eddie was like 'So, your place or mine?' and I was like 'Both, you go to yours, I will go to mine, see ya!' and I came back after a crappy snack dinner and ESPN Sportscenter! I dunno if he is all that. His reputation that preceeded him is flawed as far as I'm concerned." Rose says with a flick of her wrist and a flip of her hair to one side.

Conversation flows after that about a preplanned shopping trip to revamp everyone's wardrobe for the winter. Alice had that look in her eye as she spied me from the side. I knew there was no getting out of it for me. I despise shopping...

After times were entered into all of our planners, we disposed of our caramel macchiato cups and headed out. Rose and Alice lived on the upper north side, and I was in the opposite direction to get to the subway, so we parted ways outside of the shop door.

I turned to the side to wave at the girls, and the as I turned back around I caught a flash of movement from the right out of the corner of my eye.

I froze. I didn't turn my head. I looked around with my eyes and saw nothing. I figured I was just paranoid. A couple of girls from this area have come up missing in the past few months, so I was just in my wariness.

I should have turned around and went back to the coffee shop and called a cab.

Then my nightmare wouldn't be happening.

I decided that I would try to stay in the lights of the sidewalk as I headed to the subway. If I could just make it there, I could get on, make my way home, then lock myself in before school in the morning. I only had one class tomorrow at 11 am, so locking myself in and sleeping in till broad daylight sounded like a great plan to me.

Duh Bella, your luck is worse that a Turlte's on his back in the middle of a four-lane highway. Idiot.

As I stepped into the light about a block from the shop I was at, I was grabbed by my forearm and whipped aroud to face the alley. The man standing before me was a brute looking fellow. menacing didn't come close to his facial expression. His dark eyes bored into mine as he tightened his grip on me. The longer he stared the worse my shaking got. My entire body was vibrating. I was caught off guard, I couldn'r make a soud come out of my mouth. Breathe! Damnit, Bella, scream, say something! Stranger danger, speak!

But I was immobilized by his stare. His brow furrowed the more he stared, then his expression changed to frustration.

"I cannot get in! She is blocking me!" The hulk of a man spoke out as he stared straight at me.

"I told you, Boss said she was a special one! Its her shield, and she isn't to be harmed at all, so ease up Felix. Bruises will cost you an arm, remember?" Snickered a second, leaner man coming out of the alleyway shadows.

What the hell? What are they talking about? A shield? Are they high? I am carrying nothing you R-tards!

I wanted to scream to them that they had the wrong person, to let me go and I wouldn't say anything, but I was still unable to take a breath to speak. I started to get a bit light headed and my eyelids felt heavy.

"Ease up Felix! She dies, you die! Boss wants her bad!" the smaller of the two men shouted as my knees started to buckle.

Hulk scooped me up bridal style as I went doen, holding me to his chest like he was cradling a child. "Alright, I got it Demetri, get off my jock you dick! We have perfect memory, so no! I didn't forget you moron!" Felix growled over his shoulder as he started to carry me down the dark alley.

At this point my adrenaline kicked in and my voice started to return and I don't think these guys appreciated my volume as I found words.

"Hey! Stranger Danger! You guys have the wrong girl! I know no boss! I am not your rag doll! Put me DOWN!" I start to struggle with Felix, trying to get out of his hold, while grunting out 'let go!'

"Alright, Felix, right in the temple, not too hard, it will keep her out till we get to the warehouse!" Demetri spoke while coming up on the left side of Felix.

What are they going to do?

About that point I felt a small thump to my right temple, a sharp pain to my head, and then everything went black.

That brings us to the point I am at now, coming back into focus as I groggily try to shake off the darkness in my vision. Everything is blurry and dark. I don't know if the darkness was in my vision, or if where I was sitting was in darkness. I could feel cold, metallic ridges underneath me, and smooth, hard plastic behind me. It felt like I was in a vehicle, but it wasn't moving. As my vision began to clear more, I noitced that I was sitting in the back of what looked like a box truck, or econo-van. My hands were bound behind me, my ankles bound out in front of me. I was sat up against the side, with nothing around me. I tried to speak, but all that came out was a muffled groan. I was gagged.

Just fucking perfect! What the Hell?

Looking around me, I notice that the only view of the outside I can see is a small, box-like window high up above me on the other side of the van. I could see that it was still dark, but I had no idea how long I have been out or my location. I couldn't see anything but sky. Just great. Just. Fucking. Peachy.

Muffled voices start to get closer from outside of the van in front of me. The closer they get, the more I can understand, but I still can't catch the reason why I was thrust into this clusterfuck mess. Yes, I am pissed. Peter is going to be fuming. We had plans to go out of town this weekend to go see Charlotte in Forks. I know I was missing her alot. Ever since her and Charlie came back from their honeymoon they have been barricaded in my childhood home. Ugh, thinking of what they were doing caused a shiver to go down my spine. Not the images I wanted to see. Charlotte said he liked using his handcuffs... eww, bad Charlie!

A sound of a clunk on the side of the van brought my thoughts back into focus. Whoever was out there was still talking about something to do with this 'boss' person.

"... she will be unstoppable..."

"...he didn't think..."

"...so strong..."

"...like a brick wall..."

"...so beautiful..."

Ok, I was completely confused and a bit frightened... yeah, scratch that, I am down right terrified now. Bravado is an idiots way of getting hurt in this type of situation. I was trying NOT to be an idiot. The urge to kick out and scream to the top of my lungs was my first reaction to what was happening, but reason came skidding into my mind at just the right moment to make sure I did not get myself hurt anymore than I possibly could be facing.

Oh shit, now my fear decides to spike! Damnit, Bella, grow a pair!

At the sudden uprise of my fear, the conversation outside came to a sudden stop. Ok, that was strange.

I hear as they move around to the back of the van, and the handle on the single side back door clicks open. The door is pulled open to reveal the two goons from the alley and one other serson, a scarlet-haired female that was dressed to impress. As she came further into view, I felt my confidence level drop to the lowest level. My god, she makes me rethink my preferences. The woman was FUCKHAWT! She met my eyes and I couldn't contain the gasp that was muffled by my gag. Her irises were bright cherry... red.

Motherfucking vampires!

I TOLD Peter that they were in the area, I could sense them! He said that his 'spidey sense' hadn't alerted him to any danger, so he thought my 'radar' was on the fritz.

I think he fell out of one too many trees while felling the pines in our backyard.

Fucking Peter.

Fucking vampires.

My focus was once again brought to the red-headed sex on legs. her chime like voice smoothed over my ears like a lullaby.

"Well done you two, the boss will be pleased. Bring her to her quarters in the west wing. I will groom her there." The beauty said while looking me right in the eye.

What is up with the direct eye contact with these vamps? Creepy.

Wait, what? Groom? What do I look like, a fucking French Poodle? There will be no damn grooming here, princess! Think again! Getting your small, smooth, chilling hands all over my my soft, warm, human skin...

Oops, shit! Knock off the girl on girl, Bella, pay attention! Shit!

"Alright Heidi, but I should warn you, she will be a bit feisty. She was struggling before I had to conk her out." Felix relays to the beauty identified now as Heidi.

That will be fine, I can handle her in my own way, just do as your told. Isabella, love, welcome to your new home." Heidi sings to me as Felix pulls me towards the door by my ankles. I know better than to struggle. I have to try my best to not get hurt, to not mark myself up and definitely to NOT get drained.

Peter is going to be livid. My 'radar' has gone postal on me, so I know I am surrounded by numerous vamps. Holy hell, what have I gotten myeself into?

And this is just the beginning, I can feel it.

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*faints into Peter's arms*

Peter waves "See y'all around soon as shee wakes up. She is a bit overworked." Peter winks and smirks at you