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After I was unceremoniously dumped in my new 'quarters', I didn't have time to even breathe before sex on legs came in to 'groom' me. I had a feeling that we were going to butt heads real quick. Heidi seemed to be grinning at a private joke as she entered behind Goon one and two. They made a hasty retreat to leave Heidi to get down to business.

My 'radar' was giving me a headache, but I did have sense to think the situation through before I opened my mouth and got myself into trouble. I have been told I am a bit mouthy when I am on the defensive, but I had a feeling that if I said the wrong thing to this chick, I would be paying for it painfully. I did know a few things for sure, and that was to speak when spoken to and to be polite, as much as I didn't want to. I had to make sure I didn't get a case of diarrea of the mouth as well while in the company of these vampires.

I was not to know of their existance and I did not want to get Peter in trouble. As much as I am fuming about the hiccup of his power right now, I did not want the powers that be in the vamp world to come down on him. That could end badly for both of us.

All of this thought process kept running through my mind as I watched Heidi walk in a small arc in front of me, maintaining eye contact the whole time. A few emotions crossed her face throughout this, but they did not stay long, giving her the chance to school her expression before she spoke again. I may not want to speak out of turn or blurt something out in disrespect, but that didn't mean I would become all submissive to her. If she thought I was going to break eye contact and bow my head in submission to her, she had another thing coming!

I decided that I wanted to take in my surroundings as she made up her mind of what she was going to do or say next. I broke eye contact for the first time since entering the room and looked around.

If this was a warehouse, it was the most swanky warehouse in the district for sure!

The walls were covered in an Americana blue color, trimmed with regal oak trim. There were no pictures on the walls, and the two windows off to the left of me were covered in ceiling to floor heavy mauve drapes. There were no mirrors, and minimal furniture was scattered about the room. I was in a seated position now on top of what looked like a king size four poster bed. The bed and the matching dresser and nightstand were in a dark oak, almost the same color as the trim in the room. The bedding was a mauve satin to match the drapes.

Being that vampires didn't sleep, I didnt have to worry with whose bed I was sitting on. It looked brand new actually. That was reassuring for me, I didn't want to be sitting where someone had romped. That thought gave me a shiver that went all the way up my spine.

At that moment Heidi's movements paused and I caught her eye again. At this point she seemed to decide on what to do first and smirked. Bitch.

"First of all, Isabella, I would like to welcome you to the Volturi Estate. It is with great pleasure that I inform you that from now on, your life is no longer your own. As of the moment you were taken, your life now belongs to the Volturi." She gave me a triumphant grin with shiny teeth showing and all. I shivered and her grin widened. "You are now what we call a 'study'. You have been shown to have great power, and that has made you more valuable above most others."

'Oh shit' I thought as I felt the color drain from my face. Speak of the Vamp Powers That Be, and they shall rear their insidious heads, fangs beared. I chuckled internally at that thought, knowing that I was in a world of shit, and laughing about it. Yep, I was losing it. Great, no freedom and apperently sans sanity as well. Joy. As I was having my mental tirade inside my own head, Heidi continued to make her circuit in front of me explaining what would now be the process of purchase... Wait, WHAT?

"I'm sorry, I must have misheard you. What did you say about purchase?" I asked as politely as I could in this situation, trying not to get smacked across the room. The walls were to pretty to be damaged. Yeah, goodbye, sanity.

She halts her movements, closes her eyes and inhales slowly. As she exhales through her nostrils, she opens her lids and zeros in on me immediately. "The next step is to prepare you for sale. Your auction is located in the Ball Room of the Volturi Manor. With signs of hidden talent, you will be offered up as an idividual auction to the heads of the covens. Once you are sold, you will be taken to your coven and changed to serve that house, with the regard that you will be in the servitude of the Volturi should your talent be needed." She calmed as she finished her speech, but also made it clear with eye contact that it would not be welcome to speak again. I eagerly obeyed her silent threat. But she is still a bitch.

As she stepped up to me, she proceeded to stand me from my position on the bed and then swiftly began to remove my clothing. Whoa! I know she is insanely hot and all, but damn! I didn't really feel in the mood for her to get fresh with me!

"Hey! Wha-?" My meager objection was cut off abruptly but Heidi snapping me to attention, grasping my shoulders to the point where I was sure there would be marks. Uh oh, I needed to control my reactions a bit more. I scoffed at myself 'Ya think, tard?'

Great, now I am insulting myself. I really was sad to see my sanity go.

"Isabella, I really have no patience for your human mind not comprehending anything I have said. So, before I take a cut in pay for draining you before the sale, please refrain from uttering another syllable!" She maintained eye contact and that was the deciding factor that I would cut out my own tongue before pissing her off again. To sale I go then. Wait, am I going... NAKED?

Heidi then produced what looked to be a simple sundress. Monotone in color in the shade of royal blue, it looked to be a bit form fitting. At this point the only thing I was thinking was that I hoped I hadn't gained any weight and wether or not my ass would look good. Good lord, even being my own mind, I wanted to face-palm for that thought. No IQ points procured here, folks!

There were no more words from Heidi. She swiftly pulled the fabric down over my head and proceeded to fit me with a matching in color collar then latched on a leather leash.

"Come Isabella, we cannot have you late for your sale." Heidi then proceeded to lead me out the door, with me following obediently behind her.

Oh fuck, so royally fucked. Peter, where the fuck are you?

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