Summary: When Ed suddenly reappears after his kidnapping and supposed torture, something about him has changed. He's no longer the same caring person that everyone knew him as, now his mind is warped and only a monster remains. Now its up to Al to stop his brother's bloody rampage while also try to help him regain his senses. Only Al and his new alchemy skills can help his brother now. Maybe some RoyEd I'm not sure yet but there is a strong possibility.

A/N: In the following chapters Ed and Al have their bodies back and I'll fill in everything else for you all later on in the story.

Prologue to Zero

The man ran even faster down the bustling sidewalks of Central, he saw that he couldn't lose this dog of the military that only came closer to him with every step he took. Damn that kid is fast, he knew he couldn't outrun him but maybe he could lose him. In a haste the man quickly turned the corner and entered an alley but that didn't stop the certain state alchemist that was catching up to him.

A grumble escaped Edward Elric's lips as he increased his speed to catch up to his running culprit. He turned the corner and followed after his culprit with a grim expression he sighed. Why do they always run? They shouldn't even try to escape because know one can outrun the Fullmetal Alchemist. But still running seemed like a wasteful talent for scum who break the laws and run away from their consequences, so to make this go faster. Ed stopped running and clapped his hands, he slammed his hands on the ground and immediately blue sparks of lightning spread and pressurized the air. The blue sparks trailed along the walls around them then began to protrude and wrap around the man.

The man stopped frozen in surprise as the concrete material wrapped around his body and kept him immobilized. Damnit! Was all the man could think of. Edward pulled himself up and smiled slowly he walked towards the man while saying, "Come now, did you really think you could get away?" In Ed's mind he was pretty much gloating to himself about the successful capture. Standing face to face with the man, he stood on his toes to reach the man's height, Edward smirked and said, "Did you really think you could outrun the Fullmetal Alchemist?"

The man in response spat in Ed's face. Ed kept the smirk on his face and wiped the spit off his face with his sleeve, "Well that was very immature." He simply said. The man just turned his head and started trying to break free of his concrete snare. Ed waved a finger in front of his face and said in a sleazy tone, "Ah Ah, I wouldn't try that if I were you. You should be smart enough to know that if you move around in that too much you could seriously end up injuring yourself." The man stopped struggling then let his head slump down, then that's when Ed heard it: a small giggle escape the man's lips. The giggle turned into a full-scale laugh as his head rose to the sky and hollered out the mad laughter. Ed took a step back cautiously, the laughter became soft and silent in a way as the man turned to face the teen. "Can I ask you something, why are you a state alchemist?"

Ed cringed. What was the point in asking if he could ask him a question if he asked him anyways? "I don't see how that is any of your business." He snapped. "Come on just tell me I'm curious." The man urged on. "I'm not telling." Ed snapped again in a more frustrated tone. The man snickered, "Okay fine I was just curious about why a kid would join up with a filthy military and agree to be their dog."

"Just so you know this kid is 17 years old and going on 18 next week." Ed grumbled then added, "Now be quiet already I have to go and-"

"No Edward Elric, I'm afraid you wont be going anywhere." The man suddenly interrupted him with a content frown on his face. Edward turned back around to face the man but as he did he felt a prick sting the side of his neck. Ed reached to his neck and felt something embedded in it, he grasped the strange object and with a moan he jerked it out of his neck and raised it to his face. His eyes caught sight of what looked like to be a tranquilizer dart.

A twinkle of Ed's blood started to create a miniscule bubble on his neck as he rose in attention to the spot where the dart was embedded. Immediately Ed could feel the poison begin to take affect as it flowed to every part of his body, first his limbs fell weak and useless then the rest of his body caved in to the effect of the drug. Ed fell to his knees and looked up at the man who was still ensnared in his trap. "Damn- wha- what… did… yo- you do to…. Me…?" His motor skills started to shut down. Soon his consciousness would fall as well.

The man's frown turned into a brilliant smile. "I told you, you're not going anywhere. You are our property now." Behind Edward a couple of men started to creep into the hallway. Damnit, Ed could only and hardly think. This… was… a… trap…The men circled all around him and looked down on him, some had sneers on their face and some had frowns but to Ed they were all the same.

Ed finally collapsed on the ground as darkness started to creep into his vision. "You belong to us now Edward." He could only hear the man say. The darkness left only a spec of light for him now.

"You're our little monster now."

Darkness finally consumed him but before his mind fell into a deep sleep, he unconsciously thought,

Did… he….say… little…?

The alchemist fell silent and still.

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