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An AU love story of Percy and Annabeth. Let's just say Paul Blofis disapproves of Percy and Annabeth's relationship.

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Chapter 1- Jackson meets Chase

It was morning at Manila, Philippines. In a little place in there, there was an inexpensive apartment, where our heroine stays.

"Wake up, Annabeth! Wake up." Thalia, Annabeth's best friend, called. She opened the windows while Annabeth slowly opened her eyes. She felt the hot humid air warm her skin.

"What?" she asked as she covered her face with a pillow. She shielded her eyes from the blazing light of the morning sun.

"It's your big day!" Thalia said as she tried to remind her friend. Annabeth asked sleepily, her face still buried in the pillow.

"Big day?"

"Come on!" Thalia complained as she tried to pull the pillow. "You'll be late for your first job interview! Remember?"

"Oh!" she just said but after few seconds, her last words started to sink in. She suddenly opened her eyes and stood up." Oh no," she muttered under her breath and threw the bed cover. She made giant strides and moved fast like a lightning. After few minutes, she was all smiles and all done.

She started the engine of the old car owned by her deceased grandfather but it went dead. She started it again and went dead.

"Come on! Come on! Please don't be a jerk. I need to be there on time." she muttered and as if sympathising with her, it suddenly roared into life. It was not her bad day after all.

She whistled her favourite tune as she drove on the fast lane trying to calm herself.

Ayala Avenue in Makati was already packed with heavy traffic. She swerved to the right hoping to head for a short cut route but she didn't notice a black limo coming from the opposite direction.

She was surprised when she heard a loud bang. She came down from her car and so did the passenger of the brand new black limo.

A Caucasian skin, tall and handsome guy wearing sunglasses came out of the limo. He was wearing a business suit which looked like he was to attend an important meeting. He went straight to the tanned skin young lady.

"Watch, where you're driving, woman."

She was taken aback. The man was rude. There was some air of arrogance in him which was annoying. She held her face high and folded her arms in front. "Sorry? You should watch where you're driving, man."

"Excuse me? Look what your car did to my limousine! It was a good thing you just bumped us. Something worse would have happened if you didn't pull on the brakes"

"Same to you, you act as if you're the King of the Road."

"Watch your language lady."

"It's you who should watch yours sir. You don't own this place."

They gritted their teeth like a lion and a tiger ready to devour each other.

"Look! What that stupid limo of yours did to my precious car!"

"Hahaha! That car of yours…precious? You're a crazy woman!"

"Don't call me that Mr. Lunatic. I had shared many memories with this car and this was once owned by my beloved grandfather."

"So that's why, it's old. Even a junk shop will not have any interest in buying that garbage car."

"Don't ever insult my grandfather's car!" replied Annabeth hot colour rising in her cheeks. She retraced her steps and went back to her car. "I've got no time, arguing with you! I'm leaving! I can't believe I wasted 30 minutes of my time with your useless limo!"

Annabeth went inside and started the engine.

"Oh yeah! At least, my limo is not a junk compared to yours."

Annabeth almost hit Percy with her car and even blew the horn loud warning him to step aside.

Percy removed his sunglasses that revealed sea green eyes. Then he muttered, "What a crazy woman!" His assistant called and motioned him to come inside because they had to leave.

She was sitting on the front row.

"It's your turn, Ms. Annabeth Chase." an old woman with spectacles called. Annabeth stood up nervously and approached the door. She took a deep breath. She opened it and saw a man sitting on a black chair, his back turned towards the door. She narrowed her eyes.

"Wait!" she said to herself. "That man looked familiar. Caucasian skinned? Check. Tall and handsome? Check. Wearing business suit? Check." Every feature of the man she encountered this morning matches her interviewer. Her eyes widened in horror and she hurriedly went out of the room and closed the door. She began to breathe hard and put her hands to her mouth.

"No, this should not be happening to me," she said. "It shouldn't be him. No, no, NO!" she thought, but a part of her kept thinking so. Because of this, she wanted to melt and disappear right at this very moment.

The old woman who was standing beside her furrowed an eyebrow and asked "Is there something wrong, Ms. Chase?" Annabeth got startled. She said nervously," N-Nothing madam! I just felt nervous. I'm going back now." She then opened the door and entered.

"G-G-Good morning, sir!" she said trying her best to feel calm. But because of too much nervousness, she accidentally closed the door with a loud bang. The man moved but did not look up. From the side, Annabeth could barely see his face. He was reading the resume in his hand.

"So, you're Ms. Annabeth Cha…" Percy looked at Annabeth. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. He narrowed them and suddenly a flush of anger rushed into his face. Same went with Annabeth.

"You again!" they both said in unison. They looked at each other with accusation. Just like this morning.

"What are you doing here inside my office?" It was Percy who spoke first.

She regained her composure and held her head high. "I think sir you can see the obvious. I'm applying for a job".

Percy let out a wide smile revealing white pearly teeth. It was a smile of insult. Annabeth gritted her teeth. "He smiles like the devil", she thought.

"Please sit down, Ms. Chase".

Annabeth sat herself on a chair in front of his table. She looked away avoiding his stare. He stood up and to her surprise stopped in front of her. Silence... She can feel the cool air coming from the air conditioner. He looked at her from head to toe increasing her nervousness.

"So, you're applying for my personal secretary?" He moved closer so she can hear the words clearly. She could smell his perfume. She tried to look away again. Percy returned to his chair and started the first question.

"Tell me something about yourself."

Annabeth cleared her throat and said in a husky voice. "I am Annabeth Chase fresh from graduate school. I took up Fashion Arts at St. Benilde University specializing in Jewelry Design."

"Jewelry Design huh?" he interrupted. "That's unusual. Go ahead, Ms. Chase. How about your family?"

"I'm living on my own now, sir. I have a father, Dr. Frederick Chase, and a step mother and two step brothers."

"And why do you think I will hire you for the job?"

Annabeth let out a smile and said "Beside my good looks, I am friendly and..."

"Friendly? Ha ha ha. That's how you acted this morning? Friendly?" he said in a sarcastic voice laughing. His laughter filled the room.

Annabeth tried to calm herself. This man is impossible! He is evil. He is arrogant. He is loathsome! If only he could slap his face.

"Well, that's all for the day, Ms. Chase. My assistant will give you a call later."

She did not thank him and instead she stood up and walked to the door. Anger kept flushing and she breathed hard to compose herself. Why were there days that were really so bad? She wished she could apparate and disappear from this very place. Hope she could erase this day from her lifetime memory.

That evening, Percy was alone in his room. It was past midnight but still he cannot sleep. The morning incident kept flashing in his mind. The girl was beautiful but she was proud. And yet when she talked about her family, there was so much loneliness in her eyes. He wanted to comfort her for what reason, he did not know. He kept telling his subconscious to forget about the girl. She was just an ordinary girl and does not deserve his attention. It was almost morning when sleep came.

She was preparing breakfast in the kitchen when the phone rang. Thalia just came from the bathroom so she got there first. "Annabeth, it's for you girl." Annabeth put down the pan she was holding and went hurriedly to the phone.

"Hello! Good morning!"

"Good morning Ms. Annabeth Chase!" It was an old woman's voice. "This is Katie Williams from Jackson Group of Companies. You are to report to the Office of Percy Jackson at exactly 10 am today. He is expecting you."

"Thank you very much," Annabeth said.

When she put down the phone, she put on another wild face. Why was she asked to report this soon?

She was there ten minutes before the time. While waiting outside, her mind began racing. "What does he want to talk to me about? Oh no! What if it's about the damage to his car?" Just the thought of it made her sick. She sighed. Only three words can explain her situation right now. She's in TROUBLE!

"Ms. Chase," the spectacled woman said.

"What should I do?" Annabeth thought.

"Ms. Chase," the old woman repeated.

"I don't have enough money to pay for the repair!"

"Ms. Annabeth Chase!" the old woman said loudly almost shouting. Annabeth got startled. She blinked and came back to reality. "Mr. Jackson is waiting for you inside his office."

Annabeth stared at the door as if it was cursed. She gulped and nervously entered the room.

Percy was reading a file when she came in. Before he could speak she started to apologize.

"I'm sorry sir I didn't mean to bump your limo. I'm sorry sir for not noticing it. I'm sorry sir for arguing with you and calling you King of the Road. I'm sorry for everything I said. I've got no money to pay for the repair of your car and for the damage I caused. I'm sorry…"

Percy just stared at her blankly wondering if she was crazy. Then he laughed out loud. His laugh echoed inside the room.

"Do you think I bothered to call you for the incident yesterday?" Percy asked trying to stop himself from laughing. Annabeth just stared at him. What's funny?

Percy suddenly extended his hand for a handshake. "I'm Percy Jackson, Vice President for Jackson Incorporated and you're going to be my personal secretary. Welcome to Jackson Group of Companies Ms. Annabeth Chase."

Annabeth got shocked from what she heard. Can we rewind? Did he just say "You're going to be my personal secretary?"

Annabeth shook his hand. "Thank you for hiring me Mr. Jackson and I'm sorry again for all the things I said yesterday."

"Don't worry Ms. Annabeth Chase. And to start your day, let me introduce to you Jackson Group of Companies." and he pointed to a nearby door and they both entered. It was a large room with oval shiny table used for presentation. He went towards a wide screen and turned on the projector.

Annabeth sat down and giant slide images appeared. "As my personal secretary, you have to familiarize yourself with the different businesses of Jackson Group of Companies. The building full of glass that you can see on the right side is the JM also known as Jackson Mall located at Pampanga, Philippines. It is a one stop shopping mall standing on a 5 hectare commercial lot. There is a supermarket, fast food chains, banks, amusement park, and rows and rows of retail stores. Jackson Mall also started to branch out in the Pacific, in India and Singapore. Next is Jackson Estates Incorporated and it manages the Jackson Hotel in Zurich Switzerland, Dubai, France, and condominium units in Hong Kong and Middle East. The last one is the JFC also known as Jackson Financial Corp. This company handles the Jackson Bank International which has branches in New York, London, and Sydney, Australia. As my personal secretary, you are expected to organize events, communicate with the country managers of these businesses and set my schedules on different meetings. As for today, you can have an early dismissal and start your formal work tomorrow. I usually report for work as early as seven in the morning Miss Chase so don't be late."

Annabeth stood up, got her bag and left the room feeling dazed with the turn of today's events. . "Goodbye, sir," she just said.

When she left, Katie Williams, Percy's assistant asked" Of all applicants Mr. Jackson, why did you choose her?"

Percy blushed and said "Well…." He made a "come closer" movement in his hand and the old woman followed.

"Because," Percy murmured "She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen". And his assistant let out a wide grin.

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