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Chapter 16: The First Kill is always the hardest part 2

California- Aaron Jefferies'- Seconds before the Explosion

Peter smiled as the computer in front of him booted up.

"How long is it going to take you to crack this thing kid?" Clint asked.

"Not long at all, I've very good with compu….." Peter started but stopped because his spider-sense went into overdrive, "Uh-Oh…."

The powerful and urgent feeling of danger assaulted every nerve ending in Peter's body, making him hyper aware of everything in his surroundings. Everything slowed down and he was able to see a stream of fire erupt along the wall in front of him. The fire zoomed up the wall and towards the ceiling setting all of it ablaze with orange flames. The computer in front of him cracked open and violent sparks spewed from the keyboards and screen. The floor beneath his feet rippled and started to burst apart revealing giant plumes of fire and smoke coming from almost every direction.

Peter saw and sensed all of these things happening around him at once and in an instant he was on the move, pushing his enhanced agility and reflexes to the limit. He shoved himself away from the desk just as it exploded in splitters of wood and fire, he turned and grabbed the shocked Clint by the scruff of his shirt and Natasha by the belt of her pants and with them in tow he charged towards the window that was on the far side of the room. Thanks to his spider sense each of his steps were measured and calculated, side stepping the rupturing and burning floor with precision.

Closer and closer the window came and just as the house fully exploded, he with Natasha and Clint in hand burst through the glass.


The force of the explosion caught them while they were in mid-air and blew them away from the house and sent them tumbling across the law where they all violent hit the ground. The three spies didn't have a moment to rest before it started to rain debris down upon them, and they each tried their best to cover themselves from the fiery debris.

New York- Office of Professor Abner Jenkins

"After last night I insist that you call me Abner…or Abe if you prefer" he joked.

Julia smiled a bit sheepishly and she bit her lip.

"Last night….yeah…that's…that's actually why I'm here" she said moving a bit closer to him. Abner nodded his head and folded his arms across his chest.

"I must say I was a bit surprised last night happened, but it did and I'm not ashamed. I hope that's not what you've come to tell me Julia"

"No" she responded, "No, I'm not ashamed of last night either, I just…I just thought I should say I was sorry for the way I kinda slipped out before you woke up"

"Yeah, I was hoping you would be there when I woke. I've been told I make a mean omelet, but Julia you don't have to apologize; it's nice that you did but you didn't have too. I mean it's not like we've really defined our relationship and ideally that's what people should do before they sleep together right"

"Maybe about a decade ago" Julia replied.

"Oh, well I guess I'm behind on the times then. Call me old fashion" said Abner with humor in his voice.

Julia smiled and shifted in her spot.

"So….um…..are you busy?" she asked nervously.

"My schedule just opened up"

"Good because….I….I-I was…." She stuttered, 'God why do I sound like I'm in the 10th grade. You're an adult Julia sound like one dammit' "Would you like to get some lunch?"

"With you, most definitely" he replied happily.

"Good, I know this place that's really fantastic and it's nice and quiet and it'll give us a chance to….talk"

"About our drastically changed relationship I'm sure."

Julia smiled and nodded her head.

Abner smirked and pushed from the desk and moved towards her. He gently grabbed her right hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it gently.

"Lead the way Ms. Carpenter." He said

California- Aaron Jefferies/ Abner Jenkins Safe House

"AHHHHH!" Peter screamed as he rolled along the grass in an attempt to put out the fire that was currently burning his back. A piece of burning wood had fallen upon him and set his shirt ablaze with him still wearing it; he continued to roll and flail until finally the fire was extinguished.

He laid there on the grass for a second panting but his panting was interrupted by the thick swirling fog of smoke that was coming from the blown house a few feet away. He let out a few coughs before rolling onto his stomach; his eyes locked upon the burning remains.

'Damn it' he thought to himself.

"Ugh…" came a soft moan.

Peter turned to the right and he could see Natasha starting to stir and she had some debris on top of her, so not wasting any more time Peter gingerly made his way of her to her and he began to dig her out of the debris. He grunted as he tossed a piece of the house off of her but his eyes widen when he saw that there was a sharp piece of metal sticking out the left side of her abdomen. However that was not her only injury. She was sporting several lacerations across her body, as well as several burns.

"Natasha" Peter whispered.

"W-W-What…the F*** happened?" came a pained and weary voice.

Peter turned his head to see Clint crawling over towards him but much like Natasha, Clint was clearly injured. He was bleeding from his nose, mouth and ears. He had tiny shards of glass sticking from out of his arms and shoulders and his clothes were singed and hanging from his body. However the biggest draw was the metal rod that was jammed into his right calf.

Peter looked at him and then at Natasha.

"We got played?" he responded in a serious tone.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Came the loud sounds of police sirens and fire trucks.

Peter heard the sound and he knew that they could not get seen at the scene and so he quickly scooped Natasha up and into his arms. He then went towards Clint who was attempting to stand to his feet but he was failing. Clint stumbled forward but Peter moved towards him and allowed him to collapse over his shoulder. Peter's own injuries bothered him but he pushed through it and stood up straight, so Clint was now draped over his right shoulder. And even though it was awkward caring both of his partners he managed; Peter looked around for a second and he spotted a hole in the fence that they had jumped over earlier. It had been blown apart by the refrigerator. He quickly shuffled over to the hole and away from the scene.

California- Shield Helicarrier- Fury's Quarters

Colonel Fury sat in his seat with his eyes trained upon the blue shimmering face of a man that he had a tenuous friendly relationship.

The man had a bald head, tan skin, high eye brows, blue eyes and a clean shaven face. The man was none other than Professor Charles Xavier, a very powerful mutant with the unique ability of telepathy. Professor Xavier's face had a serious expression and after a few seconds passed with the men looking at each other he finally spoke.

"And why do you desire her Fury?" Professor Xavier asked in his usual English proper and pronounced tone of voice.

"That's not any concern of yours Xavier."

"She is a mutant, and usually when you come in contact with mutants bad things always follow"

"She's a terrorist"

"She's is but she's also misunderstood"

"I hope you're making a bad joke"

Professor Xavier averted his gaze for a brief second while releasing a long sigh. Fury could see the contemplative look in the man's face and he decided to capitalize on the feelings that he could see on the Professor's face.

"Look, I can't nor will I go into details but I need this favor from you Xavier, my time frame is slim, innocent lives are on the line, so I need this and if you do this for me then I will owe you one."

Professor Xavier turned his gaze back to Fury and he studied him for a second before he slowly nodded his head.

"Fine, I will locate Mystique for you with cerebro"

"Good, and when you do notify me immediately….and Xavier"

"Yes, Fury"


The communication line was cut and Fury rubbed his good eye and then leaned back in his seat.

Safe House

(FU**) Natasha shouted in Russian as Peter pulled the piece of metal out of her abdomen. Peter tossed the metal to the ground and he quickly applied direct pressure to the wound with the thick gauze from the medical kit that was next to him. After making a getaway from the house he immediately drove back to their safe house to dress Clint and Natasha's wounds.

"I'm sorry I know that hurts." said Peter softly. He cast a glance to the left to see Clint laying the ground a few feet away. He had a bottle of pills to his lips greedily emptying the contents into his mouth.

Clint swallowed about five pills whole and then tossed the bottle to Natasha who caught it and chugged several pills from the bottle as well. He then eyed his right calf and the rod that was jutting out. He gritted his teeth and the leaned up and grabbed the rod, with one swift motion he yanked the rod from out of his leg.

"JESUS CLINT!" Peter exclaimed, "I said give me a second and I would've done it, you need to keep pressure on that"

"Nah…it's just the meat that got hit, no arteries or veins. Just keep helping Nat"

Natasha swallowed the pills and then moved Peter's hands away from her side and then applied her own pressure to her wound.

"I'll be fine" she said with pain evident in her voice.

"Nat you're bleeding, we need to get you and Clint to a hospital"

"Nyet" she replied while shaking her head, "We need to continue with the mission. How did he get the drop on us….was the computer rigged?"

Peter looked at her and then at Clint who was digging pieces of glass from out of his shoulder, the young spy and shook his head.

"No, the blast didn't originate from the computer….but I believe that he may have been watching us"

"And why's that?" Clint asked.

"On the drive back here, I was thinking about it. We know that the back doors weren't rigged seeing as how we were able to get inside, so how did he know we were there? The only answer could be that he was watching us somehow."

"So he knows our faces…great" said Clint

"But he also thinks we're dead" Natasha retorted.

"Aren't we, well…Half-dead" Clint replied.

"Dead is Dead Clinton"

"Guys none of that matters" Peter interjected, "Look, I think this guy used either a long range or short range transmitter to detonate those bombs in that house"

"Long Range…ergh….or short range huh" said Clint digging a thick piece of glass from his shoulder "Great, you know what that means, we're back to square one"

"No, it means we're gonna catch this bastard" Peter corrected, "I have an idea, but time is of the essence" said Peter quickly getting up from his spot.

He briskly made his way to the stairs and he ran upwards and towards the war room, leaving Clint and Natasha downstairs.

War Room

Peter entered the war room and he made a bee-line for the computer, where he hurriedly made his fingers dance across the keyboard.

'I've only done this once before but it worked' He thought as a map of the L.A. pulled up 'This guy is good but he's not that good, he messed up again. If he used a transmitter to detonate the bomb then I can possibly hone in on the transmission signal that was sent to his safe house and then trace back it to its origin.'

Peter put in the address to Aaron Jefferies' and an image of the demolished house appeared on the screen. He typed in several key strokes and an image of the world pulled up along side of the house. He continued to type and several satellites around the earth became visible on the screen.

New York- The Coffee Bean

Julia picked up her coffee and she took a sip, and then placed it down back in front of her. She smiled and the person across from her, Professor Abner Jenkins returned the smile. After a second he looked around the small and quaint café before turning back to Julia.

"This is a nice spot" he said

"The best." She replied "I found this place when I was 16 and I just fell in love with it and have been coming ever since."

Abner nodded his head and he lifted his own coffee to his lips and took a sip.

"So…" Julia started.

"So" Abner repeated, "The conversation"

Julia wrung her hands.

"I want to date you" Abner said seriously, catching her off guard.

"You do"

"I do, I like you. I find you interesting and there's this…mysterious nature about you, especially in the way that you carry yourself."

"I'm not the only one who's mysterious" Julia responded

"Well then, let's unravel each other"

"I thought we already did" Julia joked.

The two of them shared a laugh.

"If we were to date though Abner…we'd have to be careful, especially around ESU. They kinda have strict rules against teachers and students dating"

"Rules are meant to be broken" Abner replied quickly.

"And here I thought they were meant to be followed."

"Not always."

Julia took another sip of her coffee and averted her gaze for a split second. While she was looking away Abner slid his hand over to hers and he took her hand into his and gave it a small squeeze.

"If you're worried about the risk, you can stop right now. In my life I've learned that some things are worth risking everything for, and I think what's going on between us is something that's well worth the risk. Don't you think we owe it to ourselves to explore what fate possibly has in store for us?"

Julia stared into his eyes for a long second and she could tell that he was serious and that he meant what he saying. She took a long sip of her coffee and then gently set it down in front of her.

"I suppose" she replied

VROOM! VROOM! went the sound of a vibrating phone.

"I think that's you." She said.

Abner listened for the vibration again and that's when he felt it vibrating.

"It is…excuse me" he replied with a smile while standing up from his seat and making his way outside all the while Julia followed him with her eyes.

Outside the Coffee Shop

Abner pulled out his cell phone and he looked at the number but it was a number he did not recognize. He pressed the send button and put it to his ear.


"I-Is this Abner Jenkins?" came a voice.

"Professor Abner Jenkins yes…may I ask whose calling?"

"Uh…Martin Jennings and I'm….calling to inform you that you've won an all expense paid…."

"Yeah no thanks" Abner replied hanging up the phone quickly.

California- Safe House- War Room

"Yeah No Thanks"


Peter sat at the computer with wide eyes.

"Oh Sh**" he said

New York- Coffee Shop

Abner shook his head and was about to head back inside the coffee shop and to Julia when he got another call on his cell phone.

"Now what?" he said looking down at the phone again but only this time he recognize the number and he immediately answered the call, "Tony"

"Is this a bad time?" came the voice of Tony Stark.

"Is it ever not a bad time?" Abner responded.

"Truer words have never been spoken. We got an Avengers situation and Mach V is needed"

"I'm on the way." He replied before hanging up the phone.

California- Safe House- Downstairs.

"Nat" Clint called out from his spot on the ground.


"How are you holding up?"

"I've been better…..however the pain meds are kicking in"

THUD! THUD! THUD! Came the sound of Peter running down the stairs, he reached the bottom and he walked into the living all the while breathing heavily. He frantically looked between Natasha and Clint.

"What is it kid?" Clint asked.

"I know who Aaron Jeffries is pretending to be." He stated seriously.

"Who?" Clint asked.

"Aaron Jeffries is a cover identity for Abner Jenkins…better known as Mach V!" he exclaimed.

"MACH V!" Natasha shouted.

"This the same Mach V that's on the Avengers team in New York!?" asked Clint.

"Unless you know of another Mach V, then yes Clint the one in the same" Peter replied.

"How certain of this are you Peter?" Natasha asked.

"On the scale of one to ten, a freakin twenty, I told you guys I had an idea right, check this out. I hacked into Shield's satellite network."

"Isn't that illegal?"

"I won't tell if you won't Clint." Peter responded quickly "Anyway I hacked into the Shield network and I isolated all the signals incoming and outgoing from the coordinates of Aaron Jefferies house. Luckily since the signal wasn't short range…if it was then it would've been harder to track but it was long range. And guys the signal stretched all the way to New York….ESU to be specific."

"Empire State University?" Natasha questioned.

"Right" said Peter, "I honed in on the specifics of the signal and it came directly from the office of one Professor Abner Jenkins aka Mach V. I looked him up and I found a cell number and I called him…."

"Why?" Clint interrupted.

"Because I wanted to be absolutely sure. I call the number and the cell phone is registered to Jenkins, plus I got the computer running a facial analysis program but it's not needed…..guys…Abner Jenkins is Aaron Jefferies…he's the traitor we're looking for." Peter finished

Natasha and Clint both released a sigh at the same time, they knew the full ramifications of a discovery such as this and both of them knew of the headache something like this was going to cause and they were not looking forward to the fallout.

"F**** me" said Clint put a hand over his eyes and rubbing them.

"Natasha, what's our next move?" Peter asked turning to her.

"Our next move is nothing. Clint and I are injured…however you're in better shape than we are so, your next move is go to New York City."

"And do what?" he asked.

Natasha raised herself up a bit and looked Peter directly in his eyes, her green eyes boring into the soul of his hazel eyes.

"Well first you're going to get some information from him." Clint chimed

"And after that?" Peter asked folding his arms across his chest; he knew what she was going to say before it even left her mouth.

"You're going to do what we were going to do to Aaron Jefferies…..you're going to Kill him."

"I knew you were going to say that…..but Natasha…things have changed. This man is an Avenger; I think this is something we need to run by Fury first."

"We will while you're en route to New York, now get going. We have to strike now while his guard is down." She replied while leaving no room to argue.

Peter pursed his lips together and turned and made his way back upstairs to grab all the things he would need for his trip.

Three Hours- Shield Helicarrier- Fury's Quarters

Colonel Fury looked at the two shimmering holographic women that were in front of him; the two women in question were Daisy Johnson and Jessica Drew. He eyed the two of them but he was more focused on Jessica who was staring back at him. She was a wild card, one that has been working in his favor but after the heated conversation he just had with her he was going to have to re-think on just what he was going to do with her.


He was broken from his thoughts by an incoming call from a private line that he quickly recognized.

"The two of you have your orders. I'll be in touch." He stated before ending the transmission between them. The screen went blank for a second before he hit the call switch and an image of Natasha and Clint appeared before him.

"What is it?" he asked in his usual gruff tone.

"We got a problem Nicky, the jackass we've been chasing, that Veronica chicks ex, turns out he's Abner Jenkins." Said Clint.

"MACH V!?" Fury shouted in shock, "How the hell did you find that out?"

"The Kid"

"Jesus Christ" Fury growled.

"And his findings hold water Nick" Came Natasha's voice, "Earlier we managed to track down Veronica's ex using an old letter that was sent from an Aaron Jefferies. An alias of course, we followed the clue to a house in L.A. but right when we got there the house detonated. Peter was able to trace the detonation signal using Shield satellites."

"He hacked the satellites again….I told him never to do that."

"I'm glad he didn't listen" Natasha responded quickly "Anyway he traced the signal to ESU, to the office of Abner Jenkins better known as Mach V…card carrying Avenger."

A long pause passed between the three of them, Fury, attempting to process the information that was just given to him. A traitor right under his nose….again; the aged spy balled up his fist and slammed it down on his desk rattling the image of Natasha and Clint slightly.

"And just to be sure…we even ran a facial recognition program on Jenkins…..he's had some good plastic surgery done but without a doubt it's him."

"Dammit….Where is Parker now?" he asked.

"En route to New York."

"Why aren't the two of you with him?"

"We caught some shrapnel from the explosion….we need a medic."

"I'll send one over later but in the meantime, Mach V has to be dealt with….that is for sure but we also need to know what he knows, tell Peter.."

"He knows." Natasha interrupted "We've already gone over that. Right now we need to worry about containment and fall out."

"Did you tell him that he can not be seen, that this is something that can never get out?" Fury asked.

"I went over it with him before he left….he knows the scale of this thing." Natasha answered.

"And now we do to" Fury replied in a low voice, "Natasha keep me posted and alert me as soon as the deed is done. I'll take care of the rest."

"Understood, Black Widow out"

Two and a Half hours Later- JFK- Night time

Peter Parker stood in front of the baggage claim conveyer belt with a stoic look upon his face. The entire five and half hour trip to NYC he had been lost in his thoughts, his mind had been replaying the conversation he had had with Natasha before he left. He had to kill Abner Jenkins and he had to do it without being seen. He had reserved himself for the deed when he believed the person he was going after was Aaron Jefferies, but now that he knew that Aaron Jefferies was the card carrying Avenger Mach V, he was starting to have a few reservations.

Peter saw his bag and he quickly went over to it and grabbed it and slung the single strap over his shoulder. The young spy turned around and began to walk towards the exit.

'I'm not an idiot' he thought to himself 'I know I'm not an idiot so why can't I see that this needs to be done, Aaron….Abner is a traitor….but Mach V is a hero.'

Mach V was undoubtedly a hero. He was the blue armored Avenger who has single handedly help save the world. He was popular and had become a household name about three and half years ago when Iron Man's armor had been hijacked. One of the many enemies of the Avengers had managed to hack into Tony Stark's armor reserves and set his armor against New York. Mach V was instrumental in repelling the attack and helping Tony regain control, many lives were saved that day.

Peter shook his head.

'Can I do this….Can I murder a hero, but he's not a hero...he's a traitor. Well Parker….you wanted to be spy well, welcome to the world of gray.'

Peter stepped out of the airport and he eyed the sea of yellow Taxi cabs in front of the airport.

"TAXI!" he yelled.

Later- Julia Carpenter/Angelica Jones Apartment

Julia looked at herself in the mirror and let her eyes roam over the blue dress she was wearing. She smiled and turned around.

"What do you think?" she asked.

Angelica Jones was sitting on the bed staring at her best friend with an amused smile upon her face.

"I like it…not too clingy but not too loose, but what about the red one though. I think that one is much better."

"Red is not really my color."

"Julia, red is every woman's color" Angelica replied "So, where are you crazy kids going tonight?"

"We're having dinner at his apartment." Julia answered turning back around and looking at herself in the mirror again.

"Nice, easy access, I like it….was it his idea or yours."

"It was his, but it's not like that Angelica, jeez. What happened between us was…for now a one time thing, we're gonna take it slow."

"Why?" Angelica retorted "One thing I've learned while being an X-Man and an Avenger is that….life…..is fleeting. And with the lives that you guys live you could die tomorrow, so my advice to you is to live in the moment and get while the getting is good."

"Getting while the getting is good may fly with you X-types….Lord knows you all do enough of that for the rest of us, I'm actually trying to build a meaningful relationship first before anything physical happens….again."

"Can't you do both?"

"I don't think it works like that."

"It worked for me."

"Well to each their own Angelica" Julia replied, she turned her head to the left and eyed the clock on her night-stand., "Look, it's time for me to go. I'll be back a bit later."

Julia grabbed the light blue purse on her dresser that went with the dress she was wearing and she headed out of her room and towards the door with Angelica right behind her.

"Just think about what I said Julia, and just try not to over think things. Everything will fall into place if it's meant to"

"Thank you Madame Web" Julia replied with a smirk. She reached the door and she quickly left the apartment.

Across Town- Upper West Side-

"I can't believe Tony couldn't handle that on his own…thanks to him I'm running behind schedule for my date" Abner whispered to himself as he shifted the briefcase in his hands. He put his keys into the door and he went into his apartment and he stepped inside the dark interior. He let out a sigh and closed his door and just as he was getting ready to lock the door he heard a voice from behind him.

"Don't Move"

Abner froze in his spot, fear gripping him and sending a shiver down his spine. He felt a strong gloved hand shove him against the door and he felt another hand feeling him for any weapons. The mysterious attacker ripped the briefcase out of his hands and set it down the floor.

The fear quickly left Abner and the mind of Mach-V took over; he glanced down at the briefcase.

'Only got once chance' he thought to himself.

He gritted his teeth and he shoved his back into his attacker catching him off guard.

"MACH V ACTI…MMMMPHH!" Abner started but his mouth was covered by a patch of webbing. He grabbed at the webbing but it held strong, he turned his head to see his attacker stepping towards him. He saw a man in a black and dark red form fitting body suit that had a spider emblem in the middle of his chest and he saw the mask that had giant white reflective lenses.

Spider-Man stepped towards him and grabbed him by the throat and effortlessly lifted him up. He eyed the briefcase that was starting whir a little bit. He held out his free hand and started to coat the briefcase in webbing.

"MMMPH! MMMPH!" Abe grunted out. The scared Avenger grabbed at the silver gauntlets around his attacker's wrist in an attempt to get him off but Spider-Man was strong.

"Shut up" Spider-Man growled, before tossing Abner across the room where he slammed into the couch.

Abner grunted a bit and resume his struggle against the webbing on his mouth, his eyes widen as he saw Spider-Man jump towards him and land in front of him. He grabbed him by the front of his shirt and shoved him into the couch.

"Quiet! Stop struggling." He stated as he reached up and ripped the webbing off of his lips.

"OW!" Abner exclaimed, feeling a little of skin rip from his lips.

"If you try to activate your armor, I'll break both your arms and your legs." Spider-Man threatened.

Abner stared into the white reflective lenses and he was breathing rapidly but he knew that drop was on him and for the moment he was at the mercy of his younger and stronger enemy.

"…Who are you?" Abner demanded.

"That's a question I should be asking you…Mach-V or should I…"

"So that's what this is about" Abner interrupted "You found out my secret identity so you've come for revenge. You're scum and I'm glad that I put you away whoever you are." He growled

"Actually you're the only one here that's scum Abner….or would you prefer Aaron Jefferies or perhaps your real name Matthew Davis"

Abner's anger quickly drained from his face and one of shock took over. The two names the person before him stated were two names that he never thought he would hear again. Two personas that he had buried and buried deep in a pile of secrets that were to never see the light of day but here they were, right in his face.

"…..W-Who are those people?" he asked, but Spider-Man gripped his shirt a bit tighter and shook him.

"Don't play dumb, I know all about you, and by the way Veronica says hi."

Abner heard the name and let out a growl before slamming the back of his head against the couch.

"I can't believe she talked….after all of this time…now she says something." He said angrily, he shifted his eyes towards Spider-Man again and he stared at him with hate in his eyes "So who do you work for huh…..AIM, SINISTER SYNDICATE, BLACK SPECTRE WHO! And what did you offer that bitch in exchange for me?"

Spider-Man looked at Abner and he narrowed his eyes.

"I don't work for any of those organizations. I work for Shield"

Abner's blood ran cold, if it was any of the organizations he had rattled off he knew that he could bargain his way out of his predicament but to know that the man in front of him worked for Nick Fury sent him in a tail spin of fear. The fear of his entire world crashing down around him.

"No…." he whispered "NONONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOO!" he shouted, "H-How much does Fury know…please….tell him….tell him I'm sorry I-I-I-I'm a good guy now. I-I-I never…."

"SHUT UP!" Spider-Man growled "Look, you're in a world of sh** right now and the only way out is tell me everything you know about a man or an organization known as The Goblin."

"The Goblin" Abner repeated in a slow deliberate tone, he let a snort escape his lips before putting a hand to his head, he then started to laugh.

Upper Westside- Down Below

Julia Carpenter stepped out of the taxi cab and she closed the door shut. She looked up at the apartment building in front of her and she let a small smile grace her lips.

"Hey Beautiful!"

Julia turned to the taxi driver who had his window rolled down.

"You're hot stuff but you still gotta pay the fair."

"Sorry" she replied while opening her purse.

Abner's Apartment

Abner's laughter died down and he shook his head.

"I thought I was done with him after I gave him Veronica, but it seems you can never escape the past can you."

"Him, so the Goblin is only a man….one man"

"…..As far as I can tell yes, he is one man but a very powerful and resourceful man."

"Did you ever meet him?"

"No. I never met him; I was only a facilitator, a courier more accurately put."

"What did you facilitate for him?"

"Information….data, to highly encrypted people, I'm good with computers but the systems I downloaded information to was so highly encrypted that it sometimes took days for the message to go through."

"How long did you work for the Goblin?" Spider-Man asked.

"I only worked for the Goblin for about a year, it was towards the end of the year that I offered him Veronica and once he had her Matthew Davis was able to die a tragic death"

"But you sent her a letter."

"…I did love her."

"You loved her enough to give her up to the Goblin." Spider-Man snapped.

"It's more complicated than that!" Abner challenged.

"Not really….it was either her or you….and you chose you. And just so you know she's dead….she killed herself."

"Christ" Abner responded, he hung his head and then rubbed his eyes.

Spider-Man shook Abner and made him look at him again.

"You don't deserve to mourn her you bastard."

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW! YOU F***!" Abner snarled while attempting to wrestle himself from Spider-Man's grip but it was no use, his grip was too strong, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS LIKE WORKING FOR HIM! THE CONSTANT THREATS! THE HOUNDING! HE WANTS AND WANTS AND WANTS AND I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I COULDN'T! THERE WAS NO FREEDOM!"

Spider-Man punched him across the jaw and then shook him.

"Do I look like a Pastor….I don't give a crap why you did what you did all that matters is what you do now. And that is to tell me everything you know."

"That's just it I don't know anything. I was shuffled from place to place everyday couriering information across multiple systems for him. I maintained contact with him through cell phones"

"Who did you send information to?"

"This was years ago man I don't remember"



Julia was in the elevator watching in anticipation as the numbers went by, she found herself excited but afraid at the same time.

"He did say 9:00 right….or was it 9:15. Crap I can't remember"

Abner's Apartment

"THINK HARDER JENKINS!" Spider-Man growled.

A look of concentration passed across Abner's face until he looked at Spider-Man with realization.

"….OGO INDUSTRIES!" Abner exclaimed.

"What?" Peter questioned.

"I-I-I remember one encryption…..it took forever for me to find a way to safely deliver the data. The system was almost immaculate but it was far too arrogant, the person that created it has big ideas but he misses the little things. And one of the little things he missed was a back-door into his system which I found and I took and I managed to sneak a peek and the data was going to the head of OGO Industries."

"OGO industries…."Spider-Man repeated, he lowered his head for a second and began to think and that's when it hit him, "OGO Industries…Otto Gunther Octavious….Dr. Otto Gunther Octavious"

"Right" Abner replied, "He and the Goblin shuffled a lot of data back and forth….ow that's all I know"

"…I believe you."

"Good, now you need to tell Fury that….who I was is not who I am now….I-I-I've changed I'm no longer those people,e I'm Abner Jenkins….A Professor and I'm Mach-V…Avenger. Please do not take this away from me."

Spider-Man listened to his plea and he slowly released his grip upon him. He looked into the man's eyes and he could see some remorse there but mostly he saw fear...the fear of being caught. The young spy rubbed the back of his neck and he took a step back. He took a moment to remember the conversation that he had had with Natasha before he left and she told him that his 'target' would try something like this, that he would beg and plead and attempt to do anything to preserve himself, but, he had to stand strong and know that what he was doing was in the name of good. Spider-Man looked down at his wrist and at the silver gauntlets that belong to Natasha; she had given it to him because the bullets inside were one hundred percent untraceable.

"I'm sorry" Abe said again.



Julia stepped off of the elevator and she started down the hallway that would take her to Abner Jenkins apartment. Her excitement and anxiety only grew with each step.

Abner's Apartment

Spider-Man heard him say that he was sorry again and lifted his head and looked at him again.

"Did you ever give up any information on the Avengers?"

"To the Goblin….NO!"

"No…not to the Goblin, but to….AIM, Black Spectre…or that other organization you named."

Abner hesitated for a second before lowering his head, he was going to lie…but he didn't know how much information that the man in front of him knew, so in a gamble he decided to tell the truth, and how that he would have pity on him.

"…Yes, I-I did give up some info on the Avengers to AIM and Black Spectre but it was never anything serious….it was all bullsh**….I did it because the transition from Aaron Jefferies to Abner Jenkins did not go as smoothly as I wanted but I stopped supplying them with info two years ago. Please I've…I've been clean since then….I've been a hero. I am a hero"

"You're no hero" Spider-Man responded shaking his head. He extended his right wrist and aimed the gauntlet at the now panicking Abner Jenkins.

"What no….I-I am a hero."

"No, you're not."

"Yes I am…I'm more of a hero than you…..Do you think this is heroic...do you think you're a hero?" Abner challenged "Well you're not! Heroes don't kill in cold blood like this...just give me a chance. ASK FURY TO GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE!"

Down the Hall

"….CHANCE!" Abner's voice echoed.

Julia stopped for a second and listened.

"That sounded like Abner."

Abner's Apartment

"I'm….sorry, but you're all out of chances." Spider-Man said in a low voice.


PFFT! PFFT! PFFT! Went the sound of three bullets firing from the silver gauntlet; two bullets hit Abner in the stomach and one went through his chest.

A look of pain crossed Abner's face before he slumped over to the right, blood pouring from his wounds. Abner gasped and gasped but it did him no good, he kept gasping until suddenly his gasping stopped.

Spider-Man lowered his hand and he stared at the lifeless body, he looked at Abner and a strange feeling washed over him. The feeling gripped him and for a second he almost forgot how to breathe, the only thing he could focus on was the look of pain and the oozing and pooling blood of Abner Jenkins.

Spider-Man took a shaky step back as the world around him began to spin and spin.


KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Came a loud and rapid knocking.


Spider-Man was snapped out of his daze by the yell, everything snapped into focus and wordlessly he ran towards the window he crawled in through.

Julia Carpenter kicked the door to his apartment open busting it off of its hinges. She glanced to the left and saw Abner slumped over….blood all around him, but only that, she also saw a black and dark red figure jump out of the window and fire a web.

"NO! YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!" she shouted in anger while thrusting her hands forward.

An orange psi-web flew from her finger tips and at Spider-Man.


Spider-Man's web connected to building and just when he brought his legs up to swing away an orange web wrapped around his left ankle and started to deliver a steady shock.

"ARGH!" he shouted feeling the bio-electricity shocking him; the sudden sense of pain caused him to awkwardly swing away.

Abner's Apartment

Julia snarled and was about to run towards the window and after the murderer when she heard several shallow gasps. She stopped and turned towards Abner who was still gasping for air in a last desperate attempt to breathe.

"No No No…this can't be happening ABNER!" she gasped/yelled while going over towards him. She dropped down not caring about kneeling in the blood and she cradled his head next to her chest.

"Stay with me Abe….Stay with me" she pleaded, "GOD PLEASE NO!"

"I….t….was…." he tried to speak but blood spurted out of his mouth.

"Shhhhhhh don't…don't say anything. SOMEONE HELP!"

"Sh..ield…" he gasped in a whisper.

"What?" she asked leaning down closer.

Abner gritted his teeth and with every last ounce of strength he had he spoke three final words.


And with those final words Abner Jenkins died, his head went limp and his body soon followed. Julia sat there on the ground staring at his lifeless and bloody body with a look of horror on her face.

"Shield" she whispered.

Several Blocks Away

"ARGH! DAMN IT!" Spider-Man growled as he crashed and rolled along a roof-top. He looked down at his left ankle and he saw the bio-electric webbing.

"What the hell is this?" he asked no one in particular, he reached down and grabbed at the webbing, it shocked his hands but he fought through it and began to pull and tug at the webbing and the more he tugged it started to loosen and loosen until it snapped and dissipated into thin air.

"Jeez" he whispered with a sigh of relief once the shocking stopped. He collapsed to the ground and he let out a few breaths of air.


Spider-Man reached down towards his utility belt and he got his cell phone.


"Is it done?" Natasha asked.

"…Yeah, it's done" Spider-Man answered, "And I got the information we need to move forward"

"Good. Come back home for debriefing….how are you feeling."

"Like I just killed a man" he replied.

"…come home Peter, and try to focus on the next mission and not the last."

"Easier said than done." Said Spider-Man hanging up the phone. He put the phone back in his utility belt and he looked up at the stars in the sky.

'DO YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO!' Abner's voice suddenly echoed in his head.

Spider-Man continued to look up in the sky.

"No, I'm not a hero"

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