Takes place shortly after "Killer App." Written for #Lietome Lives Day.



"You know I hate it when you stare at me," she said without looking up from the file in front of her.

"Can't help it, darling. You're fun to stare at."

There was something different about him, something different in his voice. Slowly, their eyes met.

"Uh-huh, sure. What do you want, Cal?"

"Nothing more than a simple, 'Good morning.'"

Gillian grinned. "Nothing is ever simple with you."

"Not true!" he protested with a smirk.

"So true!"

"Name one time."

"Right now. Good morning, Gill." A quick, crooked grin and then he was gone.

She smiled to herself and called out good morning wishes to him. Yeah, there was definitely something different about him. She knew he'd finally come to a certain realization, and even though he'd not admitted that certain thing to her, he had admitted it to himself. She was sure of that.

It was a step in the right direction.

As she went back to the file, she felt guilty for asking Emily to poke into Cal's personal life, but rationalized her way out of the guilt by telling herself that some things required a small push.

She was over being passive. It was time to do a little more pushing.


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