I couldn't resist so this is a new fic that is focused on Joe. Don't worry Billy will be in it. Enjoy.

Joe emerged from the liquor store; cigarette perched between his lips and a fresh bottle of whiskey in hand. He inhaled deeply, hissing out a puff of smoke before he continued to the black 69' Mustang that his brother had let him drive for the night. A reward for making good sales this week. It was a rare occasion and he'd been enjoying every minute of it.

He was about to unlock the car when he heard a sexy female voice call out. "Ya got an extra?" He stopped, tucking the keys back in his jeans and turned to look at the source. Raven black hair that was cut and layered to frame her face perfectly, reaching just below her shoulders. Full pouting lips and sparkling dark green eyes. Slightly tanned complexion. She had to be around 5ft. 5' with a slender toned body and full breasts that were just the right size for her figure. Joe had never seen anything like her, especially with that lethal combination of black hair and green eyes. Jackpot!

"Extra what sweetheart?" His naturally deep voice rippled through the air.

She moved closer to him and motioned to the cigarette dangling from his mouth.

He grinned. "Ya know they got plenty in the liquor store right there. Ya sure ya just didn't want to talk ta me?

The woman chuckled tossing some of her dark hair over her shoulder. "I hate the fucker that's working there tonight. Always tries to grope me over the counter." Joe started chuckling along with her.

"So ya got an extra or not?" She motioned to his cigarette again. Joe nodded and grabbed the pack out of his jacket pocket along with his zippo. She went to grab the one he pulled out of the pack but he pulled his hand back. "What's your name?"

She looked at him quizzically and he just shook his head. "Ya ain't getting this till I get your name sweetheart." He teased her by inhaling on his own cig and hissing out smoke.

"Why does my name matter? I'm just asking for a damn cig." She retorted, placing one hand on her hip.

He flashed her his famous Darley smirk. "Need ta know what name ta whisper in ya ear ta make ya cum when I get ya in my bed tonight."

She grinned laughing softly. "Haven't heard that one before. At least you're original." She shook her head still grinning. "It's Elena."

He grinned. "I like it." She reached for the cigarette and this time he gave it to her. "Joe." He flicked the lighter on.

Placing the cigarette between her lips she leaned forward, letting the tip meet with the flame. Taking an inhale she pulled back, blowing smoke into the night air. "Thanks for the fix Joe."

He nodded taking a long drag. She turned to walk away but his voice stopped her. "Where do ya think you're goin'? I remember saying I was gonna get ya in my bed tonight." She turned on her heel, smirking at him. "True. But I don't remember saying yes to that." She teased.

He chuckled putting the pack and lighter back in his jacket pocket. As he did she noticed something; a clear bag with a white substance in it. He was a dealer.

She took another drag nodding her head in his direction. "Ya selling?"

He furrowed his brows together for a moment before he realized she'd seen the heroin in his jacket. He hadn't quite sold everything tonight, he had three bags left and he hadn't told Billy yet. That's why he hadn't gone to the apartment or the bar like usual. He wanted to enjoy his reward before it was ripped out from under him.

"Ya buying?" He retorted. If he sold everything he would keep up his good streak with Billy and if he got laid in the process… well that would be a damn good night.

She chuckled shaking her head. "Hell no… But I'll make ya a deal Joe." He leaned against the car motioning for her to continue. "Ya need to get the rest of that shit sold tonight right?" He nodded. "I'll sell it for ya, right here in less than five minutes." With every word she spoke she took a step closer to him until she was a mere few inches away. "If I'm successful I get to drive that sexy car of yours… and if I don't I'm yours for the night." She pressed a hand against his chest whispering in his ear. "I'll do whatever ya ask. You can have me however ya for as long as ya want me." A shiver shot through him making him tighten against his jeans.

"Ya really shouldn't have said that babe. You'll be hoarse from screaming by the time I'm done with ya." There was no way she could sell the final three bags in that time; they were in the parking lot of the liquor store in the middle of the night. There wasn't exactly a high amount of foot traffic at this time. It was a bet he couldn't lose. "I'll believe it when it's happening Joe." Elena replied.

A grin lit up his features as he placed a hand on her ass, giving her a firm squeeze. "You're on baby." She brushed her lips against his ear as she reached into his jacket taking the bags. "Watch and learn." He remained leaning against the mustang, watching as she walked to the dimly lit area by the liquor store. He pulled out his cell phone and glanced at the time. 10:05; she had five minutes starting now.

In a few seconds a man walked towards the store, obviously a junkie. She could tell by his eyes, the way he walked and the way he shook slightly. Too easy, so she let him pass to Joe's surprise. A minute later another man came towards the store, business suit, fancy watch…. closet junkie. His power job and perfectly manicured wife were too much for him so he had to get high to deal with his dream life. Prick. Too easy… she let him pass too. She looked back at Joe; his surprise evident on his handsome face. She just shrugged her shoulders and waited for the next person. Third time's a charm.

Sure enough 30 seconds later another man parked and walked towards the store. He was perfect. Middle class citizen; one of those men who had worked hard his whole life. He appreciates his wife, treats his kids good, hasn't missed a day of work in years. He would never even think of going near drugs. But by the time Elena was done with him he would be going home with three fresh bags of Heroin.

She smiled at him, catching his attention. "Can you help me?" She called out, drawing him away from prying eyes inside the store. He walked over, slightly confused. "What can I do for ya?" He inquired.

"See I got a little problem here." Reaching out she put her hand on his shoulder while her other hand showed him the bag. Realization hit him and he tried to move but she gently tightened her grip on him.

"It isn't a big deal." She spoke softly, her voice like honey. Removing her hand from his shoulder she touched her finger tips together steepling her hands. It was a hand gesture that exuded confidence and evoked trust. "I know you have stresses, I'm sure you would love to relax." He shook his head. "But…but that is…" Elena smiled. "It's a way to relax nothing more. No one's gonna condemn you for trying it." A few more trust evoking hand gestures mixed with honey coated words and he was sold. In two minutes he gave in and bought all three bags, then stuffed them quickly into his pocket. She took the cash and walked over to Joe, a huge shit eating grin on her lips.

His jaw practically dropped. She'd done it in less than five minutes and she'd sold it to the most challenging of the group. She was more than a natural she was a pro. "Here ya go." She handed him the cash. "Now… how about that drive?"

'Oh shit' Joe thought. He hadn't actually thought she would be able to do it. This wasn't his car it was Billy's. Billy would kill Joe for letting a girl drive it, just to get some tail. "I don't think that's such a good idea sweetheart." She looked taken back, her eyebrows knitting together. "Come on Joe, don't be mad. I won tonight, but there's always next time." She winked at him.

Joe sighed handing her the keys. He moved aside giving her access to the driver's side. Billy didn't have to know. She smirked. "Were ya afraid my driving would be too much for ya ta handle?" She teased. He chuckled walking over to the other side. "I can handle whatever ya throw at me sweetheart." She slid into the driver's seat. "We'll see about that." Placing the keys in the ignition, she grinned at Joe.

The engine roared, the beautiful car coming to life. Elena just sat in the seat for a moment, enjoying the way the mustang purred, the way it felt underneath her. Joe chuckled looking at her. "Ya need some time alone?"

"Ya jealous?" She retorted as she put the car in reverse and pulled out of the liquor store parking lot. She had only been in town for a little over a month but she already knew Southie like the back of her hand. She drove fast but smooth, her foot rarely leaving the gas pedal in favor of the brake. Joe leaned back in the seat, his eyes on Elena more than the streets or where they were going. She was certainly a sight to look at, easily putting all those bar whores to shame.

When the mustang finally stopped Joe tore his gaze away from her to where she'd taken them. They were parked out in the middle of nowhere, an old water hole a few feet in front of the car. Like the ghetto version of a pond. Half of the water hole was blocked off by a chain-link fence but it had been cut in certain parts and was accessible as long as you could fit through the gaps. The city lights from Boston surrounded them yet none were close by. Joe took a quick glance behind them; there was a long dirt road that took an abrupt right cutting off the rest of it from his view. "Ya take me out here ta kill me or fuck me?"

Elena laughed as she opened the car door and slid out. "Neither. I just like this spot." Joe could understand why, it was eerie but soothing at the same time. Like nothing could save you out here but nothing could harm you either, and it was peaceful, a rarity.

Joe got out of the mustang moving to stand beside her. "How did ya find this spot?"

Elena shrugged. "Do a lot of joy riding, just drive wherever the car takes me. Ended up here a couple of weeks ago." Joe took out a new cigarette, sighing as the calming smoke filled his lungs. Elena held out her hand and he handed it over to her, letting her take a few drags.

"You take every guy you meet out here?" Joe inquired as she handed the cigarette back to him.

Elena laughed quietly. "Fuck no." He cocked an eyebrow at her. "You're not a pain in the ass." She said, feeling that was an adequate explanation. Most of the men in her life were a huge pain in her ass, the cause of constant headaches and one of the reasons for her chain smoking. Joe wasn't… simple as that.

Joe grinned. He'd never heard that reason before but he liked it. They leaned against the mustang listening to the distant sounds of the city. "How did you do that?" He finally asked, surprised at himself for not doing it sooner.

"Do what?" She turned her head from the city lights back to Joe.

"Sell to that guy so damn fast. You had him practically eating out of your hand."

Elena smirked. "I'm just really talented baby." Joe immediately wondered what other areas she was talented in. He couldn't help it. She brought out a slew of naughty thoughts in his mind and he was fully enjoying the images they provided.

They stayed there for another half hour, talking and cracking a few jokes. She drove back to the liquor store with the same speed and precision. Joe was just hoping that Bodie or one of the other guys didn't see them. When they finally came to a stop Elena immediately slid out of the car. Joe got out too and rested his hands on the top while he watched her. She walked a few feet away before she looked at him over her shoulder. "Thanks for the drive…See ya handsome." She winked tossing him the keys. He caught them and followed the movement of her hips and ass as she walked away. "Count on it babe." He called after her. He was going to make sure he saw that girl again.

Elena slammed the front door shut and was immediately greeted with the sight of a very pissed off man sitting on a recliner in the living room. "Where the fuck have you been?" He barked at her. See big pain in the ass.

"Out." She retorted angrily.

"You've been gone for a fuckin' week." He barked again.

"I hate ta break it ta ya but this place sucks." She said motioning to the house around them.

"Listen here ya little bitch…" He moved to get up but Elena was faster. She was on him, pushing him back into the recliner with a swift hit to his gut, the fingers of her other hand tightly gripping the front of his shirt.

"Ya seem to forget who you're fuckin' with." She snarled.

"Your brother ain't here." The man sneered.

"It ain't my brother ya should be afraid of. He ain't the only one that likes ta get his hands dirty." The man just stared at her. "Watch your fuckin' mouth or I'll rip out your tongue." She released his shirt, shooting him a warning glare. He returned her glare but smartly kept his mouth shut.

"Fuckin' prick." She muttered as she climbed the stairs. Next time he got that attitude with her would be the last time. Her brother had sent her here to get things off the ground in Boston. She was the best at what she did, second only to her brother so he had complete confidence that she would do right by their family. She appreciated that faith he had in her and the opportunity but she missed home. She'd created a life there, everyone knew who she was, she had her family nearby… she didn't have any of that here. She was going to have to change that. It wasn't in Elena's nature to stay hidden for long.

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