Because I Can


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Summary: Olivia has a bad night and Alex helps her relax.

Pairing: Olivia/Alex

Timeline: Somewhere during season 3, beginning of season 4.

Rating: As always with me M, NC-17, 18 whichever rating system you subscribe to.

Detective Olivia Benson groaned rubbing her lower back as she stretched, she'd been out the night before with friends for a birthday celebration. The birthday girl had celebrated a bit too much and maybe because of the civil servant part of her, Olivia had assisted the woman both in the bathroom of the bar and then in the assist to the car, riding in back seat and finally carrying the birthday girl into her apartment, and sub sequentially into her bedroom. Leaving her back in knots from the surprise exertion and partly because of her slightly inebriated condition during said exertion, if she were honest.

Her cell phone blasting the chorus of "you make me feel like a natural woman" (the Kelly Clarkson rendition) made her jump a little. Not expecting the early morning call, and she knew who was calling, she knew who she assigned to her ringtones. Isn't technology great? She had once professed.

"Hey, baby" she husked into the phone, to sleepy to wake herself up before answering.

ADA Alexandra Cabot smiled into her cell phone, god she loved this woman, the one who with a single word could make her heart melt. What was it about that one infantile word that could make her flush with desire and her heart crack all at once? "How are you? I didn't get your text that you made it home until 3:30 this morning." She queried in as gentle a manor as possible. Sometimes it was hard to turn off the ADA part of herself.

Olivia sighed relaxing into her queen sized bed, "I'm good, Mindy's party was good, albeit a little crazy. I had to carry her out of the bar and into Jackie's car, then of course from the car into her apartment. Bedroom then, after a stop at the bathroom. But all in all it was good. But, my dear love, how are you?"

Alex smiled, leave it to Olivia to try and change the subject, "Hurt your back again, didn't you?" she asked smartly, knowing the truth.

"I'm fine, no problem," Olivia hedged, reluctant to admit her pain. She settled back into her bed, trying to find a comfortable position to relax in while talking to her lover.

"I just have some paper work to do…I'll be done in an hour, two tops. I'll be over round 5, that ok, sweetie?" Alex offered hoping her stubborn lover would acquiescence, she didn't often use pet names, but sometimes necessity…

Olivia glanced at the clock, it was just after 8 and she hadn't heard from Alex since they'd hung up at three. Her back still felt like concrete, but she'd finally made it to the couch 'round 4 and was now sitting in her favorite pajama pants and comfy over size NYPD t-shirt, aimlessly surfing the 1000 channels, waiting for... anything. She heard a key in the lock, 'ahh ,' she thought, ' that's why she'd given Alex the key, avoided any unnecessary getting up when her beautiful woman arrived.'

Alex poked her head in, smiling at her lover, finding the sleepy look and tousled hair adorable "Sorry, got busy. But I brought stuff to make you feel better!" She entered the apartment fully, holding up a plain brown paper bag. She was still wearing her suit from the work day but had left her jacket hanging in her car, leaving her in just the short black skirt and vaguely pink silk blouse, glasses pushed up to rest atop her head. Olivia smiled back as Alex kicked her heels off , "S'ok you're here now," with their respective jobs punctuality was rare, one big reason they meshed so perfectly, they both knew and understood each other's demanding career's. She sat up stiffly tossing the remote on the coffee table, "whatcha got?" She stifled a moan as she stood.

Alex sat the bag and her keys on the kitchen counter, "you'll know soon enough," she flipped her long blond hair aside and removed her simple pearl earrings, laying them next to her keys and turning just as Olivia approached. As warm arms wrapped around her trim waist, she took the moment to lay a tender kiss on her detectives lips, she gently nibbled on her lower lip before caressing it with her tongue, when Olivia's lips opened in invitation she thrust her tongue inside the other woman's mouth, tangling their tongues and drawing an entirely different moan from her girlfriend. When Olivia pulled away to wrap Alex tightly in her arms and lay a head on her shoulder and taking a deep breath the ADA knew her lover really was in pain. She placed a tender kiss on the detectives shoulder rubbing her hands over the other woman's back in a gentle caress, softly kneading the taught muscles she felt there.

The ailing good samaritan groaned appreciatively, Alex did have magic hands. The subtle strength in the elegantly formed wrist, hands and fingers had brought her many pleasures. Whether coaxing an orgasm from her or leaving scratches down her back in some of their more heated love making sessions or like now, a simple loving caress, those hands just did things to her. "Baby, that feels so good," the words slipped out in sigh and graced Alex's ear with their caress.

The blond smiled, "I thought you might feel like that 'Liv," she pulled away looking into the dark eyes that had seen so much and had so much left to see, eyes that had seen every incarnation of evil, and of good, eyes that now gazed back at her so full of love. She swallowed the lump in her throat, what she would ever do if she lost this woman…she shook the thought away almost as soon as she had it. Being the partner of a cop, one couldn't afford such thoughts. She took Olivia's hand in her own and grabbed the bag she'd carried in, pulled her lover towards the bedroom, "I've the best cure for your butchitis," she smiled always loving to tease Olivia for the times she exhibited the traits of the men she worked so closely with. Not that Alex minded most times, it was nice to be with someone who could and would sweep her off her feet, literally. Olivia just grinned sheepishly back and willingly followed after the woman of her dreams.

When they entered the bedroom Alex flipped the light switch and pulled her detective around to sit at the edge of the bed, "just sit and relax, I'll take care of you," she leaned in placing a kiss on the woman's lips and letting a hand trail down her neck, smoothing the fabric between her breasts. As she lightly ran her nails down the flat plain of her lover's stomach the tight muscles tensed and Olivia groaned into the kiss, her tongue snaking out to play across the lips of her lover. Alex let her hand trail further down to lay against a pajama clad thigh. Pulling away she rested her forehead against her lovers, "I'll just be a second."

Alex stepped away, moving to close the blinds, no point giving any snooping neighbors across the alley a free show. She turned to face her lover, smiling as she caught the woman in the act of checking her out. "Why detective, you have no idea how flattering that is," she smiled when a blush colored the woman's cheeks. They'd had numerous discussions about the subject, that it was okay, especially in private, to look at Alex's body, to enjoy it. Alex had spent many breaths reassuring her lover that it was alright to accept the masculine part of her feminine self. To not try and change who she was naturally, to embrace it really. To not feel like they made her like so many of the perverts she arrested.

She stepped forward, "It's okay 'Liv, I like the way you look at me," she husked the words. Taking one of Olivia's hands and kissing it, she drew it down to rest between her breasts, "you make me feel loved, in here," she knew her lover could feel the steady beat of her heart. She drew the hand further down her own body, her blue eyes darkening somewhere along the way, pulling the hand down and under her skirt she cupped her panty clad sex with Olivia's hand, "and you make me feel alive, in here," she knew her lover could feel the wet heat seeping through the lace.

Olivia swallowed, a single tear escaping down her cheek, "you're too good for me," she husked. Alex released her grip, biting her lower lip at the loss of Olivia's hand. She brushed the tear from her lovers cheek. "No we are perfect for each other. And you know I love perfection, so don't try and argue." She smiled her plan to coax a chuckle from the brunette successful.

Standing back upright Alex reached for the bag she'd laid on the bed when Olivia sat, from it she pulled 2 candles a book of matches and a bottle of massage oil, Olivia groaned at the promise. Alex crumpled the bag and tossed it into the trashcan next to desk in the corner, 3 years as a point guard in high school still paid off. She moved first to one side of the bed then the other lighting the candles and placing them on the night stand. Finally stepping back to stand in front of her lover Alex smiled seductively, slowly she undid one button after the other of her shirt, pulling it from her skirt and leaving it open and loose. Olivia swallowed as the silk parted and she saw the telltale flash of red lace covering the firm pert breasts of her lover.

Alex smiled knowing she had her lover in the palm of her hand, what was it a certain actress had said during a concert once? Oh yes, Bottom's rule the world. Indeed. She reached behind herself and unzipped her skirt, she wiggled her hips side to side she pushed the fabric over hips and down her legs stepping out if it she glanced up through her blond hair, she wanted to gauge the reaction to the panties that matched her red lace bra, and her newest acquisition, a matching red garter belt that attached to the thigh highs that she'd worn today. Based on the gaping jaw and what she'd swear was drool glistening at the corner of Olivia's mouth, the reaction was good. Standing back up straight she shrugged out of the blouse letting it fall to floor and puddle with the skirt, smiling she pulled her glasses down, knowing her lover well enough to know this combined with her lingerie would skyrocket the arousal.

She stepped forward swinging her hips and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she stopped just as her knees brushed Olivia's, maintaining eye contact she reached above Olivia's head and pulled on the cord attached to the fan/light combo that hung in the center of the room, leaving them in the flickering candlelight.

Olivia felt her mouth dry up, if it was possible Alex was even more stunning in this lighting. Alex put a hand on each shoulder and guided her up to stand, despite her arousal Olivia groaned at the strain on her back as she stood. "My poor baby, let me help relax you…" Alex trailed off as she pulled the t-shirt over 'Liv's head.

The brunette swallowed, closing her eyes and letting her hands rest on Alex's hips, "you are doing anything but right now. But please don't stop." Alex smiled, she had no intention of stopping. She grasped the waistband of Olivia's pants and pushed them down over her hips, kneeling and tenderly pulling first one leg then other from the legs. Allowing a brief moment of temptation she nuzzled into the short damp curls between her lovers legs inhaling the heady scent. Olivia's hands moved from where she rested them, on her lover's shoulders to bury in her blond hair.

Alex pulled away despite both their actions, "not yet, love. You're to tense just yet." She stood back up and pushed the stronger woman backwards onto the bed, she quickly straddled the detective's hips and settled her weight more on her knees then Olivia, she kissed her tenderly, then coaxed her to scoot backwards and settle into the pillows, maintaining her position the whole way back. Olivia let her hands come to rest on the blonde's hips, groaning at the sight of red lace encased breasts nearly in her face as Alex leaned forward removing her glasses and laying them on the night stand, on the side she usually slept on when she was here.

Shifting Alex came face to face with lover, knowing she'd come dangerously close to brushing Olivia's face with her chest. She kissed her then, hard with a passion they hadn't yet shared tonight, tongues stroking, teeth clashing, heads spinning. Alex pulled away suddenly sitting upright, she groaned as the lace brushed against her clit, the toned stomach beneath her increasing the friction when she unconsciously rolled her hips once then twice. Then she then heard Olivia groan at the wetness she could feel even through the red lace and begin thrusting up to meet her lover's movements, Alex shook herself from the aroused spell, 'so not how she wanted to do this tonight.'

Breathing deep to steady herself, Alex went to move off her and felt the hands on her hips tighten their grip. "Please don't? I love you like this." Dark brown eyes pleaded with her own blue ones.

She groaned, biting her lip and closing her eyes. She could the feel the aroused flush that started halfway between her breasts and neck and climbed all the way into her cheeks. She hated that part of her blond hair and fair complexion, but also knew her lover found it so incredibly sexy. Also knew Olivia could see it now as much as Alex could feel it. She flushed even harder, 'god, we've barely even touched yet,' she opened her eyes again to meet 'Liv's. Alex leaned forward, "please darling, I want do this for you. Need to do this for you." The ADA kissed the detective once more, a slow, tender kiss, before she moved off the strong athletic body. Alex retrieved the bottle from the foot of the bed, "turn over for me baby?" When the brunette complied Alex groaned, she couldn't think of a sexier sight then her lover's olive skin in candle light.

Olivia made herself comfortable, cheek resting on her folded arms, legs lying slightly apart. She groaned as the cool breeze off the ceiling fan caressed her bare flesh, groaned again when she felt Alex straddle her hips. It took a second but she realized almost immediately that Alex had removed her underwear, she could feel the smooth, silky wetness against her skin and she flushed deeply. Despite the many talks she still felt guilty for appreciating Alex cleanly shaven. In her head she knew there was no bad reason she liked it, and it's not like she asked Alex to do it, it was something she'd done before they were even a couple. She couldn't seem to help it, she just loved that wet silken feeling.

Alex felt the firm glut tense under her as she settled herself, "I think someone's over thinking again, just relax 'Liv. Stay out of your own head." She whispered leaning forward whisper into Olivia's ear. "Just enjoy it, relax" she felt the woman beneath her relax as much could be expected given the hot blond, half naked ADA straddling her, lace covered breasts pushing into her back. Quickly Alex pulled the other woman's earlobe between her teeth briefly tugging before sitting back up right.

She popped the top on the bottle of massage oil and inhaled the scent, a mix of sandalwood and a clean ocean smell. She loved the eclectic mix of the two smells, in the discreet sex shop that she'd found it in (she hadn't wanted an oil that would cause…problems if it got…in places) she had thought immediately of 'Liv , she possessed a natural earthy scent and she wore a subtle cool water cologne most days. She turned the bottle and watched as the golden oil drizzled onto the smooth olive back of her lover. She capped the bottle and tossed it up amongst the pillows for later use, she watched mesmerized as the oil lazily made its way down the valley of Olivia's spine, finally making a tiny pool in the small of her back.

Alex laid her hands there, thumbs resting in the oil, palms resting just atop Olivia's hips. She heard Olivia groan her appreciation as she moved her hands up her spine, spreading the oil out. She moved back to her lower back and keeping her thumbs on the woman's spine stroked up the long lean muscle, feeling the knots and tightness. She stroked up a second time, traveling further this time and kneading the strong shoulders of her lover. The skin beneath her was shining nicely in the candle light, the olive skin turned a nice golden shimmer. Alex continued to manipulate the tight muscles in her lovers back, instinctively reading every groan and moan, putting pressure where it was needed and gentle caresses elsewhere.

She could feel how relaxed her lover was now, could see her gently closed eyes, knew though she wasn't asleep. Could tell by the deep breathing and the flare of her nose with every breath, that she might be extremely relaxed, but she was possibly more aroused then she had been all night. She lifted herself off her lover, resting a palm against the shining skin, silently commanding her lover to stay where she was. Alex simply wanted to comfortable for the next evolution of her plan.

Stepping off the bed she quickly unhooked her bra and tossed it aside, as she stooped to unhook the garters she realized that Olivia was watching her, still as she'd left her but eyes now open and observing her. Alex swallowed as she looked into the molten pools staring at her, "is this ok?" She asked unhooking the opposite snap. At Olivia's breathy exhale and nod she quickly stripped out of the rest of her lingerie and climbed back onto the bed, stilling her lover again with a hand placed gently on her back.

She quickly claimed the bottle of oil back and poured some into her hand, tossing it aside again she rubbed her palms smoothly together, spreading oil over both hands, front and back. She placed them on the firm ass of her lover and proceeded to rub the oil lovingly into her favorite muscle grouping on the detective's body. She smiled when Olivia soundlessly spread her legs further apart, she could see the glistening arousal there, and held back a moan, she really wanted to play this out how she wanted.

Alex smoothed her hand down one cheek, dipping between her thighs, stopping just as her fingertips brushed the wetness. Olivia's hips rose to meet her hand, a long, low groan falling from glistening woman's lips. Alex smiled, she loved, just loved working her lover up nice and slow. She moved her hand away and turned her attention to thickly muscled thighs, she loved those thighs, and the hips they attached to. The muscles there had brought her a good deal of pleasure, particularly when Olivia could be coaxed into taking her with their strap-on. Alex had to bite her lip again to hold in a moan as an image of the detective between her thighs and thrusting said prosthetic repeatedly into her flashed into the forefront. She shook that image away quickly, it could only distract her from her goal. And the reality of realizing the image tonight was defiantly not good for a detective with back pain.

The blond moved from thighs to calves, stopping at some point near a knee to retrieve more oil, slowly making her way to each foot and tenderly rubbing every possible ache from every part of her lover's feet . She looked towards the head of the bed and lost her breath, the flickering candlelight and the oil now over all of her lovers back was simply breathtaking. She breathed out a low moan, "Turn over for me?" she softly queried, staying where she was at 'Liv's feet. The brunette did so and Alex looked up the long lean body and smiled when they made eye contact, she slowly worked her way back her legs, moving to straddle her hips again.

She smoothed oil up her sides and across her taut stomach. She so enjoyed the glistening sheen left behind by her hands. She massaged every muscle in her lovers toned stomach and hips, before tracing each rib with a fingertip, letting her hands come to rest just below the other woman's breast.

Olivia arched her back, she was feeling so good, even the recently strained muscles in her back were free from pain. She ached for her lover to just take her, she wanted release so badly. Would settle for those hands to be on her breasts, now. So lost in her internal diatribe she missed Alex leaning forward until she felt a warm mouth enclose on a nipple, she groaned and immediately threaded a hand in the blond hair, the other hand clutching the sheet beneath her. When Alex transferred her attention to the other breast Olivia brought the other hand up and threaded it through the golden locks as well. Alex released the nipple with a pop and sat up, both hands caressing upwards with firm strokes, palming her lover's breasts tenderly .

"Couldn't help it love, had to have a taste," Alex let her head fall forward with a groan when Olivia's strong hands found her own pert breasts and alternately massaged and tugged. "No 'Liv, not yet, please. I want to finish you first." She pleaded. When Olivia groaned and removed her hands she smiled, dropping her head to place a kiss on her lover's lips, it was a tender kiss, full of passion and gentle loving.

Alex pulled away and smiled down into eyes very nearly black with desire, holding her lovers gaze she moved and settled herself between the woman's thighs. Seductively she slithered down the oil slick body, quite enjoying the sensation of the slick skin slickening hers and creating a smooth transition the whole way down. When she finally rested on her stomach on the bed, feet dangling off the edge and her chin even with short light brown curls, she finally broke eye contact and with the knowledge that the last hour of rubbing and massaging had been plenty of combination, foreplay and teasing for both of them, so it was with no preamble that she took Olivia's clit between her lips and sucked gently.

Olivia very nearly came right then, her entire body arching off the bed, her hands instantly coming to the back of her lovers head. She moaned low in her chest when Alex released her clit and ran her tongue through molten folds, dipping once, twice, three times into her opening, finally moving up to repeatedly flick her bundle of nerves. She gathered the blond hair in her hands, holding it in a loose ponytail, wanting really see the ADA's softly bobbing head as the fire in her belly raged quickly from her head to her toes.

Alex smiled into her work when Olivia gathered the hair off neck and tenderly pulled her bangs back into the lose grip. She found this particular habit of her lovers both sexy and endearing, and knew it always meant she was very close to coming. Alex brought a hand up and laid just a fingertip against her lovers opening while she continued to flick around and over the woman's clit, she knew, that unlike herself, her lover didn't always enjoy penetration but she did always enjoy the tease of it, lightly Alex suckled, her head bobbing with the motion, the gentle suck never failing to bring her lover to an explosive release.

When Olivia felt the soft touch against her opening she groaned, when she felt just the tip press into her she thrust against it softly, how her lover knew her. Alex deftly teased the opening just barely entering her in series of quick thrusts. Suddenly Alex went form flicking the quivering bundle to softly suckling her clit, one glance down to her lover's bobbing blond head and she was done.

Olivia sat half up as her orgasm took swept her away, her whole body tensing, thighs clenching, the hair in her grasp being pulled as her hands unconsciously clenched. Alex groaned against her, she may never admit how much she enjoyed her hair being pulled, but she did, especially in moments like this. A muted scream tore from her lover's lips, a feat from her normally stoic lover. She eased her lover down, gently licking here and there. When finally the strong thighs relaxed and the hands in her hair released, she slowed her administrations even more, finally placing a kiss to lover's now relaxed clit and slid back up her body.

Alex kissed her passionately, everything she'd held back to take care of her lover pouring out, she was so aroused, so ready to feel her lovers hands. While still kissing she moved so she was once again straddling her lovers hips, having completed the goal she set out with she felt a sudden desperate desire to feel her lover inside, now.

She broke the kiss and sat up, Olivia groaned, from where their bodies had so recently been pressed together, Alex's body now glistened in the flickering light that coupled with the hot flush that spread from her lovers chest to her cheeks was indeed a spell binding sight. She felt the answering desire to just take her. She knew that look in her lovers eyes, recognized that desperate desire.

Olivia groaned in renewed arousal when Alex took one of the hands she had placed on her hips and brought it to her core, with no waste of time or movement Alex raised herself up onto her knees and guided two of her lovers fingers inside herself. She let out a low groan at the full feeling, beginning to move against Olivia who had set a quick pace, thrusting deeply as she could, knowing her lover well enough to know when she wanted… when she needed it hard and deep.

"Fuck, 'Liv," Alex gasped out, falling forward and supporting herself with one hand placed between Olivia's breasts the other toying with her own nipple. Her eyes were screwed shut in the intense moment. Her hips moving faster with each thrust, reveling in the sensations, the sensations of her lover's fingers in her, of the hand on her hip helping guide her. Of the hips below hers thrusting up helping drive the hand between her thighs drive deeper, harder, faster.

"Oh god, oh god. So close baby," Alex rushed out, she moved the hand that had been holding her own breast down to rub her clit. "More baby, one more, please…"

Olivia slowed her pace, "you're so tight babe, are you sure?" she knew Alex could take it, she had before and she was plenty wet, the arousal fairly dripped down her wrist. But sometimes she just liked to her lover beg.

Alex slowed her hips, staring into the dark eyes below her, she lowered herself, moaning as the two fingers inside her moved softly still. "Please baby, just fuck me. Can't you feel how wet I am for you?" Alex brought their lips together in kiss full everything from love to lust. When she felt Olivia pull out and slowly slide three fingers back inside, she dropped her head rest against her shoulder and threaded both hands into her lover's short hair. "Oh 'Liv," she breathed out, her hips starting their movement again. Their movements returned to the frantic speed and pace, Alex crying out with nearly every thrust, when Olivia positioned her thumb to brush against her lover's clit on every thrust Alex came undone, shattering into a thousand pieces, a series of panted screams leaving her lips. Her hips continued to instinctively hump against her lover, drawing every bit of pleasure she could.

Her movements slowed and when they stopped altogether Olivia withdrew and wrapped her arms around her. Alex buried her face into the warm sweaty neck of her lover, relishing in the peace of her relaxing body. She burrowed further into her lover's neck, eye's closed and her face and chest still brightly flushed from her orgasm. "Do you feel better detective?" She fairly purred.

"Hmmm, if I say no can we go again?" Olivia grinned kissing her lover's sweaty blond hair.

Alex pushed herself upright, "I think someone needs REALLY relax and take it easy now," she laughed at the petulant look on Olivia's face.

Olivia pulled her back down to rest against her chest, "What did I do deserve you?" she asked suddenly overcome with emotion.

The blond smiled against her collarbone, raising herself just enough to stare into her lover s eyes, "I take care of you because I love you, and you love me. I take care of you because you let me in. I do it because I can," she whispered softly.

And End!

To anyone who wonders about the actress turned concert performer that would be Lucy Lawless. You can find said utterance at the 3 minute mark here .com/watch?v=4hjRqNkECIk&feature=related