I Give it All To You.


Summary: Our lovely Ladies have just arrived home from DC and Alex a very particular desire that she wants to attempt.

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Pairing: Alex/Olvia

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Warning: As always this isn't for the faint hearted or those at work lol We do deal with a certain sex act that isn't for everyone. I don't want to give it away, but seriously if you're strictly vanilla? Seriously why are you reading this series? Lol

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Alex moved around her empty apartment, she and Olivia had arrived a few hours ago, shortly after ten that morning, but unfortunately Cragen had called. Elliot had gotten into trouble, once again, and IAB needed her for a character interview. While it frustrated Alex, as they'd planned to spend their last vacation day together, she was also glad, as it gave her time to think about what was on her mind. Their vacation had been amazing, Olivia had proposed, she gazed lovingly at her ring, Olivia had also embraced her artistic side and gotten a pair of tattoos. They'd also had very nice four day visit with their friends, Abbie Carmichael and Serena Southerlyn. Well four days with Serena as Abbie had spent the better part of Monday in the courtroom.

It was a conversation on Sunday that was occupying her mind, specifically the part of the conversation where Abbie had teased her about fisting. Subsequently she'd learned that her fiancée had participated on one side of the sex act. It wasn't something Alex had ever given thought to until then; the thought had honestly not crossed her mind. But the more she thought about it, the more it turned her on. The idea of being possessed so thoroughly by her lover left her wet and aching. She'd always been partial to penetration, but between them her past lover's had certainly never filled her anywhere close to what she knew her lover could, she and Olivia were definitely having that conversation when the brunette returned. Alex glanced at the clock then, wondering how long that would be, she was so wet already. A thought occurred to her then, something she'd seen in the discreet sex shop they visited whenever they needed to pick up…supplies. A product made by a lube company, small freezable tablets of lube, called lube cubes. They'd experimented with ice before, and Alex very much loved the sensation on her skin when she was over heated. The lube would definitely be an added benefit, with what she wanted out of her lover. Alex continued to move about the apartment, putting things in their place, but her mind kept drifting back to thoughts of later that evening. Fifteen minutes later Alex was zipping the last empty bag closed and before she could give it a second thought she had grabbed her purse and was headed out the door.

It was a few minutes past eight when Olivia finally made it back to Alex's apartment building; sometimes she really detested her partners temper. Seemed like anytime she took any vacation time and he had to be assigned a temporary partner, who didn't know how to handle the ex-marine's volatile nature…well it wasn't the first time her vacation had ended with a character interview with IAB. She really hoped Alex wasn't too upset, she knew the blond was reluctant about going back to the 'real world' tomorrow. In truth so was she, it had been nice to just be free, to not worry about court dates and victims and witness statements and interrogations. Just having the time to be together. Olivia slipped her key into the door and opened it slowly, should there be an angry ADA waiting on the other side, there wasn't. The first thing Olivia notice was the heat emanating from the apartment, she stepped in and a film of sweat broke out on her brow. "Alex?" She called out, tossing her keys down on the inn table by the door, she kicked the door closed and stripped her jacket off. Opening the coat closet door, she glanced at the thermostat next to it, 85% stared back at her, perplexed Olivia reached to adjust the temperature.

"Don't touch it," a smoky voice sounded from behind her.

Olivia swallowed, she knew that voice, Alex either wasn't angry, or she playing a very evil joke on her. The brunette detective turned, Alex stood in the entry to the kitchen, glasses on and with one hand braced on the wall to her side, the other tucked innocently behind her. With her legs crossed at the ankle, a thin film of sweat glistening head to toe on her long lean body that her matching light blue lace bra and panty set revealed and a pair of ridiculously obscene heels on her feet…Olivia prayed, really prayed, this wasn't Alex's version of cruel joke.

Alex strutted towards her, "I went out while you were gone," she wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and snugged their hips together. Olivia just stood in her place, still vaguely in shock from the whole combination. Hiding her amusement, Alex pulled away long enough to wrap the detective's arms around her and let them rest on her, barely, lace covered ass, before returning her arms around the silent woman's shoulders. "Remember last month when we were, shopping, and saw those lube cubes?" Alex slowly licked her upper lip, the sight of her lover already sweaty and finally beginning to appreciate her appearance with a firm massage to the firm cheeks of her ass.

"Yes," Olivia rasped out, dropping her head kissing the sweaty skin of her fiancée's shoulder and neck. Olivia pushed her backwards then, into the nearest wall and pulled her into a forceful kiss. Tongues met, teeth clashed, breath came in harsh pants.

"I got some," Alex pulled away and looked into the swirling depths of her lover's eyes.

Whatever moisture was left in Olivia's mouth, left. She groaned, that explained the high temperature, Olivia didn't really care for ice in an erotic situation, but Alex did, particularly when she was hot and sweaty. "They in the freezer?" Alex nodded, "I'll meet you in the bedroom," Olivia was already moving into the kitchen. Alex laughed a throaty, sexy laugh and turned towards her bedroom. Seduction complete, she stripped out of her few clothing items, leaving a tantalizing trail down the hall and into the bedroom.

With a handful of the individually packaged frozen cubes, Olivia followed the trail and struggled out of her own clothes, arousal and the heat hurrying the process. When she entered the bedroom she came to an abrupt halt, nearly every flat surface had a lit candle on it, a throbbing classical collection was playing, an old blanket had been spread out on the bed and on that blanket in all her naked, glasses clad, sweaty glory was Alexandra Cabot. Spread out and waiting for her.

Olivia tossed the cubes onto the bed and stripped out of the rest of her clothes; she moved onto the bed and covered her lover's body with her own, groaning when she felt how wet Alex was sliding against the toned muscles of her stomach. Alex threaded her fingers through Olivia's short hair, drawing their mouths together and making it clear that this was not going to be one of their more tender moments in the bedroom, if that hadn't already been obvious. Olivia pulled out of the kiss, dropping her head to flick at the throbbing pulse point in Alex's creamy, flawless neck. She nipped at the sensitive spot, Alex arched beneath her as a moan was ripped from her lips. Olivia pulled away, falling into arousal darkened eyes, "You seem to be in quite the mood tonight, is there anything…particular…you're in the mood for?" She brought a hand up to trace two fingers over Alex's soft lips.

Alex drew the fingers into her mouth, sucking them and swirling her tongue around them, enjoying the way Olivia's breath quickened and her eyes dilated. Satisfied that Olivia would deny her nothing, she released the fingers and took the hand into her own. Alex traced the tendons, the fingers, gently massaged the palm, "I've been thinking a lot about, what we talked about, in DC…" Alex trailed off, raising her eyes to meet her lover's.

Olivia felt whatever moisture had returned to her mouth instantly leave to settle elsewhere, "You mean," she trailed off, leaving it open.

Alex smiled shyly then, she closed Olivia's hand into a loose fist, "Yes," she flushed hotly when she imagined how it would feel.

Olivia groaned, "Are you sure? You uhh, are pretty tight Alex," she trailed off, her own face flushed from just the thought of taking Alex in such a way, but she really didn't want to hurt her. The most Olivia had ever tried with Alex was three fingers and that tended to be a tight but comfortable fit.

"I'm more than sure, I trust you 'Liv," Alex reached into the bedside table and pulled a bottle of lube, "Between the cubes and this…I just want to feel you inside of me, all of you." Alex pulled her into a deep kiss then, mouths fused together, tongues twisting and caressing. Alex sucked on the tongue invading her mouth and moaned when she felt a strong hand stroke up her thigh. They pulled apart then and Olivia groaned at the image of Alex, sweaty, panting and wanting, the look in her eyes begging Olivia to touch her.

With fumbling hands Olivia tore open one of the packages and the cube slipped into her hand, the cool slick feeling wasn't like a normal ice cube and the slickness added another notch to her arousal. She knelt between Alex's thighs, stared into blue depths as she drug the cube down her chest, across a nipple, over the toned muscles of her abdomen. Alex moaned low in her throat, the feeling of the cold running across her body was exquisite. Olivia stilled in the hollow of Alex's hip bone, swirling the chilled cube, slowly, painfully so, before she drug the cube further down. She trailed it down and ran the quickly shrinking cube over her lover's clit and through her folds, she slipped the cube and a single finger inside just as cube was reaching its end.

Alex groaned as the cube, moved through her folds, arched when the coldness of it slipped inside, bucked her hips against the softly thrusting finger, "Please," she husked out on an exhale.

With a teasing smile Olivia popped another cube open, "Don't worry baby, I'll give it to you, when I'm ready." She followed the same path she had before, but on the opposite side of the attorney's body. Alex groaned, a shiver running through her at the delicious feeling running down her body, her hands fisted in the sheets when two fingers entered her slowly, her eyes slammed shut when the fingers curled inside her. Suddenly Olivia kissed her, her eyes snapped open, before she moaned and they slid shut as Olivia fell into an easy rhythm, slowly in and out, stroking up and brushing the rough patch inside her. Just enough to drive her crazy. Alex growled low in her throat, she was aching for a hard fuck, not something she was often prone to admitting. Much as she loved taking everything her lover had to offer and then some, it embarrassed her just a little, that she did need it, craved it even. And tonight, she would be taking all her lover had to offer.

Olivia plundered her mouth, tongue thrusting in and out, matching the rhythm of her fingers, she heard and felt the growl leave Alex and she smiled into the kiss, she loved it when Alex was desperate for sex. Olivia was all for gentle love making, but it was nice to be with a lover that wasn't afraid to, sometimes, just want sex, hard sex. Olivia may have had her own hesitations about their sometimes more, intense, encounters, but it was nice being with someone not afraid of embracing them. Alex was wet, so wet, combined with the heat of the apartment and the extra lubrication, Olivia easily slipped a third finger into her lover on the next thrust. Alex was so tight, her body easily accommodated the intrusion, but soft flesh wrapped tight around her fingers.

Alex groaned, the sound coming from low in her belly, "God, yes, baby…" Alex's words trailed off in a hiss as Olivia thrust into her repeatedly, fingers curling on the down stroke and coaxing Alex towards an orgasm. Olivia felt the tightness, felt the contractions begin as Alex started to fall over the edge, abruptly she stopped, pulling out and leaving her fiancé very much hanging.

Alex growled as her body abruptly stopped its climb just on the edge of going over, her hips thrust upwards, trying to follow her lover's retreating hand. Olivia loved working Alex up like this, loved it when she was so wanton and demanding, wanting her pleasure, craving it.

Olivia smiled wickedly and sat up, quickly and before Alex could protest, she flipped the blond over onto her stomach. Alex groaned when Olivia pressed down against her, covering Alex's body with her own, "When I'm ready," Olivia whispered into an alabaster ear. She pulled up then, hands tugging at Alex's hips, Olivia settled onto her knees behind Alex, Alex shifted and rested her weight on her knees and forearms, ass pressed deliciously back against her lover. Alex shivered when she heard Olivia pop open another cube, subconsciously Alex started a slow grind back against her detective's strong body. Another shiver as another freezing little cube was slowly trailed across her shoulders and down her spine. Alex arched as Olivia trailed the cube lower and lower, a groan left Alex's lips as the cube slipped between her cheeks, passing over her tight sphincter. Olivia didn't hesitate though, she continued on her path and Alex gasped as the quickly melting cube rubbed against her clit, the cold stealing her breath and providing an odd pleasure to her stimulated nerves. The cube was gone and Olivia was suddenly eager and anxious to move things on, she flipped Alex back over, manipulating the blonde's slight body with ease, something she knew Alex loved.

Olivia drew the blond into a passionate kiss, tongue teasing, teeth nipping at Alex's lower lip. She let her hand trail down and start a lazy rhythm, circling Alex's clit and dipping into her entrance, then back up and circle. Alex thrust against her, trying desperately to draw her in. Olivia dipped her head then to take an erect, pink nipple into her mouth and suck on it, flicking it with her tongue while she thrust one finger slowly into her lover. Added a second finger on the return stroke, she raised her head and met Alex's dark blue eyes. Three fingers thrust into the blond attorney, Alex arched against her, reveling in the fullness, still she craved more, "More, baby, please." Alex begged, wrapping long fingers in brunette hair and tugging her down for a kiss.

Olivia kept a steady but soft rhythm while they kissed, "You're sure?" She asked when they pulled apart, Alex was so tight already, Alex nodded, biting her lower lip, God she wanted she wanted this. Olivia pulled away then and kneeling between Alex's thighs she picked up the tube of lube Alex had pulled out of the nightstand, she popped the top and squeezed a generous amount into her hand. Alex watched, her eyes dilating even more and her breaths coming faster, as Olivia sensuously spread the lube over and around her hand. Unable to wait any longer, Alex pulled Olivia into a passionate kiss and pulled Olivia's hand down to cup her sex, and tangled her free hand in the short hair at the base of her lover's neck. Alex moaned into the kiss as two strong fingers entered her, slowly at first but picking up speed until Alex was rocking desperately against them. A third finger joined the others and Alex groaned, pulling out of the kiss but keeping her hand tangled and tugging in her fiancé's hair, their foreheads pressed together and their breaths mingling.

The heat in the apartment seemed to be increasing, impossible, but Alex couldn't help the thought as sweat dripped from her body. The hand she'd been resting on Olivia's thrusting one moved up then and wrapped around Olivia's strong forearm. Alex groaned, that was an amazing feeling, her lover thrusting into her, filling her repeatedly, feeling the muscles in her arm moving and flexing while she thrust. Her lover was sweating profusely also, adding to the sexiness of the moment. Alex tensed when she felt a fourth finger grazing at her entrance on every thrust, keeping up the fast rhythm Olivia finally slid in all four fingers. Alex felt her abdominals tighten, felt the warm stretch as her body worked to welcome the added fullness. Alex felt more sweat building, could feel it as the parts of their bodies pressed against each other and they slid against each other.

Olivia groaned, moving to kiss Alex again as she thrust four fingers into her lover, the tightness enveloping her was exquisite, she still had her concerns, but God it felt so good. To possess her lover like this? Amazing. Alex was moving against her, meeting her thrust for thrust, their bodies moving together and sliding against each other. "Fuck 'Liv," Alex gasped when Olivia's fingers suddenly curled inside her, she still had her hand wrapped around a strong forearm and fresh wave of sweat beaded her body as she moaned and gasped her pleasure. "More, do it," she pleaded, thrusting against her lover. "Please, fill me, take me, complete me."

Olivia groaned at the words, pleasuring Alex had always aroused her to no end, but this was a whole new level. The wetness surrounding her was copious and it seemed to flow from Alex's body, allowing Olivia plenty of lubrication as she slowed her thrusts, tucked her thumb into her palm and softly thrust against her lover. Alex gasped as she started to stretch further, Olivia hesitated, "No don't stop, please," Alex, still with a hand wrapped around her fiancé's arm, pulled her lover into her, forcing her deeper. Suddenly Olivia slid past the taut ring of muscle and fully into Alex, she immediately closed her hand into a lose fist as she entered her.

Alex gasped aloud as her lover was suddenly filling her, a white hot heat suffused her and she felt a thrilling chill run through her body at the same time. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt. The stretch was just the right side of pain and she could barely draw a breath, it felt so good. Olivia just rested inside her, letting her adjust to the fullness. The heat of the room encompassed them and Alex felt a sudden need to feel her lover against her, sitting up slightly she groaned as it changed the angle. Alex wrapped her arms around the strong shoulders of her lover, their shifting positions threaded another idea through Alex's arousal fogged brain. She continued to shift them, pushing her lover back, "I want to be on top for this," Olivia groaned at the words and she let Alex push her back, she was careful to not dislodge her hand from its position. "Is this ok?" Alex moaned as they settled back, with the blond now straddling Olivia's hips, Olivia's hand buried deep inside her, in every since of the phrase. Alex started a slow grind against her lover, groaning at the fullness and the sensations as Olivia's knuckles grazed every part of her, inside. Her body was starting to relax, allowing a quicker pace and Alex took full advantage, adding a thrusting motion to her grinding.

Olivia growled low in throat as she appreciated the view of Alex's sweaty body, this was certainly not how she'd pictured the evening going when Alex had first suggested it. But she was certainly not complaining. Alex was so tight around her, but at the same time she was so wet, it was clear that she was more than enjoying it, Olivia could feel her starting to relax and added a gentle up thrust into Alex as a counterpoint to Alex's down thrust.

Alex's body was alive with sensation, she felt the sudden desperate need to kiss her lover, to press her sweaty body against her lover's muscular one. She bent at the waist and passionately kissed Olivia, moaning at the further change of angle. As they kissed, Olivia increased her own pace up and into her lover. Olivia's increased participation sent another flush or arousal through Alex's body, "Oh God, on top. I need you on top, fuck," Alex managed to choke out in a pant as she pulled out of the kiss.

Olivia flipped them suddenly, hesitating only briefly to make sure she hadn't hurt Alex, reassured, she started a faster rhythm then before. Alex heard a long, low groan and realized it was herself, she wrapped a long leg around Olivia's hip and the angle change left her breathless as Olivia continued to thrust into her, the stretch and slight pain as her lover thrust into was quickly being eclipsed by the sheer pleasure. Alex wrapped both arms around the strong back of her lover and pulled her into a desperate kiss as their bodies pressed together, it wasn't the easiest of positions and Alex thanked God, not for the first time, for their respectively athletic bodies. "Fuck, Fuck," Alex gasped aloud then, her head slamming back as she realized how fucking close she was to coming. Her nails left bright red scratches down a tan sweaty back, "God, fuck. Fuck me."

Olivia felt how close Alex was, felt the scratches, the sweat running over them, making them sting. Olivia felt a sudden need to come with her lover, she shifted to straddle the thigh not wrapped around her hip and rocked against the toned muscle there, never losing her rhythm, with a low growl she thrust just a little faster, just a little harder. The possessive side of her rearing its head and pushing her to take her lover even higher.

Alex arched against her lover, relishing the sensations, she'd felt Olivia shift to straddle her thigh and the act had drove her closer. It wasn't often Olivia let herself be this lost in the moment and Alex found it utterly and incredibly sexy. Their sweaty bodies moved and slid against each other, the sounds of their bodies wetly slapping together was perhaps the sexiest thing Alex had ever heard. Suddenly Olivia added a small twist to her wrist on every thrust, her knuckles brushing directly against Alex's G-spot. With a loud scream Alex came, her entire body arching and her muscles locking up. Olivia stilled her thrusts but continued her frantic thrusting along Alex's thigh, in seconds she was coming right along with Alex. As Olivia started to come, Alex's body started to relax and she rocked up against her lover, milking her own pleasure and guiding Olivia's right along with her.

Olivia finally collapsed down on top of Alex, both women were completely spent. Gently Olivia pulled her hand from Alex, Alex groaned in equal parts pain and pleasure as the fullness was removed, gasping when Olivia slid fully from within her. "Are you ok?" Olivia's voice was hoarse from the noise they'd made, she settled herself back down, resting her weight lightly on top of Alex, knowing the blond liked to feel the weight atop her after sex.

Alex swallowed against the sudden emotion welling up inside her, Olivia was the only person with whom, animalistic sex had ever wrested an emotional response from her. "Wonderful, you're amazing 'Liv," Alex wrapped her arms a broad back and inwardly flinched when she felt the long, angry welts her nails had left. "I might be a little sore tomorrow, but it was so worth it." Alex pulled her into a tender kiss then, the kiss lasted minutes as both women relaxed into each other.

Olivia pulled away when breath became a necessary concern, "I love you," she rested her forehead against Alex's, staring into her bright blue eyes.

Alex smiled, wrapping her lover further into a tight hug, "I love you too, I can't wait to be your wife and call you mine." Alex snaked a leg around her lover's hip for the second time that night, "I hear married sex, is even better then dating OR engaged sex," she mischievously whispered into Olivia's ear before flipping them and starting a slow and sensual path down her lover's body.

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