Author's Note: This is a request from Macchi-Chan, who wanted to know where Len got his bombs from in one of my previous fanfictions, the "Luka and Gakupo" series. Here you go, Macchi-chan, hope you like it! MWAHAHAHA- (cough cough cough HACK)

The Many Bombs of Len Kagamine

Rin heard noise coming from outside.

She yawned and stretched, groaning.

"Whuzgoingon?" she mumbled, and looked out the window.

Len was standing there, with his hands in his pockets.

"Well. That's not suspicious at all." she muttered.

She saw a man go up to Len, wearing a wide hat. The man handed over what looked like a package, and Len nodded, slipping something into the other man's hand. Money.

OMG IS HE DOING DRUGS? thought Rin. I've got to follow him, see where he goes, what he does.

Len chatted with the man for a little more before darting back inside.

Rin slinked out of the door, careful not to make any noise. She tiptoed down the hall, and saw Len disappear into his room.

She peeked into his room.

"Oooh..." he heard him say. "This is good, haha, this is goood!"

That idiot! thought Rin disapprovingly. Taking drugs at such a young age? Shame on him!

Len lit a match. It flickered brightly.

Now he's going to take out a bong or something, right? Rin thought. I don't know much about these things.

Len reached into the box.

Rin couldn't wait any longer.

"AHA!" she shouted, leaping dramatically into the room.

"Eeep!" said Len, the match in his hand going out.

"How could you?" she said, putting her arms on her hips.

"How could I... what?" said Len, sweeping the box behind him.

"Don't 'what' me!" said Rin, shaking her finger at him. "I know what you're up to."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" said Len. "All I want is to have fun, and I know Grandpa Hiro wouldn't let me, so I had to... get it like that...!"

"Why did you do it?" said Rin. "What made you do this?"

"I just really love blowing stuff up!" Len cried, putting his face in his hands.

"Wait, you mean blowing into a cigarette... with drugs, right?" said Rin, confused.

"Blowing stuff up!" said Len. "Like, making things... explode...?"

"I'm confused." said Rin. "What exactly is going on? Who was the guy outside"

"I was refilling my stock of bombs!" said Len. "That guy outside was my friend, Niko. He gets them from his parent's store."

"So... you're not taking drugs?" said Rin.

"What? Drugs?" said Len. "Where did THAT one come from?"

Rin just sighed heavily, looking at the box. She opened it, and looked at the contents inside. There were some sticks of dynamite, a handful of hand grenades, and a couple of other assorted explosives.

There was silence for a second.

"I always wondered where you got those." said Rin, and she yawned, shuffling towards the door.

"So... you're not going to tell on me?" said Len.

"If you promise not to blow any of my stuff up." said Rin, her voice hoarse and tired.

"I promise!" said Len.

Rin walked out the door of his room, and went into her own. She dove under the covers.

Wait. she thought, as she drifted off to sleep. Where does Len get the money for the bombs? We don't get an allowance...!


"I thought she'd never leave!" Len said to himself. He picked up his cell phone.

"Sorry, I had to go for a second, Ken." he said. "So, how much would you be willing to pay for three pairs of girl's panties?"