If It was You or Ice Cream:

A Kaito/Meiko Poem

Your locks, my dear, are short and brown,

Unlike other Vocaloid's hair.

But it's just part of who you are,

So, why should I care?

I don't really care how you look;

What difference does it make?

If it was you or Ice Cream,

It's you who I would take!

When you put on your clothes,

you don't dress too modestly...

It sure gives all the other guys

QUITE a sight to see!

But I want you more than they do,

So it really doesn't matter;

If it was you or ice cream, no,

I wouldn't choose the latter!

From the moment your chocolate eyes

entered my field of sight,

they sparkled as they held my gaze,

it all just felt so right!

And behind these blue eyes of mine,

I know we're meant to be...

If it was you or Ice cream,

then you're the one for me!

Your hands slid into mine

by the blazing firelight,

I remember that we talked and laughed,

deep into that warm night...

But it was when your lips touched mine,

that I knew you loved me too-

So, if it was you or ice cream,

I would always choose you!

But when we go on a date,

Let me give you some advice;

When we go grab a bite to eat...

some ice cream WOULD be nice! :3