"Hi Annabef," Grover greeted me, his mouth stuffed with food. "You're fro' my scien' cla', righ'?"

I nodded, recoiling as Grover spewed bits of yellow goo – cheese, I think – onto his lunch tray.


Grover gulped down his chow with some apple juice. "Yeah. How did you know?"

"Call me a genius."

"What idiot's calling you a genius?" came a familiar voice from behind me. I slugged the grinning boy in the arm.

"Percy, you moron. Where have you been?" I shot at him as he pulled up the chair beside me.

"My math teacher decided to interrogate me for no valid reason. It's why I'm late for lunch," Percy explained offhandedly, taking a bite out of his turkey sandwich.

I raised my eyebrows. "Spitball?"

"Maybe," was Percy's sheepish reply, and Grover laughed like a goat (which, if you're wondering, is somewhere around the lines of 'blahahahaha').

"Why'd you coin your teacher?" I asked Percy, sipping my water bottle.

"He gave a girl detention when the dude behind her was the one cheating on a test. Asshole."

I shook my head and tut, "Oh, Percy, you and your chivalry."

"Always," Grover agreed, chomping on another cheese enchilada. I gave him a quizzical look. Did he know Percy too?

Percy then shrugged, unable to hide his cocky smile. "What can I say? I'm a total knight in shining armor."

I rolled my eyes at him. "I don't think that's what you call it. I think the word is… courageous idiot?"

Percy threw a potato chip at me, and we both laughed. "Whatever it is called, it's the reason you love me, right?"

I knew he didn't mean anything… you know… but still I blushed. "In your dreams, maybe."

"Can I have Pringle, Percy?" came an unexpected bleat from Grover. I was both startled at the sudden plead and relieved that he stopped the conversation from getting… awkward.

"Sure thing, G-man," Percy responded, sliding the carton over to him.

"So you guys know each other?" I said, marveling at the coincidence. There were over ninety kids in the seventh grade, and the two I happened to know also happened to know each other?

"Yep. Grover here's a good friend of mine," said Percy, punctuating his sentence with a fistbump from Grover. I rolled my eyes. Boys.

"Okay. Grover is in my third period class. How do you know him if he's in GT?"

Percy shook his head. "Grover's only in GT science. Obsessed with earth science. The dude's a hippie."

Grover pouted. "Loving nature is not the same as being a hippie!"

"Whatever, bro. You started sobbing last month when they cut down that huge oak tree in Central Park."

I stifled a laugh. "Seriously?"

"That tree was precious! It had been there for over fifty years!" Grover protested, gnawing nervously on his cheesy enchilada.

"Did you cry or not?"

Grover didn't answer me. He just shoved another enchilada into his mouth, dewy eyed.

Percy and I laughed at him.

"Relax, Grover. I'm all for the environment. I just don't hug trees," I told him, and Percy nodded.

"What she said."

"Thanks guys. You know, humans caused this all! Global Warming, pollution, littering, all this by humans! Humans should die, be incinerated, thrown off the face of the Earth for all the horrible things we've done…" Grover babbled angrily, trailing off, his acne-covered face a splotchy red.

"You never would've thought a vegetarian like him would be so bloodthirsty," Percy noted, his tone amused.

"Mmm-hmm," I mumbled back, my mouth stuffed with a blueberry muffin.

Well. I had two friends now. Not too bad.

"Which one was it? The one where Harry kissed the Asian girl? Cho, was it?"

"I think it was the movie with short pink toad lady."

"You're right for once in your life, Luke. Was it the Goblet of Fire?"

"This is the movie with the Luna chick, right?"


"No, I think it's the Prisoner of Azkaban."

"No, dumbass, Prisoner of Azkaban's the one with the giant snake."

"Chamber of Secrets is the one with the snake, Thal."

"No, dumbass."

"Takes one to know one, Thal." I sensed a grin in the voice.

I sat (stiffly, I might add) with a very, very strained expression on my face as the boy and girl behind me argued – stupidly – about Harry Potter. It was sixth period, PE, and the coaches had managed to mysteriously disappear, and thus an hour of doing nothing ensued. The gym bleachers were loaded with chatterbox middleschoolers, and I ended up in front of this pair of friends who are as familiar with Harry Potter as I am with stiletto heels.

And I'm a twelve-year-old, slightly tomboyish, curly blond seventh-grader who has not been near anything girly in… forever. Unless you count Christine's lipstick I smeared on my face as clown makeup that one time in kindergarten. Her reaction was worth the week without chocolate chip cookies. She was a little nicer back then. If she weren't I'd get the usual slap on my cheek or thump in the head.

But I digress. I managed to crane my neck to get a view of the pair sitting on the row above me. The girl was a strangely pretty likely-eight-grader with a freckly face and love for the color black, wearing a snarky expression on her that I sometimes see on myself. She was in a dark grey hoodie dotted with skulls and black jeans matched with purple converse. The girl's electric blue eyes narrowed, and she seemed to scold the boy as he held up his hands in surrender, trying and failing to hide a smile.

The boy… he was more of a teenager than a boy. He was… I sound shallow saying this, but he was hot. I mean, I'd seen some male actors flaunting on television, and they had nothing on him. He had this crooked smile and sandy blond hair and managed to make a simple orange t-shirt look amazing. Oh dear gods.

It's just some girliness I don't usually experience emerging from the dark depths of my body. I liked his looks. I didn't have any feelings for this guy, and also, I wasn't even a teenager yet. For a split second my mind turned to Percy – the heck? – but I quickly shoved that away.

"The fifth movie was the one where Voldemort came back. The fifth, Thalia."

"What! Stupid, it was the fourth one. I'd know. I'm a Voldy fan."

"You would be," the boy Luke chuckled as the girl Thalia elbowed him.

"Seriously, though. Which movie was the one where Sirius Black died?"

Oh gods. I'd had enough. I piped up, "The pink 'toad lady' Umbridge, Harry's kiss with Cho, and Sirius Black's death were all in the fifth movie, the Order of the Phoenix. Voldemort came back in the fourth. And the serpent isn't from the Prisoner of freaking Azkaban, it's from the Chamber of Secrets."

Yeah. I sound pretty bitchy. Have you guys forgotten that I'm a total know-it-all?

At first the two stared at me with confused expressions, processing both the HP trivia and the fact that I'd been eavesdropping. Just then the bell rang, and the girl's look changed to irritation.

"Thanks, but we didn't ask you," she told me, her voice flippant. She then strode down the bleachers, the boy in tow. He dragged a huge black case at his side (a band instrument, probably) and gave me a salute as they reached the gym floor.

I'm ashamed to say I blushed a little. Stupid hormones.


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