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"C'mon Forehead girl! Your always saying you and Sasuke are meant to be together, nows the time to prove it ! If you dont I will!" A vein on Sakura's admittedly large forehead twitched at the taunt . "Shut up Ino-pig , I can definatley beat you at this ! We will find out who's perfect for Sasuke, and it will be me!"

"Fine then, at least let me explain my idea, you need to know what it is i'm gonna beat you at this time!" Ino replied, flicking her long blond hair and smiling arrogantly, as Sakura grudginly perched on the edge of a desk positioned at the back of the classroom they were talking in, near to the supply cupboard, and motioned for her friend/rival to continue.

"Ok, so we both agree that Sasuke-kun is the most intelligent, talented and popular guy in Konoha high, right?" the blond girl began, loooking at Sakura to make sure she was paying attention."Dont forget amazingly handsome!" the pink haired girl interjected with little hearts in her eyes at just the mention of her Sasuke-kun's amazingness."Yeah, yeah, who could forget?" Ino sighed, slightly irritated at the delay to her explanation. "So, anyway, we both know that the girl Sasuke-kun will fall madly in love with must also be all of those things and we know of course that there are very few girls in our year who meet that same standard, us two, and a couple others are the only ones who stand a chance, this is where my idea comes in, I propose a bet! To weed out those girls who don't stand a chance,and find out who will finally be good enough for him!"

"Ok, but how do we convince the others to stop chasing him?They won't just stop if we tell them they aren't good enough, they'll get angry!" Sakura exclaimed.

"This is where the bet comes in" Ino smiled, "All of us will be judged on how perfect we are, and we will all agree that only one person wins, and all the losers must never again bother Sasuke-kun!" she smiled again, turning to stride from the classroom."I'll go tell the rest of the girls shall I?"

Sakura sat for a moment alone contemplating the idea, it would make it easier if there were fewer pople after Sasuke, he would have more time for would only be..wait, Ino said only one left, and if she knew Ino-pig, the blond would fully intend it to be herself left at the end."Grrr...Ino!" she yelled hopping from the desk and storming from the room to chase Ino.

Once Sakura had left the room the door to the supply cupboard slowly creaked open and a black head of hair cautiously poked out, before the rest of the boy Uchiha would not normally have hidden in a cupboard escpecially not from girls, but those were different, they didn't count, they were Fangirls (capital F for emphasis, ).

The raven haired young man sighed with relief at being in the fresh air after that extended stay in the cupboard, and he quickly smoothed his hair, which had become ruffled. But he had bigger problems to think about, the screaching harpies seemed to organizing a competition! over him! Now that was just wrong, and even though it would be nice to have fewer fangirls, it was easier the bigger the group got because they mostly just fought among themselves, and the more stupid one got in the way of the clever ones stalking him properly.

"God, I hate to admit this," he muttered to no one in particular "but I am seriously going to need help," he continued to mutter as he collected his things from the cupboard, brushing off a few spiders and knocking over a mop in the process. Finally as the Raven was walking down the hallls to Biology Class he was struck with an idea"I'll find someone to win it for then none of them can stalk me!" This gleaned him a few strange looks, but Sasuke didn't care, he was already scanning the hallway for someone hot , smart and not into him..."this is going to be harder than I thought!" he sighed, and carried on walking to Biology.

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I had the idea for this while playing rounders, my friends made a bet on who could get the most rounders in 6 bats.

Me; 1

mouse; 6

awkwardTurtle; 4

You can see who won, but she was playing to win mushrooms, so it was an important bet, although i dont know why i joined in, because i'm not a big fan of mushroom salad.