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After a one night stand Snape realizes that he wants Hermione for his own and makes plans.

Hen Party II Chapter 1

Snape pulled Kingsley aside at the entrance of the Ministry and thrust the parchment to him.

Kingsley read it over. "So you are exempt Severus. Don't you think that's a good thing?"

Severus looked to the tall dark bald wizard. "It would be but unfortunately the houses in Knockturn Alley have been shut down by your decree. The whores are married now."

Kingsley looked to the pale dark haired wizard that he called friend and pushed the parchment back to him and coughed. "I could see how that would be a problem for you Severus."

Severus looked to him. "Exactly Kingsley and I know that you have invoked certain clauses that leave me unable to pursue a witch."

Kingsley looked in surprise at the dour wizard standing in front of him. "I have known you over twenty years Severus and you have never been interested in a witch other than a one night stand and from what I hear you have a rough way with your witches."

"I like to get my money's worth." Severus muttered.

Kingsley sighed. "Let's go to my office where we can speak freely."


Harry, Hermione and Ginny arrived at their Grimauld Place.

She watched Ginny kiss him and pull him towards the bedroom.

Harry pulled away from Ginny and pulled Hermione to him looking guilty. "I don't know what to say Hermione. You could join us."

"Go to her Harry. You have loved her for years and denied yourself for so long. I know that you love her Harry. There will be time to consummate our marriage tomorrow."

Harry looked to her for a moment and saw the sad look in his friend's eyes as he allowed Ginny to pull him away. "I'll remember this Hermione and I will do the best I can for you."

She pushed Harry away and chuckled. "I know and go to her. Ginny wants you."

Hermione walked into her bedroom and vanished the wedding dress and thought to herself. Wizards have the say in a wife's life and she knew that he would treat her well. Being married to Harry would not affect her job in the Ministry and she was thankful for that. Naked from her spell she walked to her bath chamber and drew a hot both and tossed a couple of handfuls of dried lavender petals breathing the aroma in and stepped into the bath and settled in. Her last act was to silence the room to ensure her bath was not interrupted by the amorous couple.


"You petition for Hermione Potter?" Kingsley asked in disbelief.

Severus sat in the chair across from him arms crossed scowling out to Kingsley.

"No Severus. She is better off with Harry. Besides she is married and there is nothing that I can do." Kingsley barked back.

Severus uncrossed his arm and leaned forward with a gleam in his eye. "Are you sure on you decision Minister?"

Kingsley picked up the change of address. "Yes Professor Snape I am sure and will not change my mind."

Severus stood up. "Do you have a copy of the Marriage Decree Minister?"

Kingsley sighed and pulled open a drawer and pulled out a parchment tied with a black ribbon and held it out. "You won't find a loophole Professor Snape. The law wizards took a year to set the decree up before I issued it."

The parchment was snatched out of his hands and he watched the greasy haired man leave the office black robes swirling behind and heard the door slam.

Kingsley shook his head at his friend's departure and settled to address more important issues in the Wizarding world.


The Potions Department was surprised when Hermione arrived for work the next day. Guy DuPont addressed his Potions Mistress. "Hermione why in Merlin are you here? I told you that you have a week off."

"Guy I told you before there was no need to take time off. We decided not to take a honeymoon. Besides I have important things going on here and my husband understands that."

Guy pulled her aside. "I'm glad you're here. We have a petitioner for a new research grant and you are perfect to review it. Here is the research proposal and you are to determine if it is worth a grant to go forward. The Potions Master is in room three."

"Sure boss." She absently replied flicking through the proposal.

Hermione opened the door to room three still reading the proposal and glanced away from the parchment. "Good Morning Professor Snape." Masking her surprise. "Why are you here today?"

Snape rose and looked to her. "The parchment in your hand makes it obvious Mistress Potter."

Hermione sat down. "Your papers indicate that you have done years of research on your own in attempting to make the Polyjuice potion last longer than an hour. Why come to the Ministry now?"

Snape looked to her and smoothly replied. "My duties during the war allowed me to divert monies toward my research. Your husband took care of that cash flow and I am here for a grant. After all I am a simple professor of Hogwarts and do not have the income to pursue this on my own."

Hermione sat down and looked to him. "Your papers indicate that your research stopped three years ago. Why is that?"

He arched an eyebrow. "Working in the Ministry and your recent marriage must have addled your mind Mistress Potter. I refer to my previously mentioned loss of cash flow."

Hermione blushed in embarrassment and placed the parchment down on the desk. "I can't approve this Professor Snape. If you are successful and in the wrong hands it would be a threat to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement."

Severus looked to her and let the bomb drop. "I was pursuing this for Albus Dumbledore and the Order during the war. I give my word that it belongs to the Ministry if successful."

She sat down and began to read through the proposal. It was exciting research and she was pulled into the intricate formulas that he listed. Her job was boring but this intrigued her. She pulled out her wand and pointed to a blank parchment and filled it with contract details and pushed it over to her ex-professor. "I'm not able to promise if it will get approved but if you sign the rights away to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement I will sign off recommending it."

He pulled the parchment over and read it and tapped his wand to it listing his magical signature before he pushed it back to her and stood up. "It is acceptable Mistress Potter. I bid you good day."

She watched him leave and looked to his proposal. In her first years in the Ministry she was allowed to pursue research and publish but not so much anymore as she was merely a paper pusher now. She sighed and gathered up the papers to take to Guy and wished that she could be involved in that research.

She knocked on the door and heard Guy mentioned that she should enter.

"So how did your meeting with the Deatheater go?" Guy asked.

"He was declared innocent and given an Order of Merlin First class Guy." Pushing the signed release to him. "I recommend approval because it will be of benefit Guy. I hope that he is successful because his research shows promise."

Guy glanced over the release. "I agree Hermione and I approve this." Signing his approval.

Hermione left his office without a word and sat at her desk and looked to the pile of paperwork and went to work.


Severus made his way to his Hogwarts chuckling to himself. Kingsley said there were no loopholes in that decree and he found one. He spent the night reading it and needed a magnifying glass as the foot long parchment was written in tiny script. But he found it. He made his way to Headmistress McGonagall to have a word with her. His plan to get the witch was going along nicely.


Hermione arrived home and found a parchment on the living room table and picked it up.


Ginny wants to be with her family tonight and I am taking her to them. I'll be back at eight.


She placed the parchment down thinking of his arrival thankful that Ginny would not be there. That would make it easier for her. She went to her chambers to prepare.


Harry arrived at his house deciding not to Apparate directly in and stood thinking. He remembered Hermione's kiss and how he wanted more. He placed his hand on the door and reminded himself that she was his wife now and not just his friend.

He opened the door and walked into the living room and watched Hermione stand up wearing see through legilee.

"Welcome home Husband." Hermione whispered out and held out a hand to him.

Harry put his hand in hers and allowed her to pull him. "Hermione you are beautiful. I never knew it." He whispered out amazed.

Hermione drew him into her arms and kissed him passionately.

She pulled his robes off and looked to his chest and began to kiss lightly as Harry shuddered and moaned out. "Oh Hermione!"

Harry pulled her negligee off and felt her pull down his trousers and underwear down in one go. He shuddered when she grabbed his cock squeezing it with a light touch and groaned out again when he felt her hand lightly squeeze his balls.

Harry stepped out of the trousers around his feet and picked her up without breaking her kiss and kicked open the door to her bedroom and laid her on the bed. "I'm sorry about this and I promise that I will be the best that I can for you."

"I know you will Harry." Pulling him down to her.

He fell onto her and felt her drab his cock placing it at her entrance and felt her hands on his ass pushing.

Harry allowed her to guide him and entered into her. She was so hot and inviting and he fell into her and knew no more as his lust took over.

He took it slowly unsure of what she needed and felt her increase the tempo. "Oh Hermione." He moaned out caught up with her.

Hermione felt Harry fill her and groaned out in pleasure. "Oh Gods Harry! I never knew…"

Harry silenced her words with a kiss and dove into her. She was…it was…not the same but…

He moaned out and felt himself harden more before he shouted out "Hermione! I…" releasing into her and felt her arms wrap around him as he came kissing her neck.

He panted out and looked to his friend now wife. "Hermione I"

She moved until she was facing him side by side and felt him slid out and felt arms wrap around her.

Harry kissed her forehead repeatedly. "I'm sorry Hermione…."

Hermione placed her finger on his lips. "Harry we'll find the way of it in time. This was nice and good and more."

He pulled her tightly to him. "I want to Hermione for you."

Hermione sighed and drifted off to sleep with her best friend now husband's arm wrapped around her nuzzling her neck.

Maybe this would not be too bad after all.