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After a one night stand Snape realizes that he wants Hermione for his own and makes plans.

Final Chapter and hope you like it.

Chapt 12

Severus removed his cloak in his wardrobe and faced her showing no surprise at her being in his chambers.

"So you are the Transfiguration Professor delayed? How did you get into my chambers?"

"You left an invitation and your wards recognized me."

Severus said nothing and removed his jacket and shirt hanging them in the wardrobe next to his cloak and turned to look to her once again. Gods her lingerie was inviting but he would not be swept away by it. He knew that she had her own agenda despite the House she was sorted into.

"You hardly have an advantage in this Hermione."

"Of course I do Severus because you've correctly deduced I am here." Moving to him and handing out the glass she held in her hand.

He took the glass and drank the contents down, studying her. "What are your terms?"

"Nothing much Severus. No physical abuse like your past conquests." She began.

He moved to her and lifted a long pale finger to her chin looking into her eyes. "Continue."

"A witch and wizard together again Severus. We take from another." She breathed out.

"Once again a fine male specimen before me." Tracing the scars on his chest lightly with a finger. "But it will not be like when we were together last. It was sex based on need and nothing else and on your terms."

"That it was Hermione and I enjoyed it but you are here now by choice and unfettered by vows or sense of fidelity. You are here by our own desire and will, placing yourself back into the laws of your country instead of being free to pursue whom you wanted as I am the only left to you."

He moved closer and whispered. "The terms shall remain open as we explore one another Hermione. You might find yourself open to other experiences later and I would never physically abuse someone who came to me willingly."

"Really Severus?" A hint of disbelief in her voice.

"I'll correct my words. Someone who came to me willingly that I desired and want to keep." He amended.

"You want to keep me?" She whispered not quite liking the term.

"Why do you think I planned all of this? Clever witch that you are figured everything out in the end. I needed to get you away from Potter and placed in the exact same status that I have with the Ministry. Why else would I spend a year and a half on a potion that I already perfected? I told you earlier that you ensnared me. Why waste words on something can be discussed later when there is so more to be had in the here and now?" Pulling her lingerie top over her head and allowed it to fall to the floor and kissed her passionately.

Oh Gods! Hermione thought falling into the slow passionate kiss feeling his hands moved slowly up and down her bare back thrilling in the touch. She moaned and felt him move away kissing her neck. "Feel what you ran away from based on foolish Gryffindor pride." Moving a hand to her breast lightly rubbing before he teased the nipple with a circular motion with his thumb eliciting a moan from her.

Encouraged he removed his hand and soon his tongue swirled around her hard nipple feeling her lean into him. He took the hint falling to his knees kissing her navel moving down and removed the last bit of clothing from the witch with long fingers.

He moved his hand down to her delectable ass and pushed forward as he moved to her snatch and found the nub that he sought and flicked his tongue out circling the precious nub eliciting a moan from her.

Hermione grabbed the back of his head tilting forward falling into the sensation. Gods! Her thoughts on the wizard confirmed that he could be an attentive wizard when he wanted to be.

Soon she climaxed, sagging and felt him catch her and laid her gently on the faded green carpet of his chambers.

Hermione felt him move on top of her feeling the hard bulge of his erection against her as he kissed her.

She tasted her as she responded back to his kiss.

Severus moved away and was thankful that he shucked his boots off unnoticed and wiggled out of his trousers and underwear. "Feel that Hermione? I take it that you have taken a preventative potion? It would not help in my plans if you did not."

"What plans Severus? And yes I did before I arrived here." She murmured.

"No need to worry about that right now Hermione." He murmured and moved on top of her pulling her legs over his shoulder and pushed into her feeling her walls wrap around his hard cock.

He moved slowly, enjoying the feel of her but could not control himself any longer. Soon he began to pound into her, making sure that his long length touched the nub of her clit now hardened once again.

He heard the witch moan out in pleasure and continued, oblivious to anything except for his need to come into her and soon he howled out as he felt her walls clamp down as she fell into her orgasm bringing him to completion.

"Gods Severus!" Hermione shouted out as she held him tightly.

He moved beside her still joined within her. "Welcome back and he denied it you know."

"Who denied what Severus?" She replied in a sleepy voice enjoying the feel of his arms wrapped around her.

"Lord Malfoy. I confronted him one year after you left and he denied that he had ever been with you."

Hermione yawned and moved closer to him.

"Really? I'll put that on my To Do list. Perhaps in time we can move forward with my involvement with him and Narcissa or maybe not. There is the Marriage Law after all." She murmured and soon fell asleep.


Severus sat at the Head Table in a relatively good mood. The students grew quiet at his arrival glancing up to see if his attention was drawn to them and voices sounded out when he took no notice of them.

He picked up the Prophet to read finding it was still full of speculations of Hermione's suspected relationship with him and the Ministry scrambling to explain how it could be allowed.

Hermione entered from the teacher's entrance and took her place next to Severus. "Good Morning Severus. How are you this morning?"

Severus turned to her with a half smile. "I think that today and the days that follow are full of promise Hermione."

Hermione smiled. "I feel the same way for some reason."

He smirked and handed her the paper. She woke him up two hours before breakfast bell and rode him with such passion sliding up and down his cock slowly until he lost control and grabbed her hips and moved her up and down at the rhythm he needed until both were spent with her panting over him moaning his name as she climaxed with him.

It was pure passion that they experienced and that was something that he had not experienced for many years. And Lily was never as passionate as the young witch that he bedded last night and would bed again in the future.

Minerva walked up to the podium. "I told you last night at that our Transfiguration was delayed and I introduce Professer Granger of Transfiguration."

The hall erupted in applause from the students recognizing her name.

Hermione stood up for a moment and waved and sat back down.

Severus leaned and whispered. "You have hero worship and now the speculation of our relationship from the students." Glancing to the students and watched them pointing to her and then the Prophet.

She watched the students read the Prophet pointing to her as they discussed the possible love interest of two professors.

"I see Severus. I will have to take care of that. I have reservations of your words of "Keep" because you distracted me. Were you serious?"

Severus looked to her. ""

Hermione smiled. "I bid you good day Severus and will meet up with you later on."


Six months passed and the announcement of their wedding nuptials in the Prophet sparked a new flurry of accusations and the couple endured them like they always did by not saying a word leaving the Ministry to deal with it.

A small ceremony was performed at Hogwarts with few in attendance.

Kingsley stood next to his Head of Magical Law Enforcement and whispered. "You know he petitioned for her after you married her. He was angry when I denied him. And then he found a loophole in the law."

Harry smiled. He talked to her extensively after her decision to become involved with her ex-professor and she told him everything. He could have chucked him into Azkaban but Hermione's words stilled his reaction with her plea that he and Ginny were together alone unlike others.

"They seem happy enough Kingsley. By your Law they have no one else to turn to but each other. Why deny a bit of happiness based on a loophole? "


"My plan is complete." Severus breathed out a year later.

"You never told me your whole plan. Considering what I have gone through in the last day I deserve to know."

He placed their son into her arms and watched the babe suckle.

"Simply this Hermione. Get you in my bed and humiliate Ministry that deemed I was not worthy of having a witch. And I did it all by the Law."

He heard her chuckle. "Spiking my tea would be considered breaking the law."

"No Hermione. You knowingly drinking the spiked tea breaks the law. Me providing it does not. Sub Part 10 Sub-Section B Point 3. I am innocent and I know you stopped drinking it when you realized my plan but by that time it was too late to make a difference thus releasing you so I could get you in my bed. Marrying you and conceiving a son was an unplanned yet pleasant result as it humiliated the Ministry further. I'll let you read the Prophet tomorrow for I am a villain once again."

The next day Hermione read the Prophet and chuckled.

Severus heard her and turned away from the papers that he was grading. "Yes, the Marriage Law withdrawn but in six weeks time you will be in my bed again for more than sleep."

He turned back to his grading. "And all because of a Hen Night."