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Chapter 1

The Letter

It was the third time that she had read over the letter, her brown eyes glancing over each word carefully. The feelings she felt were a mix of confusion, excitement, and the intense desire to vomit.

'Dear Sonny,

Some of the cast of So Random and I were conversing, and we thought that it would be interesting to have a reunion weekend here in Los Angeles. Despite the shows abrupt ending six years ago, we all still miss you a lot and want you to come back and celebrate the time that we had. I know that this is sudden and I do not expect you to show up if you are busy, but it will be the weekend of June 23rd. Please do RSVP.



Again she read over the letter the feelings only intensifying. She had not heard from any of them in years. Perhaps a random phone call here and there, but that was all. The show had run for a few years after her first and those years had been some of the best in her lifetime. She got to share them with all of the people that she cared about, meet many new people, and she also learnt and grew more mature as the years passed.

She had loved Chad. They had been engaged, everything was planned and things were perfect. At least on the outside things were perfect. Both of them had been hiding things from each other. The star had consistently hurt the brunette over and over again. He was selfish and only cared about the publicity he had.

It was not always that way. At first he had loved Sonny, but show business had this funny way of tearing people apart. It had even happened with her a few times. His head had grown so large that she felt that she held no place in his heart anymore; there was no room in that heart for anyone but himself.

During this time, her hardest times, she could rely only on her truest of friends. The ironic part was that the truest of her friends happened to be the one who had hated her upon their meeting, Tawni Hart.

If you would have asked her nine years ago she would have said that it would never have been possible for the two of them to grow close, but they had. The blonde was there for her when she had found out about Chad's cheating, when the young actor had hurt her time after time to protect his precious image, and when their engagement had fallen through.

She had spent many nights calling the diva up on her cell, and inviting her over. The funny thing was, she would always call Chad first, and where he would not answer Tawni always would. Not only did she answer but she rushed over to her apartment and held her all night long in comforting arms, telling her that she would always be there for her, telling her that she loved her and would kill the stupid actor. She had said so many things that Sonny could not shake from her memories.

The most important that she seemed to hold closest to her 'big' heart would be the words 'I love you.' Though the blonde stated them rarely, every time she had Sonny had remembered them dearly.

After a few months of this same pattern Tawni had practically moved into the brunette's apartment. She sang her to sleep, held her when she would cry, and even gave her compliments and tried to cook meals for her, slaving over the 'hot closet' in that cute pink apron with her blonde hair all tied up.

On August 20th Sonny had been pleasantly surprised to come home and see the blonde laying on the kitchen floor, wearing her bedazzled oven-mitts, and flour all over the floor as well as her face. She was whining out in the childish way that she always did and the brunette could only laugh. On the counter was a mangled attempt at undoubtedly a birthday cake, the same birthday Chad had forgotten year after year, with a single candle sticking out of the top.

Sonny had lifted her friend from the ground and told her that it was the thought that counted, and that she loved it. This earned her a large smile from her friend and an uncharacteristic hug. Well, by now it had become characteristic.

Over time the feelings that the brunette harbored for Tawni had grown to be more than friendly. This terrified her. She did not want to destroy their friendship and so she tried her hardest to hide it and just pretend nothing was bothering her. But, hiding it grew to be too much for her and luckily she received a job offer elsewhere.

She was invited by a record label to advance in her music career and she had cut off ties and pretty much disappeared overnight.

Tawni had called of course. Many times over the years to ask how Sonny was doing, check up on her, and make certain she was okay, as well as tell her that she had seen her on the television. It was cute how much interest the once selfish blonde held for the brunette's career. Not that Tawni was having any problem holding a job.

She had gone on to be a very famous actress, now not only in comedy, but in movies as well. The blonde had moved out of her mother's apartment and now could take care of herself without Tammy taking advantage of her and using her daughter's money. Tawni was certainly well off. Yet, she still called, and that meant the world to Sonny.

Sighing she set the note down with a shaky hand and looked up at the calendar, it felt that the 23rd was right around the corner. She wanted to go, of course she did. She wanted to see her friends; most importantly she wanted to see Tawni. She just did not know that she could handle it all.

Lying down on her bed she stared up at the ceiling, her heart was racing and her eyes were closing as she drifted down memory lane. She loved the memories. "Almost too much…'


"A reunion! Of course, I would love to come back and see everyone!" Tawni stated in her high pitched voice. Both in appearance and attitude the blonde had not changed much over the years.

"Even me?" Marshall joked.

"Even you, Marshall." Tawni rolled her eyes and laughed a bit. "Um Marshall…" the blonde started nervously.


"Is Sonny going to be there?" For whatever reason the thought of this excited her most. It was true that she did want to see everyone else, but she had seen them over the last six years. The only one she had not seen had been Sonny, and she missed her dearly.

"She hasn't responded yet, so I don't know Tawn."

Letting out a sigh in the phone, Marshall could hear the disappointment over the line and tried to cheer her up. "I'm sure she'll show Tawn, she probably misses us as much as we miss her."

"I doubt it." Tawni mumbled a bit bitterly, she had tried so many times to go and see the brunette over the years. She had even gone to see her in concert a few times just to feel slightly closer to her friend. It seemed that once Sonny left she had cut the blonde out of her life as well.

"Oh! I gotta go, mah is on the other line! Can't wait to see you! Bye!" He said before hanging up on her to take the call from his mother.

The blonde diva hung up her phone and looked down at it. She still had a picture of her and Sonny on the background. It seemed foolish of her and she knew that, but she was the only true friend that Tawni had ever had. The dangling pink monkey charm hanging from her phone swung back and forth as blue eyes stared over the picture.

"God, please let her be there."


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