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Chapter 4


The restaurant had been amazing, one of the nicest that Sonny had ever been too. Though, she had found herself watching a certain blonde the entire night more so than the beautiful scenery. Tawni had dressed up in a stunning dress, pink of course, with a low v-neck that came up just above her knees. Giving the brunette a perfect view of those long perfect tanned thighs that she could not help but allow brown eyes to wander. Sometimes she thought to herself she must enjoy the torture, why else would she not have dated anyone since Chad, why else had she held onto some twisted thought that she would be with the Tawni someday? It was sadistic really.

Still, she had continued staring at her all night long. Much like hundreds of other people who ran into them, asking to take pictures with the blonde, telling her they loved her work, hugging her. Was it irrational that this made Sonny jealous? That all she wanted was to be the one holding onto and praising her best friend? Probably. It was also selfish considering that the diva had a boyfriend. The brunette had gotten the pleasure of seeing many photos of the two and all of their amazing adventures, and what did she have to show for herself?

Yeah she had a platinum album, an amazing three story home, and too much money to ever spend on herself. Sonny didn't even like spending money on herself, she preferred to give than to get. The place that she called home was far from homey it was more like three stories that reminded her of just how lonely she truly was.

As they all climbed into the limousine in order to head toward the Imax Theatre, the brunette saw the laughter, even joined in to the conversation forcing a smile on her face and nodding every once in a while, but she heard nothing. Her mind was elsewhere; her mind was on last night.

Sharing a hotel room with Tawni Hart was quite literally a walk down memory lane. They had talked about everything, where they had been, movies, songs, concerts, and relationships. The blonde had apparently dated quite a few men over the last five years. She had even been engaged to get married at some point; it was obvious that she was not only straight but also experienced. Where Sonny had been completely single for the past five years pining over her best friend.

The part that was the most memorable though, the part of the night that the singer could not get out of her mind was near the end when the blonde had crawled into bed with her. She had whispered against her neck hotly about how she missed being close to her, how over all of these years she had missed her so much. Tawni had told her about how she wished she could have helped her get over Chad, she wished that Sonny would have stayed in Los Angeles, and then she fell asleep wrapped up in those perfect arms. For once in five years the brunette felt safe, complete. For once in the last five years she felt like she wasn't alone, but now she knew it was selfish of her to have enjoyed that contact. That was the whole reason she had left in the first place.

"Sonny?" A high-pitched voice brought her out of her thoughts and as she glanced over large brown eyes meeting worried blues.

"Yeah, Tawn?" She stuttered out blushing embarrassedly as she glanced down at her hands. She knew that her friend was worried about her because of how she had been zoning out. Tawni had been questioning her about it the entire evening.

"I know you keep telling me that nothing is wrong." The diva said with a soft smile of her shining pink lips as she lifted a manicured hand placing it on the brunette's back. Trying to comfort her, not knowing that all it actually did was make her body react and her heart speed up. "But I know you Sonny, I may not have seen you in five years but I still know when you have something bothering you."

The brunette sat in silence staring down at her hands as she twiddled her fingers avoiding the question, all she wanted to do was to get through this weekend without breaking down and confessing her feelings. If their friends were not sitting in the same limousine then she probably would have already told her. "It's nothing."

"That's not true." Tawni let out a groan of agitation toward her stubborn friend. It should be the other way around; she didn't understand when the two of them had changed roles.

Sonny was shocked as she witnessed her friend transform before her eyes, at least she had not changed completely. Being easily agitated was strangely one of the things that she loved about the blonde. Laughing under her breath she shrugged her shoulders and turned to look into blue eyes, her own now filling with tears that threatened to fall. "No, It's not true Tawn. But, I'm not ready to talk about it."

For a moment she searched the brunette's eyes seeing if she was telling the truth or lying, trying to read into them and see if she would ever tell her. Finally she decided to drop it moving the hand that was on her best friend's back reaching around to pull her body closer to her, "Okay, I'll drop it for now, but I want to know before this weekend is over." Smirking she leant down pressing her lips to the other girl's forehead before whispering in a teasing voice. "Now, I want you to have a fun night so how about you stop thinking so hard and enjoy it."

"Tawni—" She started in a soft whisper, her boy shaking as she felt soft lips pressed to her forehead and the warmth of the blonde surrounding her. The scent and want for her nearly suffocating.

"No! You are not going to sulk the entire night! I want you to have fun, and I am Tawni Hart! I always get what I want." Smiling brightly, almost proudly Sonny could not help but laugh as she witnessed the very 'Tawni' and very adorable scene.

"Fine, I'll have fun if you insist."

"I insist! Now let's go watch this romantic comedy!" She said in her high-pitched voice a bright smile on her face.

The brunette stared with wide brown surprised eyes. A romantic comedy? "Tawni it's transformers." She said with a shake of her head and some laughter earning a confused look from the blonde who had probably never even heard of the movie before this opening. She was never really into action movies.


Sonny was trying to focus on the action packed movie; it should not have been so difficult considering it was in 3D and things kept flying off the screen into her face. But somehow even in the dark room with an amazing movie playing she found herself distracted by her blonde friend. 'She is going to be the death of me… god she is just so beautiful…' Glancing over she watching with a bright smile on her face as Tawni screamed out as something flew off the screen, ducking and covering her eyes. 'She's so cute…'

After the initial fear was over blue eyes returned to the screen as did the pout on her lips that she had been wearing since she found out Transformers was a "robot movie" not a "romantic comedy." The brunette found it extremely cute how she pretended to hate the movie saying that she absolutely could not stand action movies, yet every now and again she could see those pink lips quark up at a joke, and a giggle escaped them now and again. She loved her stubbornness. 'Ahhh I just love everything about her… I'm going to have to tell her, I can't leave and live my life alone forever not knowing…'

Once again something flew at them from the screen scaring the blonde making her scream out in that high-pitched voice. "Ahhh!" This time when Tawni ducked she buried her head in Sonny's shoulder refusing to look back at the screen as she heard many explosions.

"Tawni, this isn't a scary movie you know?" The brunette asked as she laughed a little too loudly, ignoring her own discomfort at the contact and breath against her neck.

"What are you talking about? It's horrifying!" She practically screamed as another loud noise came from the movie making her bury herself even further into the singer's arms practically begging for her to comfort her. The diva absolutely hated scary movies, she hated blood, she hated things flying at her and jumping out at her, but what she hated even more than all of those things was when people laughed at her and made her feel pathetic which Sonny was doing even louder now. "Don't laugh at me!" Pulling away hurt blue eyes glanced into large brown, and the laughter immediately died down.

Feeling as if she had been hypnotized by those eyes that she loved the brunette suddenly found it very difficult to speak, let alone even find her voice. Their lips were only a few inches apart and every single part of her was screaming at her to just take the leap and kiss Tawni silly.

"Sonny?" Tawni asked confused by the look, confused by her rapidly beating heart, and more confused by how badly she wanted the brunette to kiss her. This wasn't a date though, she did not date girls. She had a boyfriend.

Sonny snapped out of her trance and a bright red blush covered her cheeks spreading down her neck and over her shoulders as she pulled back a little putting distance between the two. "Sorry Tawn, I-I don't know what came over me I just—uh." Pausing she remembered what they had been talking about and she laughed nervously. "I wasn't laughing at you I just thought it was cute the way you got scared." This admittance only served to make her blush intensify and she forced her eyes away from her friend toward the screen.

"Really?" The blonde diva asked with curious eyes and a touched expression on her face. Gently she rested her head against the singer's shoulder snuggling against it as she snaked her manicured nails down Sonny's arm noticing the shiver it elicited. 'I wonder why she shivered… was she about to kiss me earlier… what the hell does this mean?' Her mind started to race with questions that she completely ignored as she reached her friend's hand lacing their fingers together. Never moving her head from her shoulder.

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt Tawni's hand in her own, Sonny blushed brightly and her heart pounded against her ribs furiously. She didn't know what it meant, it probably meant nothing, but it meant the world to her. If she died in that moment holding the blonde close to her, she would die a happy girl and now she knew that she had no choice but to go after what she wanted. She had no choice but to tell Tawni about her true feelings and maybe just maybe she would want her back. Just as she thought this the blonde squeezed her hand gently in her own and her smile spread even further across her face. 'Maybe…'


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