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Silent Masquerade

(#6; Prosecutor Reia Lynn - 050)



Brooklyn, New york, USA.

Location: Len's apartment
Date: 12 February 20XX, Thursday
Time: 14 00

Kagamine Rin stretched her arms wide in the air and gave a short and loud yawn, forcing herself to be sitting upright on the bed. She leaned against the bedpost behind her while letting her cat-like eyes examine the foreign surroundings warily.

The room was richly furnished, complete with a massage chair that was placed on the edge of the room, and a large mirror with an expensive gold frame that sat proudly on the wall opposite of the bed. There were also various expensive colognes that adorned the surface of the desk—Gucci, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren—and if that had not been attention-seeking enough, the curtains in the room were smooth and shiny, complete with ancient-looking patterns and shapes that were woven from genuine silk.

This room was also litter-free. The paperwork were stacked neatly in an isolated corner of the huge desk that was positioned beside the mirror, and other than that, that had been no visible signs of thrash anywhere.

Rin decided to conclude that whomever who lived here had to be freaking loaded with cash, or was a neat freak.

Why had she ended up here, anyway? She couldn't remember anything… The least she could actually remember was that she had been walking down from a route—no, somewhere—and that she had been heading to her workplace. Still, that did not explain why she was lying down here, in somebody else's bed.

Had that person actually knocked her out and took advantage of her while she had been asleep?

Rin gasped, considering this to be a plausible scenario, and immediately leapt out of bed. She glanced at her own frame—no, her clothes were still intact and her body was just the way it had been just now... The only thing that was different was the fact that someone had the courtesy of actually removing her shoes for her when she had been out cold.

No. She hadn't done anything indecent.

With a sigh, she walked away from the bed and made her way towards the huge mirror. She gazed at her own reflection for a few minutes and almost cried in shock; her eyes were drooping and her face looked haggard. Her blonde strands of hair didn't look so delicate anymore; it looked greasy and it gave her the impression that she had not combed her hair for weeks… it was like a haystack.

"Oh no!" She whined to herself, covering her face with her hands; she did not want to look at her own reflect in the mirror. It was absolutely disgusting… she didn't think that it would be her in the mirror!

"Perhaps the owner here has a comb?" She mused to herself, looking around the items arranged neatly on the desk… there was no comb.

Then she noticed that there were a few other compartments under the desk, and she made herself pull one of these compartments open. The first layer had consisted of nothing but papers with sketches of a structure of a gun. She knew it was a gun, because she had worked on a blueprint of something like that before when she was still a newcomer. The sketches were well-drawn and elaborated, with markings and indications on every single part of the guns that described how it was operated and what the parts did.

"Whoever drew this must be a gunman," She muttered to herself and gingerly closed the compartment.

She opened the next layer. It was empty; there was nothing there—no comb, no nothing.

Then she stopped to open the last compartment, and grinned when she saw the vague outline of a teethed comb hidden beneath one of the unsealed brown envelops in the space. With nimble and slender fingers, she gracefully picked the comb up, and as she did, something else that was large and round in size and shape rolled out of the envelope. It freaked her out; there was a strange, noisy sound that it made when it collided with the walls of the compartment, and she feared that it had been a pest lurking in the darkness.

Thankfully, it wasn't. When she peeked once more at the item, she noticed that it had just been a bottle of pills.

She took a good, long glance at it before picking it up and inspecting it. Upon closer examination, she realized that there was a label on it that stated that the pills were 'Fluoxetine'… and while Rin was an investigator, she knew what these pills were used for because she had been fascinated with medical science for a short while before she came into this occupation.

They were anti-depressants, or pills that treated bipolar disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders or panic disorders. These pills had a risk if it had been consumed on a long-term basis; they could actually invoke suicidal thoughts in a person's mind. Whoever lived here must be depressed with their life, or had psychological issues to deal with occasionally. They required help.

"What are you doing?"

Upon hearing a voice in the room, Rin chided herself for having high curiosity levels. The owner had returned, and whoever it was, he or she would not be happy about what she had done.

Well, there was no going back.

She turned around with the bottle of pills in her hand, and realized that the one standing at the entrance of the room was none other that Len, the owner of that Maple café.

He did not look as irritated or as discontented as she thought he would look. Instead, he had his arms folded, staring at her with a look of inquisition while leaning on the door.

"I… Well, I—" Rin paused. She needed to think of an explanation… a reasonable explanation. She couldn't just say that she was curious about it, could she?

Len stared at her, awaiting her reply. "Well?"

"This thing… It fell out while I was looking for a comb." Well, Rin wasn't exactly lying to him, per se. It had been the truth… just that she left out the part of her being curious.

Now, she was still curious about the pills. If Len was the owner of the place, then it insinuated that he had been the one taking those pills… and that wasn't the most curious part, see. She wanted to know why he was taking those pills. He looked like a normal person to her in every way.

His face fell. "… Oh. Forgive me, I thought you were intentionally probing—"

"—no, no, please." Rin clasped her hands together, the bottle still in her palms. "I should be the one to apologize. I'm sorry; I shouldn't have opened your drawers without your permission. I'd thought it'd be a good idea seeing that my hair is all messed up… but apparently, I think it isn't."

Len chuckled. "Apologies accepted. Now, are you going to put it back or do you like those that much to carry it around with you everywhere you go?"

"Ahh! Oh, yes, that's right. I forgot!" She giggled nervously, dumping the bottle of pills unceremoniously into the space in the compartment. She didn't want to waste her time opening the envelope and then throwing it in again; it had fell out accidentally, so she wasn't supposed to know where it had been before it had rolled out of its location.

"… They're anti-depressants, aren't they?" She asked humbly, whipping around to face Len. She made sure to keep that smile on her face lest he had the idea that she was just being nosy. Well, technically, she was being nosy because it was indeed her intention to find out why he needed those pills, but she also wanted to help him or to suggest a good councilor or psychologist to him if he had any serious issues.

He arched a brow, staring at her strangely. "Why… yes. How would you know that?"

"I've read about it before. But…" Rin trailed off.

"Why would you need those pills?" She pursed her lips, not sure if she should continue bombarding him with questions. "You… look fine to me. Are you under medication?"

Len merely shrugged. "Well, how are you feeling right now? Better already?"

Now, Len was avoiding the topic and trying to avert her attention to something else. She knew that it wasn't her position to probe, but she wanted to know, and if he didn't want to answer her, then she wouldn't be able to find out anything. Maybe it would be better off for her to forget about it… this must be an extremely sensitive topic to him.

Rin nodded. "Yes. I… Did you bring me here?"

"Mm. You were out cold… and I tried calling you several times but you weren't responding. I could only think of bringing you here, seeing that the café is probably not an ideal place for someone who'd been slogging out at work to rest or have a wink."

"I had somewhat thought you'd say that…" Rin took the comb and started straightening her tangled strands of hair with it. "What happened? I can't remember anything."

There was a glint of amusement in Len's eyes. "Nothing happened. You were tired, is all. I suggest you to try get some more sleep before you collapse again; I won't be there to help you every time you do that, and I don't think you'd want to end up in some stranger's room. It's not the kind of situation you'd want to be in, trust me."

Somehow, Rin felt that he had been hiding something from her, but she didn't ask. "Oh… you're right. I'll get to sleep as soon as I reach home… but first, I really, really have to get to work right now—the higher-ups are going to be fuming mad because I haven't reported punctually for work."

"Why don't you call them and apply for leave? It'd do you good… you need to refresh your mind a little and learn to relax."

Rin shook her head. "It's alright—I'll be fine. T-Thank you. I'll be going now."

He sighed, a slightly disappointed look appearing on his handsome and well-defined features. "All right, if you say so… You're a lady—please do remember that. You need to be pampered; don't get affected too much by your work, no matter how busy you are. Indulge in life's simple pleasures once in a while—I'm not kidding, it really does you good."

Rin just smiled as an act of courtesy, even if she didn't agree with his thoughts.

"Okay, I'll do that I guess."

"No, don't guess. Do it for yourself and do it for the people around you—in fact, if you have the time, why don't you pop by the café more often? It'd be good to have guests, and tea really does soothe the mind and soul."

"Mm, I guess you're right... Your tea, you mean?" Rin teased.

"Ah, but of course, dear." Rin felt her hair stand when she heard him use that... that word. It was something that she didn't expect a stranger (Well, he wasn't really a stranger, but she barely knew him yet) to be using. "Nobody can prepare better tea than yours truly here."

Well, relaxing was a simple matter, but working... well, that was another entirely different matter that Rin did not want to think about.

She sighed.

Reality was a cruel and harsh thing.

Location: Lieutenant's office
Date: 12 February 20XX, Thursday
Time: 15 47

Kagamine Rin strode to the Lieutenant's office, taking large and quick strides. Some of the cadets and subordinates of the brunette in the office were gawking at her like she had just risen from bed (well she did… but she wasn't going to admit it to them). They threw her looks of disgust and pity, and she knew what they had been insinuating—they were sympathizing with her because of her failure in that freaking case that involved a game of catch-and-hide with the infamous 'Steel Crown'.

She gently knocked on the door when she had reached the office, and made her way inside when she heard an affirmative answer from the other side of the door.

Meiko was sitting there with a slightly displeased look on her face. She had looked just as worn out as Rin had, and perhaps a tad worse—Meiko, unlike Rin, was a workaholic to the max; she could continue working for months or years and not have the luxury of going out to shop or rendezvous with her friends and she'd still be happy about it. She was quite the odd one, Rin could say.

"I apologize, Lieutenant—"

"—If it's about being late for work," Meiko added in for her, "Then you're excused. I don't need a reason from you."

Rin stared at her, dumbfounded with worry. Was she going to request for Rin to tender her resignation? She had declared that if she failed again, then she would resign of her own accord, after all.

"I know that I've declared that I would resign after I failed again, but please, Lieutenant; I want to work on nabbing the 'Steel Crown' and—"

"—I understand," Meiko replied curtly, "That's not what I meant. You've… been working hard. I shouldn't push you so hard."

"Lieutenant? That's—" Rin was bewildered and at a loss of what to say. What Meiko had said was something like she would usually not bring it out of her mouth, but it was true. She was working hard. Why Meiko would suddenly bring it up (and she dare say it had actually been a compliment) was way beyond her.

"—Don't say anything. I have another important mission to brief you on; it's a good thing you managed to report for work after all. Now, I just have to look for the appropriate things." Meiko shook her head, scanning through some of the documents on the table. From where she was standing at, Rin could see that the documents were files containing numerous photos coupled with full profiles of various types of people she didn't recognize.

"Ahh—here it is."

Rin moved a tad nearer to the brunette's desk, and scanned the piece of document placed on the table that Meiko had been pointing at. It was a full-paged profile with elaborate details on a young woman, and by the girlish looks of the young woman, she was roughly a few years less than twenty. The woman was slender and delicate looking; she looked like a princess who had jumped out of a fairytale… she was beautiful, gorgeous, stunning—anything to describe the epitome of beauty—but then again, those words seemed like they were too crude to describe her.

"Who… who's this?" Rin questioned. There, on the top right hand corner of the page, was the woman's identity—Hatsune Miku. But still, she figured Meiko would update her with more information about her, so it would not hurt to ask.

"As you can see, this woman here goes by the name of Hatsune Miku. She's actually a top-notch model from Japan; I'm actually surprised you haven't heard of her yet. She's receiving tons of attention from the media and the public recently due to her soaring popularity with her recent photo shoots with Victoria's Secret… I've seen them myself, and I have got to agree that the shots were at least decent.

"However, something's up with this woman here. For the past few weeks, somebody—a stalker, maybe—has been sending her threatening messages attached with disturbing, bloodied images of animals with their stomachs cut open and their organs removed."

"That's sick," Rin blurted out, resisting the urge to puke in front of the brunette. "But what if it's just a hoax from the public?"

"It's not a hoax. A few days ago, she almost got shot by a strange man… we don't know who it is, but we are going to investigate it."

"But isn't that the job of the Japanese police? Why are we taking this case?"

"You see," Meiko explained, an irksome look appearing on her face, "Hatsune Miku is here, in New York right now. Her manager has requested for us to take action against anybody with the intent to harm her, or the like. We need to ensure her safety, but since we're at it, we might as well investigate this case closely and get to the root of the problem before it aggravates.

"We don't know if it's done by a stalker, but that mysterious person's acts are sick enough… if we don't stop that person, he might cause chaos to the public and we don't want that, trust me; it has happened before, and it will happen again if we're not careful in dealing with this case. Do you understand?"

"Alright." Rin clapped her hands with a look of determination, and nodded. "But… what am I supposed to do?"

"You'll go near her; I want you to protect her from harm… and investigate the root of the problem, and then report whatever you find out to me. She's keeping a secret—I know she is—and I require you to help find that out for me. Is that clear?"

"Mm, okay… but why are you letting me handle this?"

"Is that a problem?"

"I've… failed a lot of times before, and you know it. Why are you handling this case to me? I mean, you know how I'm like—"

"—If it's about what I said to you just now," Meiko interrupted, gritting her teeth. "… Then I… I apologize. My words were harsh. That was because I didn't know about you or your background then."

Rin froze. Did she have impaired hearing abilities? Was she actually hearing the right things? Meiko, the great Meiko… had just said something like that?

"W… What?"

"Kaito has told me everything, Rin. You don't have to hide anymore." Meiko leaned back in her chair, a look of unease gracing her features. "… Your mother was Prosecutor Reia Lynn. She was… she was the one that was shot dead years ago, during one of her attempts to solve an assassination case, wasn't she?"

At the sound of her mother's name, Rin stared wide-eyed with disbelief at the brunette. She knew about it! Only Kaito had known about it because he had been there to console her when she was moping about her death… why had he gone to tell her about such things?

"Colonel Kaito was only doing it because he was concerned with you," Meiko explained, spreading her hands, "Don't blame him. It is not his fault. I know it is an extremely sensitive topic to you, but… but I want to know if it is true. You can choose not to answer it if you're uncomfortable with explaining it to me; I'm fine with your decision. I just want to affirm it."

She stood there silently, too stunned to evoke any response from her mind. She didn't want to remember it at all; she didn't even think that she would want to tell anyone about it. She wanted the horrible memories to be buried deep down at the back of her mind, hidden from her thoughts because she knew that it had had a huge impact on her when it happened.

But those memories were still memories, and they could not be forgotten no matter how hard she tried to conceal them deep in her mind.



"Mother, why are we here? Aren't we supposed to be eating dinner? Why did you run out of the restaurant like that?"

"I'm sorry, Rin. There's somebody here that mama needs to find—I never thought I'd see him here, but now, I finally did… I need to get him, Rin, it's a very important thing I need to do as my occupation. Do you want to go to the back?"

"But… but Mother—"

"Be good, Rin. Stay here, okay? I need to keep watch on him for a while—please."

"Rin! Run, don't look back—go! Don't worry about me! Shit"

"M… Moth… Mother?"

"I… found out something that I shouldn't have… Rin…"

"M… Mother…? Mother? Why aren't you moving anymore? Are… are you asleep? Mother, please, wake up!"



"Rin? Rin," Meiko said, trying to elicit a response from said girl; she was silently staring into blank space, and it was getting her a bit worried. "Are you alright?"

Rin shot her head up. "It's t-true."

"Are… are you sure? Is that what you have been doing all these years? Is that why you decided to become an investigator, so you could arrest criminals with the same intention as—"

"—No! No, Lieutenant; the murderer was never found!"

Rin's sharp voice shocked Meiko. "W… What? What are you saying? The case was already resolved; the assassin that your mother—Reia Lynn—had been investigating on had died on the spot! He had shot himself after he had killed your mother—"

"No! No, that was… that w-was not the truth! There was a third person there!"

Meiko's eyes lit up. "What? Where did you get that from?"

"S-somebody else was there," Rin said, her voice horribly shaky, "I saw it. She was killed because s-someone shot her from above. She s-said she knows too much."

The brunette was silent, contemplating on her words for a moment or two.

Something cool slid down from Rin's cheek, and it took her a while to realize that they were her own tears.

She was crying.

Rin couldn't stop those tears from flowing out of her eyes; they had been genuine tears, tears that she had long yearned to shed since the death of her mother.

The brunette only watched as Rin broke into sobs, her whole frame trembling with memories of something that she didn't want to remember.

Memories from that night.

(to be continued)

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"Ahh... aren't you that model from Japan, Miss Hatsune? It's a pleasure to meet you—I'm Kagamine Len, an acquaintance of Miss Rin here."



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