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Planet of the Dead

As I hurried along after the Doctor as he studied the strange device in his hand- how he had cobbled something like that together so quickly I didn't know, even if I was beginning to realise that, when it came to the Doctor, sometimes you were better off not asking too many questions-, I just wished that we had more time to appreciate our surroundings; London was one of those places that I'd always wanted to visit but never managed to get around to going to, and my brief glimpse of the surroundings so far had only left me all the more eager to see more of them.

I still wasn't entirely clear on what we were looking for, of course- the Doctor had just been studying the TARDIS's console when he suddenly started talking about some kind of particles on Earth that shouldn't be there and ran off to get some kind of box from some other part of the ship-, but right now I was more focused on keeping up with the Doctor as he followed his device to wherever it was leading us; maybe once we got there-

"Hold on!" the Doctor said, practically screeching to a halt as he turned to look at something in a shop window beside us.

"What?" I asked, looking at him in confusion. "Something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong; it's Easter!" the Doctor replied, grinning as he looked back at me while indicating the window; now that I looked, I could see the assorted Easter eggs that had attracted the Doctor's attention. "I love Easter; never really do it as I can't always find it, but since I'm here..."

Before I could stop him, he had passed the device to me, muttered a few quick instructions that I barely managed to follow- something about the sound it would make if it detected what he was looking for- and then hurried into the shop, leaving me to stare in bemusement at the object in my hands. Stuck for alternative things to do, I waved the device around- a strange green box-shaped thing that looked like it had been soldered together from assorted cables and a random keypad, with an odd little dish in the middle and what looked like a clock-face on the top; like the TARDIS console, now that I thought about it, both gave the impression that they'd been rather haphazardly pieced together-, quickly being met with a slight beeping when I aimed the box down the street that we were currently standing on.

"There's something that way-" I began as the Doctor hurried out of the shop, two chocolate eggs wrapped in golden foil in each hand before he passed one to me while taking the box back himself.

"Right then," he said, glancing at the box briefly before he pocketed it and smiled at me. "Enjoy your egg; as you said, what we're looking for seems to be that way, so we'll just have to..."

His smile grew even broader as he noticed something behind me. "Ah; we can take that! Come on!"

I was so busy trying to make sure that I didn't lose my grip on my egg when the Doctor grabbed my other wrist and began to run- I may not have felt in much of a festive spirit since Edward had left me, but I couldn't deny that I always enjoyed the chocolate eggs when the time came, and I didn't want to lose this one- that I initially didn't realise what he was doing, but then I noticed the large red vehicle standing in front of us, and my eyes widened in surprise.

The Doctor was taking me onto a bus?

"We're using public transport?" I said, looking at him in surprise even as I hurried to keep up with him. "Isn't that a bit... slow for you?"

"Nah, sometimes slow's good; good to get a hands-on look at the people you're helping, you know," the Doctor clarified, before he hurried up to the door- the bus driver noting that we were just in time as he did so- and pulled out a small black leather wallet, holding it up to the bus ticket machine in his right hand before passing it to his left hand behind his back and doing the same thing as he indicated me.

I didn't even have the chance to ask him what he'd just done before he had taken me over to a seat just behind a young woman with long dark hair dressed in a tight black jacket, smiling at me as he sat down and opened the wrapping around his egg.

"Hello," he said, smiling and nodding briefly at the woman in front of us. "I'm the Doctor, and this is Bella; Happy Easter."

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to smile in amusement or thump my head against the bar in front of me in exasperation at the Doctor's sudden pronouncement; for a man who'd apparently spent a lot of time with humans if his comment about travelling with other people before me was accurate, he seemed to have very little interest in the social graces such as the appropriateness of introductions...

"Funny thing is," the Doctor said, turning his attention back to me after the woman in front of us had simply turned her attention back to the road ahead without replying to the Doctor's attempt to break the ice, "I don't often do Easter, I can never find it, it's always at a different time."

"Yeah..." I said, nodding slightly as he chewed on a piece of his egg. "I... guess that would make it... tricky."

"Although," the Doctor added, as though he'd just remembered what he was about to say, "I remember the original; between you and me, what really happened was -"

I wasn't sure if I was grateful or disappointed when the device he'd been examining earlier beeped in his pocket before he could tell me more; hearing the 'true' story of Easter might be fascinating, but it wasn't like it would be something I could share without risking some kind of serious religious controversy...

"Oh, sorry," the Doctor said, taking a last quick bite of his egg before he handed it over to the woman in front. "Hang on to that for me- actually, go on, have it, finish it; Bella's got one already, it's full of sugar and I'm determined to keep these teeth..."

As the dark-haired woman turned around to look bemusedly between me, the Doctor, and the partly-eaten chocolate egg she now held in her hand, the Doctor pulled out the box that he'd been studying earlier with an excited smile.

"Oh, we've got excitation!" he said, still grinning broadly. "I'm picking up something very strange!"

"I know the feeling," the dark-haired woman muttered, glancing at something out of her window as the Doctor held the device up to his ear and tapped it experimentally.

As sirens blared outside and blue lights passed by the bus, I noticed the woman looking around herself with an obviously anxious expression, but the Doctor was paying too much attention to his machine to notice her anxiety and I didn't feel like bringing it up; I'd had enough experience dealing with negative attention back in Forks to feel uncomfortable drawing attention to other people.

"Uh... what does that thing scan?" I asked after a few moments' silence, looking awkwardly at the Doctor as we went into a tunnel, a few police cars still behind us.

"Rhondium particles," the Doctor replied, extending an aerial on his device as he flicked at the dish with a slightly worried expression on his face. "This thing detects them... the little dish should go round, that little dish there..."

"Right now, the only thing I'm looking for is a way out," the dark-haired woman said, looking back at us with an apprehensive manner. "Can you detect me one of those?"

"Excuse me; we're having a private conversation here-" I began.

"Your friend gave me his egg out of nowhere; I think I'm entitled to be a bit curious..." the woman replied with a pointed stare.

Deciding that replying wouldn't accomplish anything that ignoring her wouldn't do at least a bit quicker, I turned around to face away from her, my eyes briefly falling on an older couple sitting near the back of the bus having a conversation. I thought I heard the woman say something about voices, but apart from her shivering I wasn't able to clearly hear anything else that they were saying, and turned my attention back to the Doctor just as his device began to show signs of life once again.

"Oh, the little dish is going round!" the Doctor said, a surprised tone to his voice as though he hadn't just told us that it was capable of doing that. "And round... and round... oh blimey."

It might not be the strongest word the Doctor could have used, but somehow that 'blimey' conveyed a sense of us being in trouble more than a straightforward wear-word ever could have done, even before the device suddenly let off a spark and the little dish flew off.

"Excuse me, do you mind?" a blonde woman in her apparent forties asked, turning back to look at the Doctor as she rubbed at her hair; evidently the Doctor's 'little dish' had hit her.

"Sorry; that was my little dish," the Doctor said, standing up and hurrying towards the front of the bus, his device still bleeping and flashing even with the dish having been removed from it.

"Can't you turn that thing off?" the dark-haired woman asked.

"If he could, he would-!" I began.

"Bella," the Doctor said, turning back to look at me with an urgent stare, "hold on tight."

With that ominous comment, the Doctor quickly got back into his seat and took a tight grip on the handlebar in front of him and a support bar on the other side before he raised his voice to address the other passengers. "Everyone! Hold on!"

I barely had time to process that comment before the lights seemed to suddenly go dim and the entire bus shook around me, leaving me feeling like I was suddenly stuck in an over-sized roller-coaster, sparks flashing as something apparently exploded just in front of the Doctor and I. I vaguely heard the other passengers in the bus yelling in confusion at each other, the most distinctive voice being someone asking what was going on, but I barely had time to register it before a sudden bright light filled the bus, sending us into an apparent spin. Momentarily blinded, I heard windows shattering around me as metal seemed to buckle- I momentarily flashed back to the moment when I'd first known that Edward wasn't normal, but pushed that aside; he wasn't here now, and I'd just have to save myself-, the vague sound of someone falling down the stairs before the Doctor suddenly yelled at the driver to stop the bus.

The subsequent massive jolt suggested that the Doctor's instruction had been obeyed, but it still took me a moment to realise that there wasn't anything else happening around me, prompting me to slowly blink my eyes open as I took in the sight around me. As the Doctor got to his feet from where he'd fallen to the floor, I noted that the lower deck of the bus had somehow become twisted as though it had been through some kind of violent stress, but that suddenly became irrelevant as I noted the sudden brilliance of the light outside our windows, a light that definitely did not belong to a London night.

Taking a quick moment to confirm that the other passengers in the bus were all right- everyone seemed dazed, but they were all moving-, I stood up from my seat to stare at the sight outside the windows as my eyes adjusted to the light.

"Oh my God..." I said, unable to believe what I was seeing.

"Yep; that's different," the Doctor commented, a grim expression on his face as he took in the sight outside. "I knew a friend who travelled in a bus once, but never like that..."

Before I could ask him what he'd meant by that, the Doctor had gotten out of his seat and was hurrying towards the door, leaving me to follow him. As the Time Lord opened the bus doors, he stepped out to take in our new surroundings, leaving me to stand beside him as the rest of the passengers began to follow our cue and file out of the bus.

"End of the line," the Doctor said, his hands in his pockets as he took in our new location. "Call it a hunch, but I think we've gone a little bit further than Brixton..."

The sight of the vast desert outside the door made it more than obvious that the Doctor's assessment was correct; whatever had just happened to us that had seemingly totally destroyed the bus's upper deck, we were at least on a different part of the planet, and that was assuming we were even still on Earth...

Then I glanced up and took in the three suns blazing in the sky above us, and I knew that we were in the worst-case-scenario; the Doctor and I were stuck on another planet, with a small group depending on us to get them home, no sign of advanced civilisation anywhere nearby, and without even any access to the TARDIS-

The Doctor and I?

I wasn't sure what surprised me more; the fact that I was already thinking of myself as part of a team with the Doctor as the other member- OK, so he was the leader and I was just a colleague; the point still stood-, or the fact that I was already subconsciously assigning myself a leadership role in this situation. Back in Forks I'd always followed the Cullens' or Jake's recommendations when faced with an immediate crisis, and here I was, already trying to think of a way to take charge in a situation...

Then again, it all came down to expertise, when I thought about it. Back in Forks, the Cullens and the pack had always been more obviously knowledgeable when it came to dealing with the possibility of vampire threats, whereas here the Doctor and I were almost certainly the only people with any real experience in travelling to other planets (Even if my experience consisted of a few trips to a restaurant, the local equivalent of the royal kennel, an abandoned interstellar petrol station, and a slave mine, that was still more planets than most people went to), so it was only natural that I'd think of this as something where I could take charge...

"But that's impossible!" the blonde woman who'd commented on the Doctor's dish earlier said, her voice drawing my attention back to the present as I turned to look at her, noting as I did so that smoke was ceasing to rise from the bus and the Doctor was now lying on the ground wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses as he picked up a handful of sand and let it fall back to the ground in front of him. "There are three suns. Three of them!"

Looking up, I noticed that she was right; one sun seemed to be orange and looked like it was setting, while another one was a brilliant white, and the third actually seemed to be slightly blue...

"Like when all those planets were up in the sky!" one of the young men suddenly said (Judging by the Doctor's reaction, I'd need to ask him about that; evidently something interesting had happened to Earth in its recent past and my future...).

"But it was Earth that moved back then, wasn't it?" the other young man said, looking over at the previous speaker as the bus driver walked out of the bus. "This time it's us, we've moved... the whole bus."

"Oh, man, we're on another world!" the first man said, looking out at the sand before him with an awed expression.

Glancing back at the bus, I noticed that the driver was now studying the bus, the smoke that had previously been coming from the shattered roof now dying down to the point that it had almost stopped.

"It's still intact, though!" he said, sounding slightly pleased at the news. "Not as bad as it looks, if the chassis's still holding together. Oh, my boss is gonna murder me!"

"But can you still drive it?" the blonde woman asked, looking urgently at him.

"Nah, the wheels are stuck," the driver said, indicating where the bus's wheels were half-sunk in the sand. "Look at them, they're never gonna budge."

Glancing at the wheels, I didn't need my mechanic lessons with Jacob to know that he was right; the entire bus was too firmly stuck in the sand for us to do anything with it right now.

There might not be anywhere for us to go- unless the Doctor had some major epiphany about our current location that he hadn't shared with us yet-, but that didn't mean that the lack of transportation didn't suck.

How was the Doctor going to get us back to Earth when the thing that had brought us here wouldn't work...?